Central Bank revoked the license of Voenno-Promyshlenniy Bank and Tsentrkombank

Russian Central Bank revoked the license to conduct banking operations of the two Moscow banks: Voenno-Promyshlenniy Bank (from the top-100 Russian banks) and Tsentrkombank.
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The decision to use extreme measures of influence - to revoke the license for banking operations - Central Bank of Russia made in connection with the failure of these credit institutions of federal laws regulating banking activities.

When poor quality of banks' BIG adequately evaluated the risks taken, which led to a total loss of own funds of the credit institution. In addition, BIG has not complied with in the area of ​​combating money laundering legal requirements laundering.

Assigned to the BIG interim administration has faced in the performance of their duties with considerable difficulties in the work of the bank's management actions, not ensure the transfer of documents of title to assets of the credit organization.

According to the CBA, Tsentrkombanka conducted high-risk lending policies and placed the funds in low-quality assets. As a result of the formation at the request of the Central Bank reserves for possible losses, the adequacy of the risks in the credit institution any grounds for implestvleniya measures to prevent bankruptcy. Credit organization has also been involved in questionable conduct of transit operations.

BIG Bank and Tsentrkombanka are members of the deposit insurance system. The depositors of banks, including individual entrepreneurs who receive insurance compensation amounting to 100% of the balance of funds, but not more than 1.4 million rubles in the aggregate per depositor.

According to reports, BIG Bank held as at September 1, 2016 89 place in the Russian banking system and Tsentrkombanka - 206 th place.

The Russian banks reliability rating, published by Forbes in March 2016, BIG bank took 93 place.

In September 2016 Prosecutor General's Office began checking BIG, he told the Banki.ru portal with reference to the materials department. The purpose of the event - to monitor compliance with consumer protection laws.

September 13 BIG submitted an application to the Prosecutor General to the General Directorate of the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District. The bank has asked Prosecutor General's Office to suspend the Central Bank regulations dosozdaniyu reserves in the amount of6 billion rubles. Previously, BIG has filed a lawsuit against Bank of the Moscow Arbitration Court to recognize the decisions of the Central Bank and the action (or inaction) of the regulator illegal. The BIG noted that the Central Bank has applied measures of influence, the result of which was the suspension of the bank.

According to "Vedomosti", September 2 BIG received from the Central Bank requirement of dosozdanii reserves. The same day, the regulator has introduced a number of prohibitions and restrictions on the activities of BIG on time while the bank will take control check.