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Russian regions are ready for the "parade of sovereignties".
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A quarter century ago, the Soviet Union collapsed - unexpectedly and suddenly, buried under the weight of great power debris millions of our fellow citizens. It would seem that today such a catastrophe completely ruled out in Russia. However, If you look closely, here and there on the Russian state show up chips and cracks. And it seems that our country is moving the road of the USSR - to decay. Maybe it seemed? That together and face it.

A few years ago, when the topic of Russia's disintegration most inhabitants still fancied frankly far-fetched, in the light of published book Mink Sergey and Alexander Achleya (aliases former GRU officers Dubravin Sergey Ibragimov and Alexander), entitled "The Executioner." Then, in 2010, the plot of a science fiction novel reader hath shock. The action takes place in 2014. There is no Russian. Instead of it - 10 states, the largest of which - Ural Republic. Believe It? Cranberry? But then I passed some years - and the collapse of the country are no longer talking futurists-fiction writers, and politicians. With the highest bleachers. "Today the main task of the external and internal enemies of Russia - to revive separatist sentiments in the regions, undermine the Federation and to create preconditions for the collapse of the country", - half a year ago, said a member of the Duma's security committee, the former head of the FSB, Nikolai Kovalev. As you can see, it is serious, but sometimes can not help feeling that the basis of a number of acts of outright separatism is no malice or calculation and carelessness and stupidity.

Yakutia towards apartheid

Example? Very well: at the end of October, the Constitutional Court of Yakutia clarified the legal status of the indigenous people of the country. These are, according to the relevant court decision, should only be considered Yakut ethnic group. And all the others who live in the Republic of Sakha citizens - the Chukchi, Evenki and Russian - is now revered for "non-indigenous". That and look, in Yakutsk will give them derogatory "alien passports" as Russian in the Baltic States. Doubt?

Then get a grasp of the text of the decision - the "totality of the natural Yakutia collective rights of the indigenous people." Paragraph 2 of Article 42. "While respecting the traditions, culture and customs of the indigenous peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and indigenous peoples (Constitution -. Ed.) Protects and provides their inalienable rights to own and use in accordance with the law of the land and natural resources ( ...), to be protected from any form of forced assimilation and ethnocide, as well as attacks on ethnic identity. "

In other words, based on the decision of the Constitutional Court of Yakutia, now protect the vital human rights in the territory of the republic fixed by law only "native" Yakuts. It remains to mention the name of the one who started to divide people into "native" to the rights of the powerless and "non-indigenous". According to the press Yakut, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Sakha issued its determination on the request of the deputy Il Tumen (local parliament) Mikhail Gabysheva, a member of the "Fair Russia". Guide of the federal party is not a sin is now to find out what guided the citizen of the Russian Federation Mikhail Gabyshev, undertaking in the "diamond" republic transition to something similar to the apartheid. Analogies with the times of Peter Botha of South Africa agree that suggest themselves. Someone in Yakutia, it seems, wanted to feel like a "white bwana." Representing the Russian and Chukchi disfranchised blacks.

What is happening in Yakutsk - an example of how our regional policy, small-town infected with the bacillus of nationalism, deduce the reality of the scope of the federal legislation. Gently and unnoticed by Moscow. In Buryatia "native" to the "non-indigenous" is not divided, but by then everything goes. Here is a recent example: the decided somehow to Ulan-Ude to build a museum complex - on the banks of the Uda, in the place where I got his start Verkhneudinsk.

In the center of the museum complex on the idea of ​​the designers was to be a monument to the Cossacks-pioneers. And then on the part of local politicians hysterics. "Installation of the monument to the Cossacks in the Buryat land - is a humiliation and insult to the Buryat people!" - Persuaded the city government of the capital of the Buryat Bakalin Vasilyev, a local celebrity and theatrical "political activist". A series of frankly Russophobian articles in the local press - and the construction of the monument to the Cossacks, it was decided to postpone. A couple of months ago, this idea came back again. Vasiliev has recently died, and the local authorities will probably hoped that now they have a "ride." Where there! In general, the monument will be opened soon, but not Russian Cossacks-pioneers, as expected, a certain Shepteheyu (Chepchugov) - "brave fighter against the invaders" (Is not the Russian?).

