"Butcher" Alan Gagiev extradited from Austria to Russia

On the account of Gagiev - more than 60 brutal murders of businessmen, bankers and law enforcement officers. The killer could brake his delivery to Moscow as he could, simulating "aerophobia".
A Russian killer number one Aslan Gagiyev (Jaco) was brought to Moscow from Austria. In the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) he is considered the organizer of 60 murders, including those ordered. The epic with the issuance of criminal authority continued from 2015. They sent him to Moscow only after two independent experts established that he had simulated the disease with aerophobia.

According to "Kommersant", Aslan Gagiyev was sent to Moscow by regular flight of "Aeroflot". Authority in flight was accompanied by officers of the FSIN, FSB and Interpol Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. From the airport, he was escorted to the pre-trial detention center under enhanced protection.

Djako is accused in absentia of the main department of the TF for the North Caucasus Federal District in organizing 60 murders that were committed in 45 episodes of criminal activity. To this end, according to the investigation, Gagiev organized a criminal community (Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), which, in addition to the usual killers, included officers of the special forces of the then Interior Ministry troops.

Among the crimes he accused were the murders of the owners of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnyk, Sodbiznesbank and the bank Credittrust Alexander Slesarev, the chairman of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky, the former owner of the German shipyards Wadan Yards Andrei Burlakov, as well as the investigator of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department on the transport of Alexander Leonov.

Aslan Gagiev, who was put on the international wanted list in October 2014, was detained by policemen in Vienna in 2015. Since then, the Austrian courts have several times taken decisions on his extradition to Russia, and then they themselves were canceled. At the same time, it should be noted that the Prosecutor General's Office of Bulgaria claimed the authority: he was found with a fake passport of this country.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation had to present to the Austrian authorities special guarantees that the authority would be kept in custody in conditions that corresponded to the European ones, and in any case would not be executed. Nevertheless, the hearings on his case dragged on for years. Moreover, by decision of the court, Aslan Gagiyev was even released on bail. However, the Prosecutor General's Office and the GKRS of the TFR managed to convince the Austrian justice in the necessity of extraditing the authority, which they again took into custody.

Jaco was supposed to be sent to Moscow at the end of last year, but the plan literally broke at the last moment: protection of authority presented a certificate stating that he was sick with aerophobia. By decision of the court, two authoritative Austrian specialists examined the accused, arriving at an unequivocal conclusion: Aslan Gagiev feigned the disease. As a result, he was deported to Moscow.

In the near future, the authorities will face official charges. According to Kommersant's information, the accusations will not cover the entire period of the criminal activities of the killer, since new episodes appeared in the case during the Austrian detention.

According to them, the investigation will each time request permission from the Austrian authorities to bring Aslan Gagiyev to criminal liability. By the very same Austria, Jaco filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), believing that the authorities of this country should not have kept him in custody for so long, let alone make decisions on his extradition to Russia. Even if the ECHR acknowledges violations in this case, Aslan Gagiev is unlikely to be able to use monetary compensation, since he faces a life sentence.