Drug therapist from Makhachkala controls a mega-project in the agro-industrial complex of Saratov Oblast

At the investment council under the governor Valery Radaev, In-Invest Group presented a project to create agricultural park Saratov with the use of European agricultural modules. 
Details of the members of the Board of the general director of LLC "Management Company" Ying-Invest Group "George Shonus. So agrotechnopark "Saratov" has to stay within the two districts. The mega Volsky will be created, which will include broiler poultry farm for 35 thousand tons of meat per year, egg plant with an annual capacity of 600 million units, as well as an elevator, a plant for processing poultry manure, feed production and fertilizers. In Soviet district planned mega milk by 4.8 thousand. Milk cows to the cheese factory, dairy plant, factory baby milk, myasokompleks 5 thousand. Cattle and crop module.

The construction of the park the company is ready to invest more than 17 billion rubles of the money will go to its own distribution network, which will sell products. Full implementation of the project is provided by 2025, the volume of tax deductions should amount to 2.6 billion rubles per year. But so far only identified the land and developed pre-project documentation.

The idea of ​​billions of ten hook itself attracts attention. And if you remember that in the AIC SaratovRegion plans on breeding fowl with the prefix "mega" somehow did not grow together (turkeys "Eurodon" hello), it becomes all the more interesting.

Internet search showed that in Saratov megaproject "Ying-Invest Group" is not the only one. Something similar, but with the name "AgroDagItaliya" is embodied today in the Republic of Dagestan. A native of sunny edges Naida Magomedova and is the founder of «IN INVEST group». But the profession in Naida Magomedova quite unexpected. According to the corporate website IN INVEST group, she - narcologist of FGU "Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation".

Chairman Abid Naseer megaproektnoy structure much closer to the business. He worked in the trade mission of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry, lectured on the economy in Algeria, held executive positions at Paribas Luxembourg SA bank. General Director of Management Company "Ying-Invest Group" George Shonus also revealed different facets of their business talents. Over eight years he worked in the banking sector of Russia and Cyprus in leadership positions, five-year managed projects in the industRhee entertainment, more than 10 years working in the construction and management of commercial real estate.

Proanonsiroval "Ying-Invest Group" project agro "AgroDagItaliya" by 16.5 thousand. Jobs, with an investment volume of 14 billion rubles, was immediately declared a priority in the country, known for its unemployment. And in May this year in the local ministry of trade, investment and business held a meeting on "AgroDagItalii" where officials and investors took part.

Judging by the publications in the media, the main problem of the first stage (again this is megaptitsekompleks 35 tons of chicken meat and 600 million eggs) was the lack of funds. Investor Representatives asked the republic's state guarantee on a loan of "Rosselkhozbank" in the amount of 2.2 billion rubles, while they themselves were planning to invest 540 million rubles. In response Mintorginvest RD recalled that the Republic had already been compensated for the costs of the artist to develop project documentation. State guarantees officials are also trying to draw, but in general need a phased roadmap of the project.

And hereealnoe officials familiar with the mega it was not as positive on the emotions. During a recent visit to the area where it should be built not only business, but also 20 social facilities, including schools and hospitals, officials saw a huge behind schedule, although the site was highlighted as early as 2012. Also, as can be understood from the publications in the media, it has been allocated a certain budget and co-financing.

The main reason for the backlog were called lack of funds, and private contractors change. Out of the visit and all the scandalous: the representative of the national government promised the contractor to carry out the real cost of the examination papers, which, according to the investor's words, 600 million rubles were spent.

Well, in general, we do not even know what to say. Is that a question to ask whether it makes sense for such problems to announce another "DagItaliyu"?