Developer Alexander Nekrasov is under external supervision

 Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending threatens the failed developer of New Moscow with bankruptcy.
The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) managed to achieve the introduction of an observation procedure in relation to LLC Absolute, which, according to Kommersant sources, was connected with the structures of the "Leader of Groups" of the family of State Duma deputy Alexander Nekrasov. The company owes the agency more than 320 million rubles. On the terminated lease of land in Vatutinki in New Moscow.

The Moscow Arbitration Court yesterday introduced a procedure for monitoring against Absolut LLC within the framework of considering the bankruptcy petition initiated by AHML, Svetlana Aglinishkiene, the court-appointed arbitration manager of the company, told Kommersant. This information was confirmed in AHML. They said that in 2013 Absolut won the auction of the RHD Foundation for the right to lease two land plots with a total area of ​​116.98 hectares located in Novaya Moscow near the village of Vatutinki.

Under the terms of the auction, the minimum volume of construction in these areas was 148 thousand square meters. M of housing. Tenant has developed documentation for the planning of the territory, providing for the construction of 888.89 thousand square meters. M of housing. But the documentation was never approved, and Absolut stopped paying for the lease of land, added to AHML, specifying that today the total debt on lease payments of Absolute is almost 490 million rubles. In August 2016 AHML terminated the contract with the company.

Absolut, according to, is controlled by Valery Sokolov, but his interlocutors called him the ultimate beneficiary of the St. Petersburg Group Leader Group, which since 2012 has been working in Moscow and the Moscow region. The main shareholder of the company on its website is Roman Lyabichov, who previously ran the Absolute. Forbes magazine previously linked the "Group Leader" with the family of the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Nekrasov. In April 2017, Mr. Lyabichov told Vedomosti about the plan to divide up business: for Mr. Nekrasov's family there remained St. Petersburg assets, the Moscow division passed on to new owners-to him and to his partners. The name of the Moscow branch was changed to the Atlant Group of Companies.

Head of A2 dispute resolution practice Maria Sidorova says that supervision is usually introduced for six months, you can exit the procedure at any time by paying off all debts recorded in the court case. If this does not happen, a liquidation procedure is introduced in respect of the company, during which its property may be sold. His shortage, according to Mrs. Sidorova, may be the reason for subsidiary liability, when claims are made to parent companies and beneficiaries. But, in the opinion of the lawyer of BMS Law Firm Vladimir Shalaev, in practice it is difficult to realize - it is necessary to prove the connection between bankruptcy, the actions of the persons involved and the availability of an opportunity to give instructions binding on the society.

Svetlana Aglinishkienė says that there is no exact information about the property of the Absolute. "The head of the company should provide them in the next 15 days, we only know from open sources that" Leader Park "is built on the land plots owned by" Absolute "," she explained. In Atlant, this fact is not denied, indicating that the lease relations between Absolute and the developer of the Leader M project will not affect the fulfillment of obligations. From the Unified State Register of Legal Entities follows: "Leader M" is pledged by the Moscow Industrial Bank within the framework of the loan agreement concluded at the end of 2015. The bank says that there are no claims to the borrower.

Portfolio "Leader of groups" on the site of the developer is estimated at 3.16 million square meters. The number of projects includes residential complexes "Leader Park" (134.6 thousand sq. M.), "Big Mytischi-Taininskaya" (218 thousand sq. M.), "Lobnya City" (250 thousand sq. M.), , "Green Moscow-2" (69 thousand square meters), "Green Moscow-3" (30.3 thousand square meters), the neighborhood "City of Happiness" (210 thousand square meters), where now, According to the managing partner of "Metrium Group" Maria Litinetska, sales are being conducted.