Bulgaria will pay Rosatom more than 660 million euro

The country will fulfill the decision of arbitration court in Geneva, which ruled to compensate the rejection to construct Belene NPP to the Russian state corproration.  
The Bulgarian government will soon take a decision on the payment of Russia 1.3 billion leva (over 660 million euros) in compensation for the abandonment of the construction of NPP "Belene". On Wednesday Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, his words conveyed TASS. The same information was reported Bloomberg.

The representative of "Rosatom" on the request is not answered.

Agreement on construction of NPP "Belene" capacity of 2 GW was signed in 2006, but the construction of the power plant has not begun, the contract was not concluded. In 2012, Bulgaria abandoned the project. However, the "daughter" of "Rosatom", "Atomstroyexport" has managed to produce the first set of equipment for NPP "Belene", the reactor was assembled. After this, "Rosatom" presented to the customer of construction - Bulgarian company NEK - a claim for € 1 billion.

As reported edition of the Bulgarian Novinite, literally in June 2016 Borisov made it clear that Bulgaria can resume the project. The Commission stated that in such a case, Bulgaria will need to notify her of his intentions. In the same month, the Geneva Arbitration Court upheld the claim of the Russian side, defining compensation of 620 million euro and a penalty of 167 000 euro for each day until full repayment of the debt. "The Court requires that Bulgaria paid and took the two reactors. If politicians have the best solutions will be glad to listen to them ", - he quotes the words of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Novinite.

On Friday in Bulgaria held a meeting of the working group on the issue of enforcement of the judgment. The Russian side insists on a speedy execution of this decision and is awaiting information from Bulgaria on the date of payment of the debt, the report said "Rosatom" after the meeting.

At the beginning of 2016 the portfolio of foreign orders "Rosatom" was estimated at $ 110.3 billion. The Russian state-owned corporation is working on projects in 41 countries. Ten foreign orders portfolio is a key indicator of the strength of "Rosatom" business, the company indicated in its annual report. In summer, Russia and Turkey have announced the resumption of the project "Akkuyu" NPP, and with India "Rosatom" is prepared in the autumn to sign a contract for the construction of two power units at NPP "Kudankulam". In Bulgaria, except for NPP "Belene" project "Rosatom" is building two units "Kozloduy" NPP. In 2012, Bulgaria was decided to build another unit at this station, but to implement the project will be the American Westinghouse.

Since the signing of the agreement in Bulgaria on "Belene" NPP had several times to change the government and each had his own view on the need for the project, said the director of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin. But now Bulgaria also hopes to revive the project "South Stream" (the gas pipeline from Russia to Bulgaria), they realize that they can not change the judgment, therefore, intend to pay compensation, he suggests. Near the "Rosatom" geographical priorities have not changed, the state corporation is building nuclear power plants, where there is a possibility, said Pikin.

Of the latter, compensation received by Russia for the failure of projects, we can recall the example of the purchase from France of two helicopter carriers "Mistral", says adviser to the law office A2 Farid Babayev. The size of the advance payment if made more than 890 million euros and paid by France for refusing to supply compensation - 949 700 000 Euros, he recalls.