Company linked to the son of Yuri Chaika will open an online store in China

On July 1, Russian Exports company will launch the website, through which Russian companies, as stated, will be able to sell products in China. The project is linked to Igor Chaika, the youngest son of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.
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"The first platform"

The launch agency "RIA Novosti" with reference to the company's presentation. Detailed description of the future platform RBC found on the project's official website, but in the domain

The site is positioned as "the first trading online platform in China with 100% Russian investment" and as "an ideal solution for manufacturers of consumer products, seeking to enter the Chinese market." will provide manufacturers with product related services - for example, transportation and logistics services, and translation of necessary documentation and product information.

From the presentation it follows that the area will be engaged in a wholesale sales in order distributors and other corporate customers in China and retailers to individuals from a warehouse in Shanghai. Can be integrated with major Chinese Internet platforms - for example, Tmall and Taobao.

Headquartered will be located in Shanghai, and she e-marketplace - to work on the entire territory of China. In 2018 sales by cat should amount to $ 200 million, according to a presentation.

The site is already running, including popular search queries - "refrigerator", "TV" and "washing machine" (in Chinese). The site includes photos of jewelry, women's shoes. In this case the main sales categories should be food, it is said on the website, for example, confectionery and chocolate, snacks, and raw materials for food processing, infant food, and even perishable foods - dairy and meat products, seafood and fish.

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Presentation dedicated to the first Russian-Chinese Forum of cross-border e-commerce "Modern regional trade and economic cooperation between Russia and China", which will be held on May 6 in Jiangsu Province.

On (domain is registered at the end of March 2016 by the user from Russia) there is no information about the developers of the platform. The presentation of the project creator named company CEO, as follows from the program of the Russian-Chinese Forum is Anna Baryshev.

is heand, as he wrote in April, RBC, manages and owns 24.5% of the company "Russian exports", the main areas where activity - wholesale of grain, seeds and animal feeds, additional activities - wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and other goods (data Entities). On Barysheva page on LinkedIn social network before it was stated that "Russian exports" consolidates products of Russian producers, engaged in their transportation, customs clearance, certification and subsequent sale to China.

The largest shareholder of the company "Russian exports" is Igor Chaika - he owns 41% of the company, it should be from the register. At the same time specified in the Unified his taxpayer identification number (TIN) is the owner of 99% VAT "Aqua Solid". As reported in the autumn of 2015, the newspaper "Vedomosti", "Aqua Solid" - the company Igor Chaika, Russian Prosecutor General's son.

On the morning of Instagram Dmitry Stepanenko May 5, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow region (declared as part of the Russian delegation to the forum), etc.oyavilis photo from China. On two of them standing next to Stepanenko Igor Chaika, which he presents as a "Russian investor", with which "develops new markets" for Russian food producers.

To phone to Barysheva and contact with representatives Igor Seagulls RBC has not yet succeeded.

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As long as food supplies from Russia to China accounts for a small proportion of total exports, but the creators are confident that this trend "has serious prospects." "The quality of Russian products in their characteristics largely exceed the quality of similar products production of China", - said on its website. The annual rate of growth of cross-border e-commerce account for 30% on average, and the trade volume between China and Russia in 2020 is expected to reach $ 200 billion, it said on

President Vladimir Putin said in December the Federal Assembly instructed to create a project office to support the "Russian private companies in the field of e-commerce to Russian goodsdelivered via the Internet in all countries of the world. " He did not elaborate on the export of any goods in question, what will be the state support and who will be responsible for the sale of goods. Study "Russian Alibaba» project is Ministry of Economic Development.

Economic Development Ministry spokesman said that the ministry has no relation to

In early 2016, RBC has learned that one of the contenders for the president's order fulfillment became Ruslan Baisarov, CEO of Tuva Energy Industry Corporation. Later, the desire to become "the Alibaba Russian" stated in the "Yulmart", "of Yandex.Market" and Wikimart. Participate in the creation of an aggregator of export of Russian goods would and Alibaba, have stated their representatives.

On the basis of Russia and China will create a platform for trade in food products, including - with a limited shelf life, the newspaper "Kommersant". Russian Export Center (REC) will support the exporters and - help the Russian sellers of logistics, the newspaper notes.

In February in China in charge of the test formaty to earn business online marketplace for non-food products from Russia, RBC wrote developer Harbin became the company "Iutyansya" project was initiated EWC Group. Marketplace is needed to ensure that Russian producers to sell to the Chinese market furs, products of handicrafts, machinery, metal products and other goods, from the Ministry of Economic Development should have the message.