Dmitry Rybolovlev earned on the sale of the Trump's estate

A businessman bought an estate in Palm Beach in 2008 for $ 95 million. Dividing it into three parts and selling them separately, he earned about 13 million.
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Businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev sold the plots into which he divided the former estate of US President Donald Trump in Palm Beach (Florida). Reports about it Mansion Global.

According to the portal, at the auction the last lot went for $ 37.3 million (a year ago it was put up for sale for $ 42 million). The other two sites were previously sold for $ 34.4 million and $ 37 million, respectively.

Representative Rybolovlev declined to comment, confirming RBC only the fact of completion of the transaction.

The businessman bought the Trump estate in 2008 for $ 95 million. The family’s acquaintance to the Rybolovlev family told RBC that it was acquired by him and his wife Elena as a family residence, but at the end of the same year Rybolovlev had filed a divorce and seized the object, and therefore For many years, the estate in Palm Beach was empty. After the completion of the divorce process Rybolovlev decided to sell the estate. On the recommendation of the consultants, the mansion located in the territory was demolished and the estate was divided into three sections. Thus, he earned $ 13 million from the sale of land.

The deal in 2008 after Trump was elected the US president has long been the object of close media attention because of her Russian track, an acquaintance of the Rybolovlev family continued. According to him, the first two plots were realized relatively quickly after they were put up for sale. However, the third, put up for sale after Trump came to power, did not find a buyer for a long time.

In 2017, Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to the US Treasury Department requesting to verify the deal between Trump and Rybolovlev. In a letter, Wyden is outraged that Trump bought a land in Florida for $ 41.35 million in 2004, and four years later sold it twice as expensive.

Forbes estimates Rybolovlev's fortune at $ 6.8 billion; he is ranked 17th in the ranking of Russia's richest businessmen.