Co-owners of "Yashma" went to Bobrov

After the initiated bankruptcy in Moscow they re-registered near Voronezh.  
As the "Kommersant", co-founders of Russia's second largest jewelry retailer "Jasper" Robert Martirosyan and Igor Mavlyanov reregistered from Moscow to Voronezh Region Bobrov after the commencement of the arbitration cases in the capital of their own bankruptcy. Appropriate actions at the end of last year filed Sberbank - they pointed out that the gentlemen Martirosyan and Mavlyanov owe the bank 36.7 million rubles. Now Voronezh arbitration founders "Jasper" bankrupt two little-known jewelry company. Experts admit that the businessmen are making driving under their control the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy proceedings against Robert Martirosyan and Igor Mavlyanova were filed in Voronezh arbitration 2 and 10 March. Lord Martirosyan tries to bankrupt a little-known Moscow LLC "Turquoise", Mr. Mavlyanova - metropolitan LLC "Style Gold". Applications have already been taken to production. Also in the bankruptcy case of Mr. Martirosyan tries to enter offshore Frizo Trading Inc., and in the case of Mr. Mavlyanova - Firand Management Inc. While their applications are left without movement.

ANDs arbitration documents that are now gentlemen Martirosyan and Mavlyanov registered in district Bobrov, Voronezh region. But in court documents the end of 2015 the first place of their residence was specified Moscow. Place of registration of the co-founders "Jasper" changed shortly after the bankruptcy proceedings to them in the Moscow Arbitration Court as guarantors for loans retailer filed November 10, Sberbank. We are talking about several loan agreements end of 2014 - beginning of 2015, concluded between PJSC "Savings Bank" and OJSC "TPK" Jasper "" (the main production holding structure). Sberbank has requested that the registry requirements for masters and Martirosyan Mavlyanova while only 36.7 million rubles. the principal (the reason for its occurrence is not explained), the overdue interest and penalties on loans.

To recover 36.7 million rubles with TPK "Jasper" and founders of the Savings Bank of parallel attempts in the Gagarin district court in Moscow - the relevant lawsuit was filed November 2nd. Also, the defendants in this case are affiliated with Messrs Martirosyan and Mavlyanova LLC "Jasper Jewelry House", LLC "Jewel Estate", LLC & LAQuo; Russian diamond ", OOO" Business Park "Arboretum" "and LLC" Tesoro ". The total amount of pledges these companies and TPK "Jasper" only to Sberbank, according to "SPARK-Interfax", is 3.82 billion rubles. This amount assessed owned "Jasper" jewelry. But Martirosyan and gentlemen Mavlyanov disputed contracts of guarantee in the same District Court. In late November, several of these companies filed bankruptcy claims offshore company Elakino Business Inc., The amount of claims was not disclosed. Sberbank is trying to start the business with their demands, but so far without success.

In December, 2015 the arbitration court took the side of the Savings Bank and decided to collect from the founders of RUR 36.7 million. But the Moscow Arbitration Court considered that this decision can not be taken into account for procedural reasons. And in early 2016 Martirosyan and gentlemen Mavlyanov appealed to the same court of arbitration at ANO "Independent Arbitration Chamber" with a claim on the application of the consequences of nullity of the contract of guarantee. Moreover, they also appealed to the district court of the capital Zamoskvoretskiy an application for annulment treteyskogo court. While the bankruptcy proceedings Savings Bank Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the consideration of: the court found debt unconfirmed themselves founders to Sberbank, and also pointed out that the bankrupt is not yet recognized by the principal debtor - TPK "Jasper", and therefore insolvent can not be recognized as a surety. Sberbank has already notified TPK "Jasper" the intention to go to arbitration with a claim against the bankruptcy of the company, but so far it has not done.

The press service of the Savings Bank yesterday told "Kommersant" that "such acts of debtors may be regarded as a means of evading its obligations", but in the case of the "Jasper" "Sberbank of causing damage risks are absent." However, it added that it may start a new business bankruptcy. Source: "b" in the Savings Bank yesterday described the situation this way: "We can not allow borrowers controlled through personal bankruptcy to evade their credit obligations." failed to communicate with the Lord and Mavlyanova Martirosyan. Part of the phones in the Moscow companies controlled by them has been turned off, and the other"Kommersant" said that "they that number is now impossible to hear."

Arbitration manager, director of the Voronezh branch of SRO "Vanguard" Igor Vyshegorodtsev believes that the bank "very good chances to collect debts": "This practice" perebeganiya "allows you to assign a loyal arbitration manager, but at the first meeting of creditors of the bank it will be replaced. This tactic makes sense only if more than half of the sum of the requirements will be payable to "friendly" lenders. But the bankruptcy of natural persons "inflate" "kreditorki" quite difficult. And such a "rush" is sometimes used by unscrupulous lawyers to delay the inevitable end, but in doing so the debtor's situation is only getting worse. "