E3 Group refused to build in the Leningrad region

The company failed to hold vigilant officials from the State Construction Supervision of the region: in their opinion, it was planning to build apartments in the guise of a hotel.
Gosstroynazdor of the Leningrad region canceled the permission for the construction of the hotel complex, issued this spring by LLC "Capital" (part of the E3 Group). The agency explained that initially the developer promised that he would build a hotel, and in fact there will be an apart-hotel. The E3 Group called this decision "political."

The E3 Group plans to build a hotel complex in Gatchina became known this summer. According to the investor's idea, the project will include a hotel, restaurants, a sports club, office facilities, conference rooms, apartments, underground parking, a supermarket, a children's center and a spa. The investor planned to invest in the construction of the complex 3 billion rubles.

However, on July 12, the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning (CAG) of the region abolished the town-planning plan of the land plot on which it was planned to build the facility, and on July 18, the State Construction Supervision Committee canceled the building permit. The document was issued in early May this year. As explained in the CAG, the reason for the abolition of the gradplane was the inconsistency of the draft of the territory's layout and the rules of land use and development in terms of the use of the land. "He did not intend to place objects for temporary residence of people. There it was possible to build a hotel, not an apartment, "the ministry explained.

The source of Kommersant in the regional government suggested that in this way the developer wanted to sell his product as a dwelling, while avoiding obligations to build social facilities. According to the estimates of the specialists of the State Construction Supervision Service, up to 4 thousand people could live in the new complex.

In addition, the regional authorities were alerted by the low cost per square meter in the apart-hotel. As told in the sales department of the complex, for a studio area of ​​17 square meters. will need to pay 874 thousand rubles. Thus, the square meter will cost the buyers 51 thousand rubles. According to Olga Trosheva, the head of the "Petersburg Real Estate" Center, today apartments in two construction projects are being sold in Gatchina. The average cost per square meter in them varies from 72 to 90 thousand rubles.

The sales department of the apart-hotel also informed that today it is not yet possible to buy real estate, but offered to deposit a deposit in order to book the option you liked. The company added that the objects will be sold within the framework of 214-FZ.

According to SPARK-Interfax, Igor Petrov is a 100% owner of E3 Investments LLC. The company's revenue for 2016 amounted to 1.7 million rubles, profit - 897 thousand rubles. The general director and the beneficiary of the company-developer of the apart-hotel - LLC "Capital" - indicated Stanislav Romanyuk. The structures of the E3 Group are engaged in the purchase, sale, lease and management of real estate.

In E3 Group "Kommersant" reported that the gradplane of the land was approved in June last year. "Throughout the year, we received a lot of approvals, passed several examinations and eliminated numerous observations of the State Construction Supervision. No one saw a mistake in the gradplane. Today, no CAG specialist knows the true reasons reflected in the ruling. We want to build a hotel in Gatchina, in accordance with the project coordinated with Gosstroynadzor, and are ready to enter into a constructive dialogue with the authorities. "

The reason for the cancellation of the permit for the construction of the complex, as it is believed in the E3 Group, lies not in the town planning, but in the political plane. "Probably, in this situation, someone's personal decision, and not the law, as it happens in our country," - suggested in the E3 Group.

The senior lawyer of Rightmark Group, Vera Ryabova, explained that the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation does not provide for the possibility to invalidate or cancel the gradplan out of court. However, in many Russian regions, there is a practice of abolishing by regional authorities or local governments of permits for construction "in self-control" with reference to Art. 48 FZ "On general principles of the organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation". In this case, the developer has the right to appeal to the court an act of cancellation.

"If the authority succeeds in proving in court that the permit documentation was issued in violation of the law, its abolition is likely to be recognized as justified, as evidenced by the practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in recent years," Vera Ryabova added.