Businessman and human rights activist has been left in France

The Prosecutor General's request for the extradition of a defender in the case on theft of Stankoimport assets has been rejected.
France refused to extradite Russian businessman and human rights activist Nikolai Koblyakova. At home he is wanted TFR for theft by swindle foreign trade association assets (IN) "Stankoimport" for € 1,3 million. Last October, the same decision for Mr Koblyakova adopted and Bulgaria, where he was arrested by Interpol.

Refusal of Paris in the extradition of 45-year-old Nicholas Koblyakova was motivated by the fact that alleged against him by the Russian law enforcement agencies offenses committed "exclusively in France." A year ago, a similar solution, but on the other motivation, and took the Bulgarian authorities, which has Russian and French citizenship, Mr. Koblyakov was arrested by Interpol. Sofia City Court concluded that the criminal prosecution of the businessman and human rights activist in Russia could be due to the criticism of the authorities, that is, it may be politically motivated. Moreover, the court did not understand what exactly accuse the businessman, as the Bulgarian legislation does not contain articles that incriminated Mr. Koblyakovain Russia.

The investigation of the criminal case, which is the defendant Nicholas Koblyakov, TFR started back in 2007. The reason for this was the statement of the law enforcement agencies of the new leadership "Stankoimport" (100% of the shares were in the Russian Federation ownership), which conducted the audit found that the foreign assets of association, created in the 30-ies of the last century, have been kidnapped. During the investigation it was found that the property "Stankoimport" was stolen, not only in France, but also in 19 countries, including Norway, Germany, Finland, Canada, USA, Belgium and Mexico.

In July 2010, after the Moscow Mr. Koblyakova apartment was searched, and he was summoned for questioning, he left Russia, fleeing first to the Ukraine, and from there to France. There he is now a member of the Board of Directors Senior Group, which is building a home for the elderly.

In 2013, Moscow's Basmanny district court in absentia ordered the arrest of Nikolai Koblyakova. According to Raman, the accused participated in a fraudulent foreign assets VO "Stankoimport" 2004-2005 years. Investigators believe that together with the then head of the company, Mr. Sagadat Habirova Koblyakov with the help of French lawyers to organize a fictitious debt "daughters" IN "Stankofrans" for € 1,3 million, allegedly outstanding agreements. This, in turn, allowed them to get, and subsequently sold for € 5,5 million six apartments and 30 hectares of land in the prestigious area of ​​Paris, which owned the "Stankofrans". The same scheme was used to steal assets "Stankoimport" and in other countries. Habirov Lord, who escaped from the investigation in Israel, died in that country, and his prosecution was discontinued.