Dirty games of Tokay Kerimov

The management of JSC Naftagaz in its entirety headed by the general director Islam Nazaraliev flew to Noyabrsk on May 21 to hold an emergency meeting on cost optimization issues, as the accounts payable of Naftagaz-Burenie and NG-Service broke all records and exceeded for billions of rubles.
For the last quarter only OOO Naftagaz-Burenie received direct losses amounting to 330 million rubles. Creditors panic, are alarmed by the fact that they have not been calculated for almost eight months.

Last week similar meetings were held in Moscow at the head office of JSC Naftagaz. The owner of Naftagaz Tokay Kerimov and the general director Islam Nazaraliev called on the carpet for the leadership of Naftagaz-Bureniya and discussed issues of cost optimization and reduction of the number of employees of the enterprise.

This information was provided to our publication by a source in law enforcement agencies. He also confirmed that the situation is under control of the law enforcement agencies of Moscow and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, which recorded the arrival of the company's management in Noyabrsk, as well as the holding of the meeting itself on photos and video resources. This was done in order to prevent another deliberate bankruptcy in the framework of criminal cases against Tokay Kerimov.

In the press Tokay Kerimov is called a great combinator. The publication "New Vedomosti" became aware of the details of its gray schemes of deliberate bankruptcy.

The media is not tired of saying that a big federal scandal has come to the fore in the Russian oilfield service market. In the epicenter of the conflict were the assets of companies Tokay Kerimova JSC "NG-Management" and JSC "Naftagaz", to which billions of claims of the bank "Russian capital" are already presented. As experts say, the company is in the near future waiting for bankruptcy. Tokaj Kerimov, as a thimbler skillfully shuffled his companies, went around everyone, changed names, brought multibillion-dollar assets offshore to Cyprus and the Virgin Islands and was left with nothing.

On August 26, 2009, Tokai Kerimov, at 19 Staraya Basmannaya Street, Moscow, registered the company Naftagaz, becoming its general director. One of the founders made Olga Olga Solska. The company consisted of: Naftagaz-Burenie LLC (drilling services for oil and gas wells, Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), OOO Naftagaz-trans (rendering transportation services, Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), Noyabrskoye UPNP LLC (well workover services, Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), OOO Naftagazstroy (Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), Transport Logistics Company LLC (transport services, Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), Naftagaz-cementing LLC cementing, Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), OOO Naftagazservis, OAO Sibneftegazmash Plant (production of oil and gas equipment The city of Tyumen).

Having planned deliberate bankruptcy in advance, in 2014 Kerimov for several months withdrew money from the company Naftagaz-trans LLC, after which billions of accounts payable to contractors were formed. Further, Kerimov renamed it Yamaltransservis LLC (also the provision of transportation services, in Noyabrsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District) and through simple manipulations got rid of the unnecessary asset. He did this in order that the reputation of OJSC Naftagaz remained untainted.

From that moment all transport services on behalf of JSC "Naftagaz" was rendered by LLC "Transport Logistic Company", but this was a dummy, just a juridical person who acted as an intermediary between the real contractors of transport services and the companies of Naftagaz-Bureniye LLC and LLC "The November UPNP." This was another scheme of deliberate bankruptcy, repeating the scenario of OOO Naftagaz-trans. As a result, for 2014-2017, all funds in the amount of more than one billion rubles were withdrawn from the company, and LLC "Transport Logistic Company" prepared for bankruptcy.

In 2016, Kerimov registered a new company JSC "Naftagaz" at the address: Moscow, Bryanskaya Street, house 5. Its founders are his employee Olga Vladimirovna Berezina and Aleksei A. Skiba. Director-General Kerimov first appoints his brother Tural. Nazaraliev Islam Zamirovich, who previously held a criminal case on embezzlement of budget funds by the organization of the North Caucasus Resorts JSC, later became the first deputy in the company RU-Energy Group, and then the first deputy general director of JSC Naftagaz .

In his machinations, Tokai Kerimov specifically employed the brothers Tural and Turan, placing them alternately as general directors of one or another company. Even a lot of legal documents were signed in the same way - by the initials of T.A.Kerimov, and go - figure out who exactly from the three brothers signed.

Further Tokai Kerimov intentionally withdrew Naftagaz-Bureniye LLC from offshore Naftagaz to offshore areas in Cyprus. According to the "Contour.Focus" system, the founder of the drilling company in 2016 changed: instead of Naftagaz OJSC, Finance Asset LLC became 99.9% owned by Og Investments Limited (Cyprus). And 1% went to a certain Mrs. Smirnova from Krasnoyarsk, whose husband was the chairman of the board of directors of the bankrupt Tyumen "Sibneftbank".

After this, Tokai Kerimov renames Naftagaz OJSC in JSC NG-Management. And the managing company over Naftagaz-Bureniye LLC puts Naftagaz JSC with the general director of the same Islam Nazaraliev.

This combination was invented in order to keep afloat only OOO Naftagaz-Burenie, and the rest to go bankrupt by the old scheme.

In March 2018, the founder of JSC "NG-Management" Tokay Kerimov makes a frontman - Koretskaya Olga Nikolaevna. This appointment was purely formal, in fact it never had any relation to the company's activities.

To date, all companies that used to belong to JSC Naftagaz, now JSC NG-Management, are in a state of bankruptcy, of which billions of rubles have been withdrawn, including loans from the Russian Capital bank (2.3 billion rubles) and contractors' money. The total accounts payable of Tokay Kerimov and his companies, which he purposely bankrupted, is about 10 billion rubles.

Tokai Kerimov himself thus earned billions of rubles, which he keeps on foreign accounts.

Here it is worthwhile to recall the sad story with the Volgograd plant of drilling equipment, which Tokai Kerimov bought in 2013 year. Also I collected loans for development, withdrew assets, money, accumulated accounts payable more than three billion rubles and bankrupt).

The great combinator Tokaj Kerimov believes that by turning the above-mentioned gray schemes he went unnoticed and legally not undermined by him, but all his actions are known to law enforcement agencies and from criminal liability for the deliberate bankruptcy of the group of JSC "NG Management" and all its subsidiaries he can not leave.