Duel of Alexey Navalny and Victor Zolotov can take place in the palace of his son in Barvikha

In the opinion of Novaya Gazeta, there is enough space for everyone in the territory of the luxurious estate of Roman Zolotov.
Director of Rosgvardia Victor Zolotov "summoned to the duel" Alexei Navalny. So Zolotov after a long time (previously could not because he was on a business trip) responded to the FBK's investigation of the purchase of food for the needs of Rosgvardia. "I'm just calling you to a duel. In the ring, on the tatami - anywhere, where in a few minutes I promise to make you a good juicy chop, "- promised the commander-in-chief of the National Guard troops to the opposition politician.

We must pay tribute to the courage of Viktor Zolotov: firstly, he was almost the only high-ranking official who decided to call Navalny by his last name; and secondly, he published his appeal just at the time when the FBK director is serving 30 days of arrest in a special detention center where there is no Internet. Therefore, on the "challenge to a duel" many viewers of YouTube know, but not the one who was called.

But if Navalny agrees to satisfaction (when released), Novaya Gazeta has found an ideal, in our opinion, place for a duel. We propose to hold a duel in the spacious territory of a luxurious estate with ponds, lawns and gardens.

This palace is on Rublyovka, in, perhaps, the most expensive place in Russia - Barvikha. And the son of the director of Rosgvardia Roman Zolotov has already owned it for 15 years. Zolotov the junior was very lucky: he became the owner of real estate worth several million dollars in 23 years (many current soldiers of Rosgvardia would just have fallen into his peers). At that time, his father, Zolotov the elder, was in charge of the security service of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"You are a product from an American test tube, you are all clones. Naturally, of course, you are puppets ... You are rotten inside, rotten. You have neither spirituality nor morality at all. You, Mr. Navalny, have never received an answer ... No one has ever given you properly on your ass. Yes, so that you feel it with a liver, "- in such terms the commander-in-chief of the troops of the national guard threatened Navalny.

Such anger at Zolotov caused an investigation of FBK, published in late August this year. Recall, FBK then discovered that the chairman of the government, Dmitry Medvedev, gave the previously little-known firm from Crimea the exclusive right to supply all food for the troops of the national guard, and, according to state contracts, the prices of goods supplied (onion, cabbage and others) with prices for the same products from previous suppliers.

Zolotov did not comment in detail on FBK's accusations in his video address, but called them libelous, insulting and defaming his honor. "You are very concerned about my declaration. For several years she has been waving her like a rag. There is absolutely nothing new there, and it was really filled by me before I came to the service in Rosgvardia ... I'm really not a poor man. Unlike you, when you were just sitting down on the pot, I served in the army, worked in the industry, was a drummer of communist labor and later engaged in business, "Zolotov said.

The reasoning of the head of Rosgvardia about his wealth is perhaps the most dull and boring part of his video message, but at the same time - one of the most interesting and contradictory.

According to his declaration, Victor Zolotov is really not a poor man (especially by the standards of a poor country). In his property are several plots of land, apartments, houses. And for many years the media, including Novaya Gazeta, have repeatedly asked themselves: by what means has a person who has worked for the last 30 years in state bodies acquired these riches?

And now Victor Zolotov said that he was engaged in business. This is great news, because previously nothing was known about this. And even in the official biography, published on the website of Rosgvardia, this is not said a word. "In the 1990-2000. served in various leading military positions in the state security bodies of the Russian Federation. From 2000 to 2013 - the head of the presidential security service - deputy director of the Federal Security Service. From 2013 - Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. By presidential decree of May 12, 2014, he was appointed first deputy minister of internal affairs - commander-in-chief of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. By presidential decree of April 5, 2016, he was appointed director of the Federal Service of the National Guard troops, "says the website of Rosgvardia.

But not all the wealth of the family (in the broad sense of the word) Gold can be accommodated in a single declaration by the director of Rosgvardia.

In November 2003, 23-year-old Roman Zolotov purchased 90 acres of land (that is, almost 1 hectare) in perhaps the most expensive place in Russia - the "village of billionaires" Barvikha. Even then, the cost of weaving in these places reached 100 thousand dollars. Three years later, in 2006, the construction of a house with an area of ​​almost 700 square meters was completed on this site. m. All this property Zolotov, Jr. owns to this day.

Novaya Gazeta has a video recording of Roman Zolotov's estate from a drone: a cascade of ponds is dug in the territory of the site, neat trees and bushes are planted, and winding paths are laid between green lawns. According to our calculations, all this splendor can cost about $ 10 million or about 700 million rubles at the current rate. In general, if you sell only this estate, you can pay an average monthly pension to residents of some small Russian town.

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Several plots in the neighborhood are also not alien to the director of Rosgvardia. Their total area is 1.2 hectares, they are located at least a luxurious and large house. And all this property belongs to Yuri Chechikhin, son-in-law of Viktor Zolotov. Chechikhin is married to the daughter of the Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard.

If you sum up the plots of your son and son-in-law Victor Zolotov, you will get 2 hectares of land in the most expensive place in Russia. This "generic nest", the total value of which may exceed 1.5 billion rubles.

"If, Mr. Navalny, you once again allow an insulting or slanderous tone towards me or my family members in your exposures, I promise you that before I step over you and wipe your feet on you, I will arrange a show with a show for all personal of the composition of Rosgvardia, "Zolotov promised at the end of his speech.

In this regard, Novaya Gazeta suggests that the commander-in-chief of the National Guard troops conduct a "show with a show" on the territory of his patrimonial estate in Barvikha. All the staff of the Russian Guard, of course, will not fit there, but there will be enough room for a battalion. At the same time the soldiers visiting the commander will visit.