Close to Sergei Chemezov attracted the Costa Brava

A consortium of OCCRP journalists found villas and castles of friends and relatives of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, in the Spanish town of S'Agaro.
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According to local residents, rich Russians own the most luxurious real estate here. Companies from the Troika Dialog offshore network participated in the purchase of expensive objects.

Rich Russians in Spanish C’Agaro

One of the most prominent property owners in the town on the Costa Bravo in eastern Catalonia is the son of the former top manager of Rostec and the governor of the Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov, Dmitry. He and his wife Julia bought two villas in 2014 from the 80-year-old pensioner Anna Kurepina, who in 2008-2009 acquired this property with loans of 14.7 million euros from companies from the Troika offshore scheme. Part of the amount - first 12.22 million euros, and then another 500 thousand euros - was given to her by Delco Networks, the remaining 2 million euros by Dino Capital. Kurepina may be a close relative of Artyakov Sr., although their specific relationship to each other has not been established. During the purchase of Spanish real estate, she was registered in the same apartment as Vladimir Artyakov.

Artyakov - Denmark and a constant ally of Chemezov. Back in 1999, he became his deputy at FSUE Promeksport, in 2004, at Rosoboronexport, and then at Rostec. Prior to Rostec, Artyakov served as governor of the Samara Region. Artyakov and Chemezov live in the neighborhood not only in Spain, but also in Russia. They own apartments in an elite Moscow house, as well as plots in the Moscow region village of Akulinino. Businessmen are also friends with families. The son Artyakov Dmitry with his son Chemezov Stanislav owned shares in the hotel complex "Meridian" in Gelendzhik, and now does business with another son Chemezov Alexander.

In the neighborhood with the Artyakovs according to the documents, the stepdaughter of Chemezova - Anastasia Ignatova lives. Locals call her villa, located on a plot of 6,000 square meters, "the residence of the boss," writes OCCRP. In appearance, it resembles a medieval fortress. Ignatova teaches at MGIMO, in 2017 she became famous throughout the world when she starred for the Pirelli calendar along with Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman. From the documents it follows that Ignatov acquired her castle in 2017 at a discount, paying only 2.9 million euros for it, although real estate experts say that the villa costs much more.

Some signs indicate that Chemezovs have been living in S’Agaro for a long time. The former owner of the castle, Societe Immobiliere Elsamex, a company registered in Liechtenstein, could be associated with the head of Rostec (when he bought the property, the investigation did not indicate). Until the liquidation of the company in 2018, its director was a certain Katerina Joseph. According to the documents, she also manages hundreds of legal entities around the world, at least five of which were created by Troika Dialog, and at least four of which are related to the transactions of the Troika system. Financial relations of Elsamex and Troika offshore companies were also found in bank documents signed several years before Ignatova became the owner of the castle. The contact with Chemezov was also with the citizen of Spain, Maria Baer Pakhomova, who designed the real estate transaction. Her brother Roman Pakhomov was the general director of Rostec Avia Capital Service’s subsidiary Rostec.

Visitors to S’Agaro OCCRP calls “Chemezov’s other neighbors and acquaintances from Moscow”: the family of obstetrician-gynecologist and Mark Kurtser, the founder of the Mother and Child network of clinics and the family of Troika Dialog founder Ruben Vardanyan. Kutser, Vardanyan, Chemezov and Artyakov are friends of families, investigators write. Their younger children communicate with each other in social networks and post joint photographs from different countries, and fathers and older children do business together.

Rich pensioners

A supposed relative of Artyakova Kurepina, along with another pensioner, 73-year-old Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, bought several Rostec assets and, apparently, earned them. Rukavishnikova may be a close relative of Chemezova. This is indicated by the fact that she is registered at the same address as Chemezov’s wife Ekaterina Ignatova and her daughter Anastasia. This is indicated by her posts in social networks.

In 2010, the pensioners bought a business center in Moscow on Spiridonovka owned by Rostec's subsidiary AvtoVAZ. They could get the building almost for nothing, although in the early 2000s it was sold for $ 10 million, writes the OCCRP. Renting office space in this center can bring in more than 60 million rubles a year. In 2018, Rukavishnikova also bought a company that owned a stake in the Sochi sanatorium "Rostec" "Green Grove". Prior to this transaction, Rostec spent about 800 million rubles on the restoration of the facility for the Olympic Games.