Dangerous "palm" of Danone

Soyuzmoloko and its entities repudiate all connections with palm oil, but fed it to the Russians.
The National Union of Milk Producers ( "Soyuzmoloko") sheds crocodile tears over the import of Russian low-quality cheese-like products. On the one hand, the domestic milk producers belonging to the industry association, shout about the dominance of the imported surrogate, flooded the Russian market, and on the other - they themselves increase production of low-quality "milk". Recall that the cheese-like products is considered that more than half, and consists of a vegetable milk substitutes, that is from palm oil and other surrogates.

Thus, according to "Soyuzmoloko" four months of this year in the Russian Federation of the "sanction" countries was imported eight thousand tons of cheese and cheese-like products total value of 18.3 million dollars.

In turn, the Rosselkhoznadzor data called "Soyuzmoloko" questionable. "That may be true only if the statistics is based on the import data of sanctions production enterprises belonging to the" Soyuzmoloko ", which are themselves a product and import", - stated in the department. Recall that many beforeenterprises belonging to "Soyuzmoloko", and above all multinational giants Danonei of PepsiCo, has repeatedly been found to have similar actions of regulatory and supervisory agencies.

Meanwhile, the divergence of words and deeds is with the statements "Soyuzmoloko" over the decision of the WTO arbitration, which obliged Russia to reduce import duties on palm oil. The representative of "Soyuzmoloko" verbally opposed such a decision, saying that it will increase the dominance in the dairy industry of cheap vegetable fats. But in reality, the structure of "Soyuzmoloko" long and firmly "hooked" on oil palm and hoisted him on consumers. So, Danone company did not even think to hide the fact of use in their products of palm oil. On the contrary, this transnational processor periodically tries to prove that the product is safe and necessary to the Russians. Exactly this follows from the PR publication corporations who are willing to Vice President of Public Relations company "Danone-Russia" Marina Balabanov.

"Studies showThat moderate consumption of palm oil does not harm the human body, "- noted, in particular, in Danon publication.

At the same time representative of a multinational company prefers not to talk about the fact that in many countries the use of palm oil in foods have long been prohibited. "It is disturbing that the milk and milk products from" Danone "becoming less natural and fresh, more just like any color and odor ... Emulsifiers. Preservatives. Dyes. Sweeteners. Thickeners. Artificial bacteria, synthetic vitamins, the fake "organic fruit pieces ..." - suggests an independent industry experts about the company's products.

Another fundamental thesis danonovskoypublikatsii is openly biased statement that "feed the huge country can not be a natural product." No doubt: the dairy herd is not enough even for the needs of a tenth of consumers in Russia. But this does not mean that the situation unties the handsand the processor for the production of counterfeit under the guise of the natural product. And about the low cost of palm oil, which relies on the author of Danone's, quote the words of the Internet user Stomaster in "Live Journal". "And it is the way of low cost in general, and on the cheap fats - in particular. Cheaper maintenance of fat, say, or grease is not anything at all. And even when they are "moderate consumption of food" danger do not represent - there were precedents. So maybe gourmets of "Danone" is first spread with the case currently for sandwiches? And only after that to teach people to drink milk traditionally agrarian country "- outraged netizens. As they say, nothing to add.