Buyers of "Soviet Sport" create a media company on the basis of regional media

"Ura Media" buys websites in major cities.

Buyers of "Soviet Sport" to create in Russia a regional media holding "Hurrah media" and now buy news portals in cities with population over 400 000 people, told "Vedomosti" Sergei Kolushev, one of the founders of the new holding company and owner of Eventica Communications Agency.

The plans of the new holding company became known after "Cheers media" has agreed to buy the newspaper "Soviet Sport" at the publishing house "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The deal should be signed in the coming days, said Kolushev. Top-manager of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is confirmed. From the official comments representative of the publishing house he refused. Two "Vedomosti" source estimated the value of "Soviet Sport" on the media market of about 400 million rubles. The deal includes in addition to the newspaper site "Soviet Sport" and the magazine "Soviet Sport. Football".

Holding "Hurrah media" owned by several partners. The company itself was registered in the spring of 2015 two of the largest of its owner (30% share), according to "SPARK-Interfax" - "Captal Invest Group "and" regional projects ", another 19% belongs to Kolushev, the rest is divided between the employee Eventica Communications Sinitcina Zoe and managing director Fyodor Shcherbakov holding. The company "Regional Projects", which is equally owned by Bagrat Gevorgyan Ghazaryan and Romeo, is best known as one of the owners of the agency "Laith" - exclusive advertising contractor Railways. Another co-owner of "Lies" - he Kolushev. Finally, the sole owner of "Capital Invest Group" - Vladimir Mit'kin. However, according to Kolushev in "Ur media" Mit'kin represents the interests of his cousin Yevgeny Filippov, General Director and co-owner of a construction company "Novoleks". This Kemerovo company often acts as the general contractor of construction in the regions of the retail store network "Lenta". Kolushev explained that he has long been familiar with Filippov, and that all of the holding partners are investing in projects in equal shares. Mit'kin - nominal owner of "Capital Invest Group" confirmed "Vedomosti" Filippov. "Hurrah media» - & laquo; investment project, "he says, but no details are not disclosed.

"Hurrah media," according to Kolushev already bought six regional news sites - in Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Tagil, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don and Izhevsk. The data "SPARK-Interfax", it follows that at the end of 2015 - early 2016 "Hurray media" has become the sole owner of the companies - founders of the Nizhny Novgorod site and Stavropol The company is negotiating the purchase of city portals in the Far East, South Urals and southern Russia, told Kolushev. According to him, all the partners are planning to buy 20-25 regional sites by the end of this year and another 20 - in 2017 on the purchase and creation of the holding company, they will spend 700-800 million rubles.

"Hurrah media" interesting for portals that publish news about events in the region. Total audience Kolushev holding portals could not say, noting only that the average attendance of purchased sites - 5000-20 000 unique visitors per day. "We will change the editorial policy of these media make them more independent fromlocal authorities ", - he said. Most sites that buys "Hurrah media" profitable or pay for themselves, but will be able to increase revenue by selling advertising on their federal, expects Kolushev. In particular, the "Ur media" will offer accommodation on regional sites to customers 'Lies'. Kolushev counts and revenue growth at the expense of the State Duma election campaign, and in 2017 - at the expense of the presidential election.