Co-owner of the TRC "Winter Cherry" Denis Stengelov did not rule out arson

According to a businessman living in Australia, the burned down shopping center had no direct relationship to the business of "KDV groups."
According to the latest information from the Ministry of Emergencies and the TFR, 64 people were killed in a fire in the shopping center (shopping center) "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo. The Investigative Committee has already stated that serious violations were committed both during the commissioning of the shopping center and at its work. For example, fire exits were blocked in the building, which made it difficult to evacuate people during a fire.

Two real estate consultants told Vedomosti that the owner of the burned down shopping center is the structure of the KDV Group. One of the company employees who rented premises in the Winter Cherry said that retailers had signed a lease agreement with the Kemerovo confectionery, which is part of the "KDV Group". It is one of the largest producers of sweets, confectionery and snacks in Russia. Among the company's brands are "Kirieshki", "Crisp", "Three crusts", etc. The main beneficiary of the company is its founder Denis Stengelov. In the first after the interview, he said that the shopping center has nothing to do with "KDV groups"

- Who owns the shopping center "Winter Cherry"? Is he connected with the business of the confectionery company KDV Group?

- This shopping center is not related to the business of "KDV groups". It was my private investment, I am the beneficiary of part of this shopping center. Nine-ten years ago, I was the main investor in a shopping mall. Subsequently, part of the space was sold, but a little less than half still belong to me through the company "Kondituscom", the owner of the Kemerovo confectionery, on which these areas are recorded. There are no "KDV groups" in this bundle. The KDV groups have other shareholders, and they have nothing to do with this situation.

- Who are the other owners of the Winter Cherry?

- A lot of them.

- What are the reasons for what happened in the shopping center, according to your information?

"It's a terrible tragedy." Sad to all people who participated directly or indirectly in this. I am interested in finding the guilty as soon as possible. I want to achieve justice, although people's lives can not be returned. I hope investigators will do their best to find out the causes of the tragedy.

I have data from the employees of the SEC, they are inclined to the version of arson in the children's room: someone set fire to foam rubber. This is the only version I heard from them. Rescue work is still ongoing, more time is needed to sort out.

- There were reports that the children were closed in the cinema. Why did it happen?

"I would like to understand it, too." I was not involved in the operational management of this business.

- Were there any problems with fire safety in this shopping center?

- The shopping center checked the fire department - as they tell me, everything was fine.

- Was a decision made to compensate the victims?

- Yes, in any case, regardless of the results of the investigation, the company "Konditurus com" will pay families 3 million rubles. compensation for each deceased. They are also ready to help in physical and psychological rehabilitation. In addition, tomorrow morning we'll let you know the account number, where everyone can send money.

- The media reported that now you are abroad. Where exactly?

- I live in two countries and now I'm in Australia.

- Are you going to come to Russia in the near future?

- I'm going to.