Detective on a treadmill: how to take bribes in world athletics

RBC read a report about crimes of the leadership of world athletics, and figured out how a criminal network was organized to earn on extortion and bribes for concealing doping problems of Russian athletes.
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The second part of the report of the independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on corruption and doping in world athletics was made public on Thursday, January. 14 89-page report resembles a real detective, in which there is a well-organized criminal network, secret meetings with the transfer of cash in expensive hotels, intercepted emails, recorded on a hidden recorder conversations with assurances criminals on friendly relations in the higher echelons of power, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

corruption network

In the center of the report - the figure of 72-year-old former president of IAAF Lamine Diack, who led the organization from 1999 to 2015. Now he is charged with taking bribes for abandoning sanctions against Russian athletes found guilty of doping, and he is under house arrest.

The father of 15 children, the champion of France [Senegal - a former French colony] jump in 1958 the length of the year, he led the world athletics in 1999 after the sudden death of a heart attack of former President IAAF ItalianPrimo Nebiolo. Preceded left rich Senegalese federation: IAAF's annual budget was $ 40 million, and the best athletes, previously did not receive her prize at the end of the 1990s have become millionaires.

As the independent commission's report the WADA, Diack, leading the federation began to form inside IIAF system, under which the real power and control of the world athletics were in the "inner circle" hands of the president, made up of family members Diack and his close friends.

The main operating figures of the "inner circle", the report says, were two sons of president of the federation - Pope Massata Diack and Khalil Diack. Technically, both are not included in the IAAF leadership: Dad Massata listed as marketing consultant for the federation, and the Halil - just an independent consultant without marked specialization. The next most important link in the corruption schemes Diack WADA Commission Counsel calls Habib Cisse. "They have created a narrow range, which is to monitor and filter all of the information and communication IAAF leadership", - emphasized in the report.
Information about when the IAAF leadership began its corrupt activities, WADA report no. The events described in the document, starting in November 2011, when Lamine Diack appointed lawyer in charge of Cissé in the department of medicine and combating doping work with the IAAF biological passport of Russian athletes. Athlete Biological Passport (BPS) were introduced in 2011. WADA. They observed the results of long-term monitoring of athletes biological markers, changes in which indirectly indicate the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Until November 2011 Cisse had no experience in dealing with biological passports athletes and Russian Athletic Federation was the only one whose passport was in charge of the representative of the IAAF leadership, the report said. "The task of Cissé was to provide the head of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) Valentina Balahnicheva operational information in the process of investigation of anti-doping cases involving Russian athletes", - the report says. Prior to the introduction of Russian BPSskim athletes could use doping with impunity. The report secretly recorded words of the coach of the Russian national athletics Alexey Melnikov. "We have begun to understand how the system works only in the spring of 2012. Prior to that we did not understand the meaning of these graphics, and no problems with doping tests, we did not, "- said the coach.

Blackmail and extortion

Started to work in the medical department of the IAAF, the first thing Cissé requested a list of Russian athletes whose BPS indicate the possibility of doping. He was given a list of 23 athletes, the report said. Two days later, Cisse by IAAF flew to Moscow. Subsequently Balahnichev admitted the commission of inquiry, that during this visit Cisse gave him lists of suspected athletes. A few days later the coach Alexei Melnikov called the agent trapped in the black list of long-distance runner Lilia Shobukhova Andrey Baranov and said that his client is suspected of doping. Then Melnikov contacted with the Shobukhova and explained that it shouldaplatit unnamed "lawyer» € 150 th. for concealing information about problems with its BTSs, which will allow her to perform at the Olympics in London. By the summer of 2012, when the Games were approaching, the amount has tripled -. To € 450 thousand This amount athlete passed Melnikov three parts, and each time for a week after the transfer of money Habib visited Moscow Cisse, the report says.

After Shobukhova passed "lawyer" money, the case against her was "frozen". It really allowed her to take part in the London Olympics in the summer and the Boston Marathon in October 2012. After that the athlete gave birth to a child and planned to resume his career in 2014, but in 2013 VFLA still Shobukhova disqualified on the basis of abnormal APP indicators for two years. Threatening officials scandal athlete was able to achieve two-thirds of her return bribes - € 300 thousand.

As has established an investigation commission, returned Shobukhova money was transferred from the account of Black Tiding companies in Singapore owned by a certain Iantonu Thanu. As the Commission found WADA, Tang served on"Inner circle" Diacov family and not as a member of the IAAF, actively participated in the activities of the federation. "Tan even called her child, born in 2014, Massata - in honor of his friend, Pope Diack", - the report says. He was also well acquainted with Valentin Balakhnichev, which participated in the meetings of the IAAF Marketing Committee.

