Edward Hudaynatov will ruin Taimyr's environment in pursuit of the oil from Tanalau

Independent oil company (NOC) owned by the former vice-president of Rosneft Eduard Khudainatov is secretly developing the Tanalau deposit on the Taimyr Peninsula. The public, the indigenous people of the North and the environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the greedy tycoon destroys the Arctic nature.
Greenpeace expedition is blocked in Taimyr
Environmentalists say they spoiled outboard motors
Kommersant, 11.30.2016

Today, "Greenpeace Russia", said the unprecedented pressure on the members of his expedition, went to Taimyr fix environmental disruption of oil. According to Green, the engines of their boats were spoiled unknown, and local residents have admitted they have received the recommendation not to help the environment. The district administration said that while not aware of environmental problems.

As told "Kommersant" Head of the Arctic project "Greenpeace Russia" Hovhannes Targulyan, environmentalists in the region were invited representatives of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Taimyr. "Back in July 2015 the association turned to us with a request to evaluate the project of" NOC-Taymyrneftegazdobycha "for the construction of the oil terminal" Tanalau "near the village of Baikalsk, - said ekolog.- We have analyzed the project documentation and pointed out many shortcomings: lack of a plan oil spill response, technical errors, neprorabotannost project. "

It is expected that through the "Tanalau" will be 5 million tons of oil per year. By comparison, today the volume of tanker traffic in the Arctic is 10 million tons. Environmentalists pointed out that even a small spill on the Yenisei may be critical for the local population, which is mainly engaged in fishing. In addition, according to their data, there are five cemeteries anthrax in the construction area. "But despite the protests of the association, the terminal building was approved, - says Mr. Targulyan.- In April we visited the Baikalsk and the locals told us that construction is carried out with numerous violations: heavy tracked machinery destroys soil cover, a lot of landfills, demolished local cemetery".

Environmentalists have decided to return in the summer when the snow come down, to fix these violations and once again raise the question of the validity of the terminal building. "In the spring the locals admitted to us that they are intimidated by the police and other regional law enforcement agencies: serious problems promise to those who will help the" Greenpeace "- said Hovhannes Targulyan.- Then we decided that we get ourselves so delivered from Moscow two inflatable aircraft boats with powerful motors. " But when the equipment was delivered in Dudinka Taimyr, it turned out that she was spoiled. "We checked the engines prior to loading, and they worked like a clock, - says engineer" Greenpeace "But Alexander Emelyanov.- on site revealed that the first motor someone scored fuel hose rags. And on the second, more powerful motor mocked far more serious: torn ignition system wire contacts are pulled into one of the connectors, cut the net of the fuel filter, fuel hose cut. And in the air intake carefully poured oiled sand. As a result, the motor here on the coast, it is simply impossible to recover. "

As told "Kommersant" green, they agreed with several residents of Dudinka about renting boats, but later they refused, saying that they were advised not to cooperate with environmentalists. "We went to the boat shop and agreed to purchase the engine, - says Mr. Emelyanov.- On Friday we called store manager and said that the money transferred to the account, and we can pick up the motor. But when we arrived an hour later, he has changed his mind: he said that the money is not received, this engine has a few months ago paid customers from out of town who just today came after him. " In the eyes of environmentalists two men loaded the motor into a jeep and drove away. Half an hour later grinpisovtsy saw the same jeep again pulled up to the store and stood at the back door.

In the end, we tried to reach the green Baikalsk on the ferry as ordinary passengers, but they were not allowed on board, the border guard official said bluntly: "You're from" Greenpeace "." "We have for the first time faced with such opposition to our work - said the" b "Hovhannes Targulyan.- It seems that there really is something to hide."

Press secretary of the Taimyr district Vitaly Ivanov said he was not aware of environmental problems. "The head yesterday learned that" Greenpeace "in our city, - says on.- We have not received from them any official letter on arrival."