Donald Trump wins the election in the United States

NYT: probability of Trump's winning the elections has exceeded 95%. More than 270 electors voted for Donald Trump.
The chances of winning the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump have become more pronounced. According to forecasts of the US media, the probability of winning the billionaire has exceeded 95%, although earlier the experts favored Clinton. In the United States ended with the vote in the presidential election, and now vote count underway, the candidates who received the highest state post. In accordance with the data coming from the polling stations, presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump was able to win the votes of 216 electors.

His rival, Hillary Clinton, representing the Democratic Party, won 188 votes. To win the election a candidate must get 270 electoral votes, which include 538 people board. As noted by many US media, based on data from exit polls and preliminary results of the vote count, the billionaire virtually guaranteed his presidency.

According to forecasts New York Times authoritative publication, the probability of winning Trump has already exceeded 90%, even up to the beginning of countingVotes edition wrote that with a probability of 85% to win Clinton. Moreover, in September the media came out with the support of representatives of the candidates of the Democratic Party. At the moment, the publication suggests that Trump will secure more than 290 electoral votes.

It should be noted that previously most experts had predicted output Trump out of the fight for the presidency at the stage of the primaries, however, his chances of success are becoming more real. US Elections cause serious fluctuations in the financial market: Dow Jones market has fallen by 2%, the Mexican peso has lost 10 percent. The dollar fell against the yen.

Media is also predicted that the outcome of the elections to the House of Representatives, which run parallel to, the Republicans will be able to maintain its advantage over Democrats.

9:53 Trump won in Alaska, CNN reported.

9:47 The vote count entering the home stretch. According to the portal Real Clear Politics, Trump has already received 277 electoral votes of the 270 needed to win.

9:46 Donald Trump has already received the first congratulations on his election victory. So, it congratulatedthe French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, as well as Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Paul Ryan, who is also a Republican.

9:43 Democrat Hillary Clinton Supporters gather for an impromptu meeting at the White House, despite the high probability of losing their candidate.

9:41 Republican Donald Trump after a long struggle, won the presidential election in the US state of Pennsylvania.

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