Dmitry Rybolovlev builds a yacht at the shipyard in the Netherlands

The Russian billionaire will soon enter the elite club of Russian businessmen with yachts over 100 meters long.
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The owner of the Monaco football club Dmitry Rybolovlev is building a new 110-meter yacht at the Dutch shipyard Feadship, while the boat is hiding under the name Project 1007. Three sources on the yacht market told about this for Forbes. For experts it's no secret that Rybolovlev is building a new yacht on Feadship, but until the end it was unclear what kind of boat it was - the shipyard was building two major projects - in addition to Project 1007, there was another 93-meter project.

There is little known about the new super-yacht - it's a boat with four decks, a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. On its content and design, you can still draw conclusions based on the photo. The designer of the yacht Michael Leach previously worked on a 96-meter Palladium boat by Mikhail Prokhorov and 67-meter Anna of the same Dmitry Rybolovlev. The name of the new boat was reserved by the old billionaire Anna (67 m), which is put up for sale by the yacht broker Yachtzoo at a price of € 65 million. "Reserving the name of the yacht at the sale means that the owner wants to use it again," says Yachtharbour founder Dmitry Semenikhin.

The cost of the new boat, along with the finishing, will be around $ 500 million. "The average price for a boat from 50 to 100 meters is $ 2-2.5 million per meter, and after 100 meters it is $ 4-5 million," says Andrei Boyko, founder of the Burevestnik Group . The shipyard traditionally does not comment on anything. The representative of Dmitry Rybolovlev also declined to comment.

The private yacht project will become the largest for the Dutch shipyard Feadship and the Netherlands. This shipyard is very popular among Russian billionaires. Many boats of Russian participants of the Forbes-Madam Gu list (99 m, attributed to Andrei Skoch), Ecstasea of ​​Roman Abramovich (86 m), Victor Vekselberg's Tango (77 m) boat, the first Ocean Victory project (76 m) by Viktor Rashnikov, Predator Iskander Makhmudov (72.8 m). At the Feadship shipyard, the current boat, Dmitry Rybolovlev, was built.

The new boat will allow the billionaire to enter the club of owners of hundred-meter yachts, which consists of seven members of the Forbes list. Among them Roman Abramovich with Eclipse (162 m), Alisher Usmanov with Dillbar (156 m) and Ona (110 m), Andrei Melnichenko with Sailing yacht A (142.8 m) and second yacht A (119 m), Victor Rashnikov with Ocean Victory (140 m), Farhad Akhmedov with Luna (114 m), Sergey Galitsky - Quantum Blue (104 m) and TMK owner Dmitry Pumpyansky with a 100-meter Blade project.