Dunya for Pumpyanskiy: billionaire builds a hundred-meter yacht

The main shareholder of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) can save money on the construction of his yacht in Turkey. Yachts of the local shipyards have been haunted by accidents and prices have fallen there.
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The main owner of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) Dmitry Pumpyanskiy in 2020, plans to enter the club of owners of hundred-meter yachts. Last September, the last day of the Monaco Yacht Show, he agreed with the Turkish shipyards Dunya Yachts on the construction of the largest yachts in Turkey under the working title Project Blade, reported edition Yashtharbour and confirmed one of Forbes yacht brokers. Pumpyansky representative declined to comment.

This yacht will become the third Pumpyansky. In February 2013 the exact same Turkish shipyard launched the current yacht Pumpyansky -. 72 m long Axioma He bought it in 2013 as the Monaco Yacht Show in YPI Yacht broker for € 62.5 million The boat was built under the name Project Red Square and original. intended for another Russian businessman, but he suffered from the economic crisis of 2008 and the construction of the yacht has been frozen for several years.

A month after its purchase Pumpyanskiy Axioma sold his first boat (42 m) for € 12.5 million. October 2015, YPI put up for sale and a new Axioma for € 68 million. Brokers have already received several offers to purchase the first two days but the sale of boatsthe new buyer is not yet known.

Pumpyanskiy does not hesitate to make a lease: Axioma is one of the most popular yacht for charter (rent is between € 490 000 to € 580 000 per week) and earned him $ 7 million for the first year.

Project Blade Pumpyanskiy enters the top 40 global boat length. Although the yacht tycoon pipe far from the Eclipse (162 m) Roman Abramovich, 13, the new most spacious yacht in the world Dilbar Alisher Usmanov 3 (156 m) or Sailing yacht A (142.8 m), Andrei Melnichenko, 11, Project Blade can close the ten largest yacht business with Russian roots with a length of over 100 meters. In addition to these business Pumpyansky will also be ahead of Victor Rashnikov 23 with his Ocean Victory (140 m), the second yacht A - Melnichenko (119 m, for sale), Luna is (114 m) Farkhad Akhmedov, Le Grand Blue (113 m) Shvidler, Ona (110 m, previously named Dilbar) Usmanov, Quantum Blue (104 m) Sergei Galitsky 17.

«Project Blade, is likely to become an improved version of the existing Axioma. The overall style, I think it will be comparable. Boat on the initial stages of construction and it is little known, I think, to build Project Blade will cost at least € 100-150 million, "- said aboutsnovatel Yachtharbour Dmitry Semenihin. According to him, Turkey is cheaper to build a boat, since the local shipyard less untwisted, but spopobny build high-class boats.

The founder of the company yacht itBoat Nikita Gorchakov agreed that Turkish shipyards can significantly save money, especially if you build boats ranging in size from 60 meters. "But it's always a risk. The other day in Ibiza nearly drowned 37-meter Peri Yachts (Turkish Shipyards - approx Forbes.). Also still fresh in the memory of the history of Yogi, who died in a storm in 2012 ", - said Gorchakov.

Nevertheless, the Turkish shipyards have built some remarkable boats. According Burevestnik Group owner Andrew Boyko, suffice it to recall the famous sailboat Maltese Falcon (88m), which has been built in Turkey, but released under the eminent Italian brand Perini Navi Group. True is required from the customer Tom Perkins few years literally live at the shipyard.

In Russia, where more than unwound Turkish shipyard Proteksan Turquoise (acquired by Oceanco and renamed Turquoise Yachts), which built the boat Leo Fun (53 m) to the presidential administration (bought in 2011to Dmitry Medvedev).

Passion for yachts Pumpyansky distract from the difficulties in the industry. Blade purchase agreement was signed after TMK reported on the results failed. Net loss under IFRS in 2014 totaled $ 217 million versus $ 215 million net profit for 2013, to the company's message.