Business on Putin: how to make money on patriotism

Es El Group from Nizhny Novgorod sells gold and titanium iPhones from Italy with Vladimir Putin's portrait. Business is unprofitable, and the connection with Italy is most likely no more than a marketing ploy.
Origin source
In 2010, 35-year-old Italian Elijah Giacometti arrived at the invitation of a friend in Moscow on "Millionaire Fair". Luxury for Giacometti's familiar - in Italy since 1999, he headed the family jewelry company Perla Penna. At the fair, he had an idea was born: to make gold smartphones to Russia. Moreover, he already had his own iPhone with gold case that struck visitors. A year later, it was ready first line of smart phones - seven models, which began to be sold under the brand Caviar ( «caviar" in a translation from English).

So online online boutique the Caviar, selling iPhone in the case of precious metals, tells the story of the creation of such phones. In July 2014 came the finest hour for Caviar. About Gold "putinofon» - iPhone 5S with Putin's portrait - wrote the Russian and international media, and the first batch of 42 copies of the value of 147,000 rubles each sold out within a few days.

Bet on Asia

"Businessmen, top-managers, administrative resources, actors, politicians. About 80% - men, 20% - women. Average age - 40-55 years "- describes a profile forupateley phones Caviar co-owner of Smart Luxury Group (LLC "Es El Group") Sergey Kitov. His company is the exclusive distributor in Russia Caviar.

Own boutiques in Russia is in the village of Zhukovka in Rublevskoye highway in the Moscow region, as well as in Pyatigorsk and Khabarovsk. Through distribution network Caviar phones are also sold in Sochi and Anapa. Kitov said that a few weeks ago brand boutique was opened in Azerbaijan, where a particular interest are "patriotic" model - "Azerbaijan" and "Baku". While in Yerevan, no store, but the wealthy Armenians can buy via the Internet model of "Armenia". Recently, Smart Luxury Group have a partner in China, said the Whale, and concludes: "With the market [sales], we have decided - more still Asia than Europe."

In Russia, after the success of iPhone 5s gold model with Putin's image on the rear panel, Smart Luxury Group has released a titanium version of Putin. According to Kitov, titanium devices have not sold out. They are sold for 129 000 rubles The site Caviar for instance.

The third version of the model (gold iPhone 6 standStu 199 000 rubles) was to be released in quantities of 299 copies, but the company has received a signal from the Kremlin. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in November 2014 that Putin does not approve the commercialization of his image. "We have apprehended words Peskov as a guide to action and stopped the release," - recognizes the Whales. According to him, directly from the Kremlin to them, and no one spoke about the signal they had learned from the press.

Despite the words of whales on Cavier you can buy gold and titanium iPhone 6 with Putin's image of 199 000 and 147 000, respectively, as well as titanium plus for iPhone 6 157 000. Whale prefers to talk about another new product - Atlante Russia model with double-headed eagle on the rear panel. This phone, as stated on the website, the buyer will affect the deepest notes of the soul and awaken in her the image of a fairy, the powerful, invincible Russia. According to Kitov, sales Atlante Russia are worse than "putinofona" as the phone with the president's portrait was a great media attention.

Where specific iPhone model made? According to Kitov, jewelry work done in Italy, and final assembly occurringIT in Russia. The customer receives a small bag, which itself lies iPhone, jewelry pieces and accessories. "If you have a" Mercedes ", then you can come to the tuning shop, and you can put a new engine is forced to make a new interior. We take the iPhone and on request make it not just a smartphone and smartphone-Laksheri "- responds to a question about Whale claims by Apple. The American corporation declined to comment.

In early December, Apple raised by 25% the cost of the iPhone in Russia, but the most popular model of Caviar is not more expensive. "The iPhone is our cost of production is 30%, sometimes 40%. We have a reserve - we can raise prices, we can not pick up "- Kitov explains. His company is looking for other smartphone manufacturers. "We offered, and to create a joint company Yota phone jewelry, but they refused, without explaining the reasons," - says the businessman.

Jeweller ghost

"Gold iPhone Caviar from Elijah Giacometti! From Italy, the birthplace of art! Made by hand in the jewelry shop with 160 years of history! available favorites! '. Advertising banner on the website Caviar recalls the upcoming New Year's holidays.

The site itself Perla Penna, headed by Giacometti, does not work (only available on phones Caviar section), and the domain was created in August 2011. According service, IP-address at the Estonian site. If the call to the specified site on Perla Penna phone number, the operator is responsible, that is the number of online boutique Caviar. In the Google search engine could not find any mention of the company Perla Penna Giacometti or non-Caviar.
The register of legal entities in Italy there is only one company Perla Penna - it deals with cosmetic services.

"Elijah Giacometti non-public person, but very talented jeweler, heir to the family workshop in Florence. If you have been there, it has to be seen - there are many small shops and brands, we do not know in Russia, and in the Internet, they probably do not know. Italian jewelry craftsmanship, in principle, it is behind the scenes "- Kitov explains. According to him, Perla Penna - a small family business, known among a narrow circle of regular Clieuntov friends and family.

In a direct request to provide evidence of the existence of Giacometti and Perla Penna Kitov says that "together by phone - the best proof of that."

The only real connection with Caviar is only at "Es El Group". This company is registered in Nizhny Novgorod, whales owned 53.75% of it. It has two partners - Yuri Karpov (33.75%) and Alexei Grishin (12.8%). The volume of sales of phones Whale Caviar does not reveal, "But quite a lot, given the specificity of this market and especially online sales."

According to SPARC, in 2013 revenues, "Es El Group" amounted to 663 thousand rubles at a loss of 1.37 billion rubles. Karpov whales and there is another business - the company "Innoveyshn Media Group", which, in particular, has been selling T-shirts ( site). Its revenue in 2013 amounted to 3.9 billion rubles, but the company is also losing money - the loss amounted to 957 thousand rubles in 2013.

Kitov said that they are now no longer associated with the Perla Penna: «We have recently bought out their share of the Italians in this business now Caviar is completely under the counterLemma Russian shareholders. " According to him, now the Russian shareholders start Christmas sales rush, "Do Laksheri goods-two peaks - the New Year and then February and March."