- What is happening in Siberia and the Urals in particular, I was very worried. But even more I am concerned that our government does not pay attention to what is happening. And it does not pay in vain. From abroad enhanced support "Urals Republic" - this topic is constantly pedaliruyut, and I believe it is not necessary to look vprobros. You have to understand that this is a clear and a clear plan. And if not immediately begin to deal with it, then we will need to apply at all other efforts. Do not play liberalism. You do not need all of these fairy tales. It should be hard to enforce laws and clearly aware of where the interests of the state.

Why Russian Norwegians divided into smaller ethnic groups

Ideas shtetl separatism usually popularize regional politicians from the "non-system opposition" - in the hope of jump in the chair higher, using the springboard of the supporters. But becoming irresponsible scientists and politicians in addition to agents of separatism. For example, Arkhangelsk and operates a research and educational center "Pomor Institute of Indigenous Peoples of the North." Its former head, Ivan Moseeva, not so long ago condemned by 282 th article of the Criminal Code, the punishment for inciting ethnic hatred.

More specifically, for "insulting an ethnic group" Russian "(and it is assumed that under this" run "alone for insulting the Russian minority). Pomor Institute on Western grants year after year, "stamped" questionable "books", which managed to learn a whole generation of Russian northerners. The basic idea, which was conducted in these books, was this: in Russia there are no Russian, is "pohodchane", "russkoustintsy", etc., etc., and the inhabitants of the North Russian their native language is not Russian, and "pomorska saying." Indeed, a ride in the Ukrainians with Ukrainian movoy can, ride and Pomorie?

Yes, and so: while Moseev "chalilsya" on the prison bunk, his organization is spreading throughout the Russian North - from the Arkhangelsk region in the Nenets Autonomous District and beyond. "Pomorsku say" planted in the Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Vologda, Kirov region and Karelia - funded by the Ford Foundation and with the participation of the Norwegian University of Tromsø. And the project of artificial etnostroitelstva in the Russian North give their seedlings - there are already plans for combining several northern regions of Russia into a single Pomeranian region.

According to historian Dmitry Semushin, "the implementation of the idea of ​​a special Pomeranian ethnic group in the worst case lead to the ethnic split in the Russian North under the territorial division of the Russian Federation or - at best - will weaken Moscow's position in the control over Arctic resources." Actually, for the sake of such things Norwegian and American sponsors and vbuhivayut in the "Pomor idea" for $ 2-3 million annually. It's worth it. And now a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, Paul Sulyandziga has been criticized by the federal government, saying that small nations have left only song and dance, while (the quote) "of the Russian Federation has been thrown out a concept for indigenous peoples as a perpetual royalty-free enjoyment of their own territories and natural resources. " So what tends to public-spirited! Indeed, the use of resources in Yakutia is about to finally consolidate the "indigenous people" - and "Pomorie" that red, or what?

Tuva acquires its own army

All of the above - it's flowers. Here's the berries. Recently in Tuva relocated 55th Separate Motorized Rifle Mountain Brigade. Armored personnel carriers, helicopters - such a small army of about 1,300 people. Picking unit began two years ago, but there is not the timing, and in principle, according to which the brigade recruited fighters. But the principle is the 1047 military units - residents of Tuva. Simply put, ethnic Tuvan, because of their relationship to the rest of the republic's population - 82 to 18%. In other words, in Tuva now has its own small army, actually staffed by local, Tuvinians. In fact, why, if this is possible to Chechnya, in other regions it is impossible?

"In the Soviet Union army was completed, so that recruits from some regions rarely allowed to take place in their service, - explains Senator Franz Klintsevich. - And in this approach made sense. Young Soviet citizens began to perceive themselves as part of a great country. " And if the soldiers will serve in their place of residence, there is a risk of formation of "musketeer outlaws" under the control of local officials. For Chechnya and Tuva follow Tatarstan and Bashkiria, further - everywhere. "And over the fact that Russia will acquire its own autonomy kvaziarmiyami, - predicts analyst Lev Vershinin. - Manage who will no longer from Moscow, but from Kazan, Ufa and Kyzyl ".

