Elena Baturina later remembered her husband

The widow of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, and ex-employees of the Moscow Mayor's Office registered the Yuri Luzhkov Heritage Development Fund.
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The widow of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, and the ex-employees of the Moscow Mayor's Office registered the Yuri Luzhkov Heritage Development Fund, drew the attention of Open Media. Information about this is contained in the Unified Register of Legal Entities. The fund was registered on September 25, and five more people became its founders, in addition to Baturina. These are the former general director of the Luzhniki sports complex and adviser to Yuri Luzhkov Vladimir Alyoshin, the president of the Moscow Foundation for the Support of Entrepreneurship Alexander Ioffe, the former head of the Moscow Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations Georgy Muradov, ex-senator and first deputy of Luzhkov in the Moscow government Oleg Tolkachev. The founder of the Kolchuga chain of arms stores, developer Mikhail Khubutia, was also among the founders. In 2010, he was the chairman of the expert council for investment activities under the Moscow government.

Elena Baturina, the wife of Yuri Luzhkov, became the chairman of the fund's council, and Gennady Terebkov, head of her press service, became the director. Terebkov himself was unable to promptly tell Open Media what the foundation would be doing, promising that all the information would appear by the end of this week.

Judging by the registration data of the Yury Luzhkov Heritage Development Fund, he will be able to engage in the provision of financial services, the publication of books, magazines and newspapers, the production and distribution of films and television programs, as well as scientific research in the field of social and humanitarian sciences, the organization of conferences and exhibitions.

Last week, the Russian New University announced the election of the board of trustees of the Luzhkov Foundation, which also includes the rector of this university, Vladimir Zernov. This organization will be engaged in "the development of socio-cultural initiatives and philanthropic undertakings of Yuri Luzhkov," among its tasks - "the involvement of citizens in finding solutions to the problems of the modern city, support and implementation of educational, scholarship, social, cultural, sports and charitable programs for children and youth", stated on the university website.

Who else was included in the board of trustees, the university does not indicate. This information was published prematurely, said OM Gennady Terebkov.

Yuri Luzhkov was the mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010. Exactly ten years ago, he was dismissed from this post "due to the loss of confidence" by the then President Dmitry Medvedev. Soon after that, Luzhkov and his family moved abroad, and Elena Baturina, who for many years occupied the first line of the ranking of the richest Russian women, sold the Inteko CJSC created by her, which during Luzhkov's tenure as the mayor of the capital turned into one of the largest developers in Moscow. Forbes estimated Baturina's fortune at $ 1.3 billion in August 2020. Luzhkov died in December 2019 at the age of 83 in a hospital in Munich.

Until recently, Baturina was on the board of trustees of another fund - London's charity, created by the mayor of London Sadik Khan. However, exactly a year ago she was forced to leave it after the mayor's office of the British capital questioned the legality of the origin of the money that Baturina transferred to London's charity as a donation, The Times wrote.