Crimes in the defense industry might be equated to treason

According to the law proposed by the State Duma, negligence and misappropriation of budget funds in the defense industry might be punished by up to 20 years in prison.
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Crimes in the military-industrial complex (DIC) can be equated to treason. Crime is understood as taking bribes and misappropriation of funds and embezzlement in a large scale or negligence - for that violators law could face up to 20 years in prison. The relevant draft law prepared by the deputy of the State Duma, leader of the Party of Pensioners Igor Zotov. Member profile of the Defense Committee is convinced that the adoption of this document will help to reduce crime in the area of ​​defense and to prevent threats to Russia's national security.

Now Art. 275 current wording of the Criminal Code (involves deprivation of liberty for a term of 12 to 20 years), high treason include the action of a citizen of the Russian Federation against the security of the Russian Federation and associated with a foreign state, an international or foreign organization or their representatives. But the legislation does not take into account internal threats to Russia's national security.

"The representatives of the defense industry are responsible for the security of the country. sections officials in the sphere of defense industry officials abuse their powers for personal gain at the expense of the public interest. Federal Service for Defense Contracts (Rosoboronzakaz) on the results of inspections of enterprises - the state defense order violations were found in 2011 in excess of 25 billion rubles, in 2012 - totaling more than 16 billion rubles. In October 2012, several criminal cases against officials of the Russian Defence Ministry officials, persons performing managerial responsibilities in organizations within the holding structure of OJSC "Oboronservis." Damage from theft in "Oboronservis" is already 6.7 billion rubles. In 2013 Rosoboronzakaz was revealed violations in the amount of 45 billion rubles, "- said in a memorandum to the document.

According to the MP, the colossal scale of violations in the sphere of defense industry undermine defenses and pose a threat to Russian national security. Zotov said that this circumstance can benefit from foreign states.

- In recent years Observeddischarges a rapid increase in the number of crimes in the sphere of defense industry, the damage from which tens of billions of rubles. The penalty for such an offense under the Criminal Code, severe enough that prevent the effective implementation of anti-corruption policy. The colossal scale of crime in the area of ​​defense industry undermine the defense capability of the country and pose a threat to Russian national security than in today's realities of competition in the international arena can take advantage of the possible (potential) opponents of our state. This can be explained by the example of the fundamental law of conservation of energy, - says the author of the bill.

Zotov convinced that each official involved in the defense industry must, even in a dream to repeat the formula: "Protection of the public interest is the welfare of the country and society."

A similar bill Zotov developed in August of 2013. Then he offered to receive and bribing an official in the defense industry to qualify as treason. The document was sentChairman of the Government and the Supreme Court in the peer review. After criticism of the Supreme Court the text of the draft law and the explanatory note thereto have undergone significant changes and additions.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma profile committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich ( "United Russia") supported the intention of colleagues, explaining that he was preparing a similar document a few years ago.

- I fully support the intention of Igor L. [Zotov]. I myself was preparing such a bill 3-4 years ago. Then I have it did not pass. We have crime in the sphere of military-industrial complex is the biggest problem here is the biggest corruption. Punishments for crimes in this sphere must be serious, - he added.

Member of the State Duma Defense Committee Viktor Vodolatsky ( "United Russia") believes that national security issues are paramount for our country.

- This proposal has the right to life, because UIC leaders, using his official position, causing damage to the national security of the state. This is just something that can be equated to treason. Because people in the statennye money that should have gone for the modernization and manufacture of new weapons can be purchased in the third world consumer goods, which will then be neboesposoben will just scrap metal, - he added.

The most notorious corruption scandal in the sphere of military-industrial complex erupted in October 2012 - when the media reported that the employees' Oboronservis "suspected of fraud in non-core military assets.

According to the Investigative Committee, the Russian Defense Ministry officials were chosen from the property complex "Oboronservis" most liquid and most prestigious objects, sites and events, including in Moscow. Then, as a rule, this property invested huge budget funds, after which the property was sold at significantly reduced prices affiliated with "Oboronservis" commercial structures. Many properties were bought by money stolen from the very same "Oboronservis", according to investigators.

In case it passes the former head of the Department of property relationss Ministry of Defense of Russia Evgenia Vasilyeva, in which 3 million rubles were seized during the search, jewelery and antiques. She was charged with 12 episodes on four articles - art. 159, 174, 285 and 286 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud", "legalization of funds obtained by criminal means", "abuse of power" and "abuse of power"). In the aggregate Vasilyeva faces up to 12 years in prison.

Former Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov also accused by the scandalous case of the construction of the road from the Beauty of the village in the Astrakhan region to the island school, which is a non-profit partnership "Rye". The recreation center has been recorded on the sister's husband Valery Serdyukov Puzikova. According to investigators, Serdyukov as defense minister, gave a verbal order to build a subordinate to the recreation path from the budget. In addition, the order of the Defense Minister were also carried out work on the arrangement of the territory "Zhitnyaya". As a result of actions of the former minister of the state suffered damage amounting to more than 56 million rubles. & nbsp; Anatoly Serdyukov was granted amnesty in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution.

However, head of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsyganok considers the proposal of the State Duma untimely.

- I would not want to go back to 1937, when the item is ruined, and you in court. Last time we go back, not only in the USSR, and in the time of Joseph Stalin, - he says. - Relatively Serdyukov Vasilyeva and I think they should be punished. Their provocative behavior causes damage to the image of our country. But again, it is not necessary here to speak about treason, after all, Russia - not the Soviet Union - he said.

April 8 Igor Zotov send the bill to receive official comment to the government and the Supreme Court.