It should be noted that the head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool named 55 military brigade "first sign", and welcomed the soldiers members of the government and local MPs. In Kyzyl even built a special "military town" - the total amount of construction and installation work has exceeded 8 billion rubles! In general, the military in honor and respect of the country, even more so that they "own", "indigenous". But the non-indigenous in Tuva have to much worse. This is how their life is the doctor of historical sciences of religion Roman Silantyev: "The outflow of the Russian-speaking population of the republic can not be explained only by economic reasons. The crime rate is very high in Tuva, and Russian-speaking, even in the capital is not recommended to leave their homes after sunset. At the same time held demonstrative acts of intimidation against the Russian. " The expert remarked that these shares are Tuvan nationalists "repainted" in recent years, with the colors of the "Fair Russia". Again, the Socialist-Revolutionaries! Yakutia, Tuva ... In fact, not a "roof" Do Sergei Mironov sponsored regional separatists?

It should be added that Tuva, along with a number of Russian regions included in the so-called list Shoynemanna. After Russia's recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, a group of US experts headed by advisor odious Republican Senator John McCain called Randy Shoynemann, he urged Washington to recognize the independence of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and other national republics of Russia. In other words, because the ocean has formally given the go-ahead to the "parade of sovereignties".

Igor arrow (Girkin), social activist, a retired FSB colonel:

- From 2006 to 2013, I had to serve in the headquarters of the FSB of Russia in various positions. Our main, and my own in particular, have the task identification, analysis and development of measures to counter threats to security of the Russian Federation arising from including regional separatism. I have a lot, but one thing remained absolutely the same: lack of response to all our analytical notes. Nationalist wave in Bashkiria, supported directly Babai and his closest aide Sarbaev, absolutely no one was interested in three years - just until the moment when Babai decided to select "Bashneft". That's when all of our long-term signals suddenly became utterly popular.

However, in the end almost none of the Bashkir separatists (except for two or three most frostbitten) has not been, and they hid. And about how many employees familiar to me personally, and I myself tried desperately to bring their arguments that created an Islamic emirate, living under Sharia law in Chechnya, do not say anything. Sometimes it created the feeling that everything was done strictly contrary to what we proposed, topsy-turvy, and the effect is practically reversed desired.

Who will pay for the "parade of sovereignties"

To finance this "parade" is ready odious billionaire George Soros, Notorious hand on the sponsorship of the "orange revolution". And "information support" in concert with regional separatists have legal domestic human rights organizations. It works like this: someone Alexey Moroshkin, "political activist", as now adopted the liberals called politicking adventurers, for a long time called on social networks separate from the Russian Urals. Readers of his group "For Ukraine, is fighting! For free Ural! "There were many, and eventually became interested in popular Moroshkina simultaneously Roskomsvyaznadzor, Prosecutor General's Office and the FSB.

But the "activist" managed to hide at first, leading with the promotion of "democratic revolution Ural" for the subsequent creation of "Ural People's Republic." "The Urals Republic already has its own history of struggle against the yoke of Moscow, - he explained Moroshkin its readers. - From the first uprising under the leadership of Emelyan Pugachev to the Ural republic Eduard Rossel, which existed for only four months. " But once Moroshkin still finished badly, and "tied". And what?

Human Rights Center "Memorial" immediately recognized Moroshkina political prisoners and "prisoners of conscience"! By the way, the "Memorial". Rumor has it that to escape across the border to Finland ally Moroshkina Andrei Romanov, accused of extremism, whether full-time help, or supernumerary employees of this structure. The idea of ​​"parade of sovereignties" - following the example of the Soviet Union - are "think tanks". This is primarily Princeton and Georgetown Universities. A "scientific leader", are developing scenarios for the future division of Russia, serves American philosopher Alexander Etkind.

The idea of ​​"regional armies', such as the one that is created in Tuva - is it Etkind idea. It Etkind threw Yakut deputies idea as to monopolize the management of the resources of the republic - in defiance of Moscow and "non-indigenous" Russian. It Etkind replicate "pomorsku say" and continues to minister to the spiritual "struggle for independence" "ethnic coast-dwellers." Is it any wonder that it is Etkind has recently issued the largest grant - one million euros - ever stands out West to study in the humanitarian sphere?

"The Soviet Union collapsed, and nothing terrible has happened," - said recently one of the leaders of the non-systemic opposition - Garry Kasparov. It is up to Russia? And that's not a fantastic story of the popular books.