Director of the Coca-Cola plant was killed for a BMW

Two suspects in the crime have been detained.
In St. Petersburg, the staff of the regional management of SCR opened the murder of the director of the local Coca-Cola plant, Dmitry Soshneva, missing last Friday. According to investigators, the crime was not related to professional activities director, and has been committed for mercenary motives: the attackers decided to assign a foreign car plant director and the money he had with him.

The disappearance of the General Director of the St. Petersburg factory "Coca-Cola HSBC BBC Eurasia," 37-year-old Dmitry Soshneva police his mother said Sunday. According to her, on Friday morning, he left his house in the street Partizan Herman to work and promised to return in the evening, but did not appear. Within two days, the relatives and friends of Dmitry Soshneva phoned all his friends, hospitals and morgues, but could not find him. Regional management TFR start missing pre-investigation checks on the mother's statement. Investigators were able to establish that Mr. Soshnev Friday went to a white BMW with its own territory located at Pulkovo Highway Coca-Cola plant for about 15 hours. aboutat the same time a few calls to his mobile phone was registered, after which it was turned off. The car is the last time recorded CCTV cameras on Moskovsky Prospekt. According to unconfirmed information, the evening of November 28 someone for a short time under the name of Dmitry Soshneva, using his passwords, visited a number of sites on the Internet.

Criminal Investigation Police officers interviewed friends and relatives of the missing, his car was wanted. Foreign cars found within a day parked in the parking lot near one of the malls in the Frunze district of the city. There are no traces of tampering of the machine or the struggle in the cabin, experts have found. On Tuesday, the TFR was a criminal case under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder). And yesterday the regional management of the TFR reported on the disclosure of the crime and the arrest of two suspects. According to unofficial information, on their trail detectives brought data on calls made from the phone of the missing officer. One of the last dialed numbers belonged to non-working citizen of Azerbaijan Denis Chhitauri. According to the investigation, 28 butvember 28-year-old Denis Chhitauri long acquaintance with Dmitry Soshnevym, appointed him to meet in the garage area, located in the Frunze district. When Dmitry Soshnev arrived at the agreed place, together with Denis Chhitauri I was waiting 46-year-old Vyacheslav Finogenov that, as reported in the TFR, received seven years in prison in 2007 for having shot a man from a sawn-off shotgun. And this time, he brought with him bleed. According to investigators, Vyacheslav Finogenov shot at Mr. Soshneva, then the criminals took Enron director of the plant, about 150 thousand. Rub., As well as documents on his car.

Investigators believe Chhitauri Denis and Vyacheslav Finogenov pre-planned murder of Mr Soshneva, hoping to sell his almost new BMW at least 1 million rubles. In addition, the attackers expected to take and the cash - Mr. Soshnev almost always had a fairly large by the standards of criminals amount.

Meanwhile, according to some sources, one of the detainees brought to the interrogation of another version of the crime: the director acquired the plant supposedly had narcotic substances (No.operative data, Azerbaijani citizen really haggling them) and came to the meeting in a deserted garage with a large sum of money just for this. Attackers have decided to seize the moment, simply assign the money, and along with a foreign car. In this version of the RCDS not confirm. And in order to test it, you need to hold a series of examinations.

As investigators believe, the attackers did not know about the job and the position of the victim, so we were scared resonance that caused the murder. Deciding to go into hiding, they left Mr. Soshneva car in the spot where he parked it and, at the mall, and themselves left Petersburg. Details of the operation to arrest the suspects, investigators have not yet open, but still had time to take them on the territory of the Leningrad region. After being detained by operatives of the Criminal Investigation suspects immediately gave a confession, pointed out a garage where they had hidden the body of his victim, and gave bleed shotgun. Today, the court shall consider the request investigation of the arrest of the detainees.