Danil Khachaturov lost the business center "Legion I"

The former owner of Rosgosstrakh may lose control of the large office center Legion I on Bolshaya Ordynka in Moscow.
One of the award-winning Moscow business centers Legion I, following the results of intricate schemes for transferring debts and defaulting on them, could become the property of FC Opening Bank, which is now owned by the state. The tenants of the building believe that they are being "pushed" to leave, vacating the premises for the "Discovery".

About change of the owner of the business center "Legion I" (57 thousand sq. M.) In Bolshaya Ordynka, 40, told "Kommersant" three consultants of the real estate market and employees of the two companies renting premises in it. All the interlocutors of Kommersant maintain that the object passed to the structures of the bank FC Opening. The bank, together with a number of other assets of the same-name group, in August 2017, within the framework of the readjustment, moved to the Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector of the Central Bank. FC "Otkrytie" declined to comment. In the company managing BC "Legion I", did not answer the question about the owners of the facility.

"Legion I" belonged to Legion Development CJSC, the final beneficiary of which the market participants called the ex-owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov. He also owned the office center "Legion III" on Kievskaya street. Contact with the businessman failed. Danil Khachaturov was involved in the scandal surrounding the reopening of the "Discovery": shortly before it he agreed to transfer the bank "Rosgosstrakh" in exchange for the share of "Opening of the holding" - the head structure of FC. It was assumed that the perimeter of the deal between Rosgosstrakh and FC Otkritie would include Legion Development and RGS Real Estate. The businessman gave the promised assets, but did not receive a share in the holding.

At the end of 2017, "Legion Development" and "CSG Real Estate" announced the liquidation. In January of this year, "Legion Development" was declared bankrupt. The decision of the Arbitration Court of Moscow indicated that the accounts payable was 14.6 billion rubles. In the report "Everest Consulting", which conducted an evaluation of the property "Legion Development" as part of the bankruptcy procedure, the business center "Legion I" was valued at 9.93 billion rubles. (this includes the right to lease a plot under the building, valued at 4 billion rubles.) According to open source data on bond issuers and the Everest Consulting report, Legion I could be incorporated into FC Otkritie at the end of 2013. In 2014, Mortgage agent Moskovsky bought a mortgage. In its report for the year 2017, Moskovsky pointed out that default on bonds issued for the purchase of a 12.7 billion ruble mortgage was made, and this requirement was claimed in the register of creditors of the company Legion Development.

Tenants of the BC "Legion I", with whom they communicated with Kommersant, told that they received a notice from the management company about the beginning of a major overhaul of the business center from September 1, which could lead to interruptions in the operation of elevators, air conditioning, ventilation, etc. "There is no direct indication that it is necessary to vacate the premises, but most people perceive the letter in this way," one of the interlocutors of Kommersant says. According to another interlocutor of Kommersant, the building is being vacated for a large tenant: "They are waiting for it to be the" Discovery ". Now the structures of FC are located in the business center "Vivaldi Plaza" near Paveletsky railway station (part of the object is in the property of "Discovery", part is from O1Properties of Boris Mints).

Brokers doubt that it is possible to release immediately the entire business center, without violating the rights of tenants. Meanwhile, in conclusion, "Everest Consulting" says that most leases in one of the buildings "Legion I" end this year. The rental rates in "Legion I" are 40-45 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m, estimated the commercial director of the Center for Property Management Mikhail Shneiderman. "This is a good budget for finding a new office, but it will be difficult to find a similar proposal in this location. Search can be more effective if you expand it within the existing business district - near Paveletsky or Kursk stations, "he explains.