The second case of extortion related to the Turkish middle-distance runner, champion of the London Olympics in the women's 1500m Asli Alptekin. According to the report, even before the Olympics in manual IAAF knew about problems with BPS Alptekin, but reported them only after the completion of the Games. After the Turkish federation Alptekin warned that she may be disqualified, Papa Diack contacted her by e-mail through the management of its sports club and offered to the athlete and her husband "to discuss disciplinary matters."

The document describes a number of meetings with representatives of the Pope Diack Asli Alptekin in Monaco and Istanbul, where Diack flew from Moscow. First, the president's son IAAF, threatening to publicity of information about dopingdeprivation of athletes of Olympic medals, claimed € 650 thousand., but in the process of negotiating reduced their demands to € 100 thous., of which, however, only received € 35 thousand. Cash. Other Turks have promised to pay after the closure of the investigation, which, in spite of the payment continued. A year later, in 2013, to blackmail Alptekin joined and the second son of the president of the IAAF - Khalil, but representatives of the athletes do not trust Diacov family, so that only paid for his flights, hotel and other expenses in the amount of € 20-25 thousand in August 2015. the decision of the Court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Alptekin was found guilty of doping and stripped of all awards received from 29 July 2010 to 2015, and disqualified for eight years.

"The situation can be resolved only Putin"

As can be seen from the report, the possibility of completely discontinue the anti-doping investigation in extortion of the IAAF was not, so their tactics was the maximum tightening of cases. Cisse, according to the report, on the issues of the IAAF medical experts, why the Russian athletes, whose is biologicalcal indicators show the probability of receiving illicit drugs, participate in competitions, referring to the need to "gather more evidence," and said that he would have to pay a large compensation in the event of an error and a loss to the CAS federation.

The conflict with the doctors began to suspect something was wrong, I broke out in late 2012. By the time the IAAF Medical Department in every way possible prolonged the investigation of cases of six Russian athletes whose figures were extremely suspicious. This list is not found involved in corruption cases senior doctor IAAF Pierre Garnier. In February 2013 he was openly accused of corruption accomplice Diacov - the head of the medical department IAAF Gabriel Dolle, who regularly sent doctors to request a "revision" of samples classified as "probable doping." Subsequently, the Commission of Inquiry with the witnesses poll also found that Dolle has always challenged the Commission's conclusions on biometric passports, when it came to Russian athletes, the report said.

In July 2013, when after adetection of suspicious samples of Russian athletes took almost two years, no action taken against them was not, and to the World Athletics Championship remained a few weeks in Moscow, lawyer Hugh Roberts IAAF Lamine Diack met with the office in Monaco federation and expressed the need exclude from participation of at least nine Russian athletes with the 'bad' passports. In response, the head of the IAAF complained that "is in a difficult situation, which only allow President Vladimir Putin will be able", which, according to the Senegalese, he "established friendly relations," the report said. As a result, nine Russian athletes did not participate in the world championships, and Roberts and Garnier did not bring the situation public.

The report with cautious reservations said that the concealment of facts doping Russian athletes may be related to the transaction for the sale of rights to broadcast the World Cup in Moscow in 2013. In 2012, Pope Massata Diack, Habib Cisse and IAAF General Secretary Essar Gabriel met in one of the Moscow hotelsBalakhnichev and an unnamed officer of the Russian TV to discuss the "problem with the TV coverage," which, according to the report, "estimated at $ 6 million." For more information about the "problem" is not stated in the report. The authors note only that they have enough information on this subject, however, draw attention to the fact that around the same time the Pope Diakite managed to agree on a sponsorship contract for $ 25 million to VTB Bank. These agreements must be checked for legal purity, according to the WADA. The rights to broadcast the World Cup received a state holding VGTRK.


In spite of the detective story the report, new negative effects of it for the Russian athletics will not cause the replies WADA officials at a press conference held on Thursday. "If the Russians are fully dedicate themselves to solving the problem of doping, they would return to the Games in Rio. It all depends on them and on the decision of the supervisory authorities - WADA and IAAF », - said the head of the commission of inquiry, former president Richard Pound WADA. Roughly the same thing he said in November 2015years after the publication of the first part of the report.

Involved in the scandal government officials, coaches and doctors, including Valentin Balahnichev already punished - lifetime disqualification. Lamine Diack is under investigation, his son, the Pope declared internationally wanted, and Habib Cisse is under house arrest. Expresses some experts before the publication of the second part concerns the report that, in connection with doping and corruption scandal athletics may deprive Olympic status, did not come true: according to the authors of all the violations must be answered personally by the president Diack and his entourage, and the majority of high-ranking officials IAAF We knew nothing about the corruption schemes, blackmail and concealing doping tests and is now actually justified.