Denis Butsayev buried in the waste

The security officials intervened in the appointment of the management of the “Russian environmental operator”.
According to Kommersant, the head of the public-law company Russian Ecological Operator, the coordinator of the entire waste management reform, is likely to be Denis Butsaev, the former deputy chairman of the government of the Moscow region. According to the Kommersant interlocutors close to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the decision on his appointment will be announced before the end of the week. The previous contender for the position of head of the company was forced to leave Russia due to searches of law enforcement officers from his colleagues.

A source familiar with the draft decision of the supervisory board of the Russian Ecological Operator, told Kommersant that Denis Butsaev will be the general director of a public law company (PPC) for the formation of an integrated system for handling municipal solid waste. This “Kommersant” was confirmed by two sources close to the Ministry of Environment. According to them, the decision on his appointment will be announced by the PPK Supervisory Board this week.

Recall that in mid-January, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of a control panel - a single garbage operator with extensive regulatory and financial and economic powers. The state operator will be able to participate in the development and implementation of state programs and projects in the field of waste, agreements between the subjects of the Russian Federation on their transportation, develop programs of state support for investment projects and attract investors. Also, the state-owned company will be able to participate in concession agreements and PPP, buy land for enterprises, acquire and own property and equipment for activities in the field of waste management. In addition, the operator will be able, without any restrictions, to acquire shares in the authorized capital of industry organizations and project companies that are engaged in the construction of enterprises.

In 1999, Denis Butsaev graduated from the O. E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University with a degree in jurisprudence. At the beginning of his career, from 1999 to 2007, he held senior positions in the legal departments of large IT companies - IBM and Hewlett Packard. In 2010–2013, he worked as managing partner of the Panorama investment group and general director of the PET Technology company LLC, a subsidiary of Rosnano. Mr. Butsaev began to interact with the authorities in 2008, having entered the expert council under the chairman of the Federation Council. In 2013, after working as an adviser to the governor of the Moscow region, he left the business and took over as regional minister of investments and innovations. In December 2018, due to the early voluntary resignation from office, Denis Butsaev was dismissed from his post as minister and deputy chairman of the government of the Moscow Region.
Mr. Butsayev’s colleagues from the Moscow region government call him an “experienced professional” in attracting investments: “In less than seven years, what he did with the amount of attracted investments, including from abroad, can hardly be compared with anyone else.”

The press service of the government, “Kommersant” reported that the decision to appoint the head of the “Russian environmental operator” has not yet been made - for this position are considered several candidates, among whom are Mr. Butsaev. To announce the appointment, clarified in the White House, today is not planned. In the office of Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev, they do not comment on this issue. Denis Butsayev himself also declined to comment.

A Kommersant interviewee close to the Ministry of Natural Resources says that the prosecutor general’s son, Igor Chaika, was in favor of appointing Mr. Butsaev to this post. According to, Mr. Chaika Jr. owns LLC Charter, which is chosen as a regional operator in a number of regions.

Another probable candidate for the head of the operator sources “Kommersant” in the Ministry of Environment called businessman Vadim Ishutin (see “Kommersant” on January 15) - his candidacy, according to “Kommersant”, was supported by the staff of Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev. Mr. Ishutin is known for working in Voronezh with the then governor, and now the profile deputy prime minister, Alexei Gordeyev, and deputy head of the ministry, Vladimir Loginov, who oversees the waste management industry. Seriously negatively on the chances of Mr. Ishutin to take the position could affect the activity of the security forces against his colleagues in Voronezh. Last week, law enforcement officers detained Voronezh deputy Ruslan Kochetov, who was associated with a businessman on several business projects. After that, according to “Kommersant”, Mr. Ishutin left Russia.