Danone yogurts are useless for health

French dairy giant Danone deceives consumers by nonexistent bacteria.
Russians are accustomed to believe the advertising, especially that which is distributed through television. And if over the years several times a day with TV screens this or that manufacturer strongly urges potential buyer in the uniqueness of the product, then sooner or later we will buy it trusting compatriot. Take yogurt "Activia", which is a multinational company Danone produces in many countries, including in Russia. If you believe the advertising of products, thanks to the product contained some unique bifidobacteria, this yogurt improve digestion and removes from the body of harmful substances.

The Russians believe, and buy "assets", as well as other dairy products Danone. But American consumers did not believe in the word of the manufacturer and his advertising. In the United States considered that the yogurt does not improve the digestive system, and hence, Danone's cheating. This fact was confirmed by doctors.

After that Danone against the company was filed in federal court in the Northern District of Ogayo.V result, the company Danone has offered to solve the matter peacefully by agreeing DobrovAulnay pay all citizens who turn in her office with complaints, for $ 100 compensation. Thus, Danone's actually acknowledged that mislead consumers by using in the manufacture of yoghurt probiotics.

After the scandals with Danone products in the US and Russian consumers have wondered about why pay for yogurts that company by 30 percent more than the similar products of other manufacturers. "Probably not left in the person of Russia, which the company Danone would not blow their brains advertising yogurt" Activia ". Misleading advertising allowed "Danone" to sell their yogurt at unreasonably high price, 30% higher than the price of plain yogurt, and earn hundreds of millions of dollars to unsuspecting consumers. We demand that the "Danone" to compensate them for the costs, but also changed their advertising with misleading on the true ", - he wrote the Russian Roman in" Live Journal ".

"Ask about the product" Danone "in the familiar doctor. He whinnying 10 minutes, and then asked if I had read carefullytheir advertising, which states about the content of the "assets" useful bacteria called aktiregulyaris. According to the doctor, neither he nor his colleagues had never heard of such bacteria. This is pure layout ", - informs the user of social networks at the Yaroslavl forum Valentine yarportal.ru. And indeed, there ActiRegularis bacteria, and there Bifidobacteriumanimalis, who lives in the body of almost all mammals, including humans. The notorious ActiRegularis same - it is just an invention of Danone, which has become a trademark to attract customers.

Not surprisingly, this approach Danone company for false advertising has been brought to court in Russia. However, not for cheating buyers yogurt "Activia", and for the cheese product "Danissimo" tasteful ice cream. This advertisement provoked protests from representatives of the Russian Union of Ice Cream. Their outraged fact show in the video is not a cottage cheese product with the smell of ice cream and the ice cream itself, since the buyer would have thought if in "Danissimo" does have ice cream. Russian ice-cream complained to the Federal Antimoopolnuyu Service (FAS). And their findings are reinforced by VCIOM opinion poll. As a result of the false advertising company Danone was fined.

But the claim of the company Danone to the TV channel "Capital" was rejected by the Arbitration Court of Moscow. In the broadcast channel information has been circulated that this transnational company produces yogurt without any control, and in general in the production process ignores the guests. In the story told, and the application of Danone «harmful ingredients for the preservation of fruit yogurt." As a result, the court sided with the journalists actually admitting dishonesty Danone as a producer of dairy products for the Russians.

However, claims for Danone products in Russia have always been. Moreover, even the former Minister of Agriculture Nikolai Fyodorov, who in 2014 accused the transnational company in the production of counterfeit and substandard products and the substitution of milk fat with vegetable. Danone then demanded an apology, but stood up experts for the Minister. Thus, the executive director of the Dairy soyand Russia Lyudmila Manitskaya stated that industry associations have been numerous complaints against the company's products, in particular cheeses kglazirovannym issued by Danone «Now we will check these businesses, and it is unclear who is who would be entitled to demand an apology," -. Manitskaya noted.

And the mayor of Novosibirsk, decided not to wait for an apology from Danone for poor-quality products, and appealed directly to the court after the milk of the company, including in children's nutrition, high levels of lead were detected. Against the background of these scandalous facts consumers must decide whether to have a deal with dairy products or Danon is better to bypass the shelves of the company party.