Elena Baturina will fight for breakeven point

The key investment project of Elena Baturina, wife of Moscow's ex-mayor Yuri Luzhkov, in Europe — Grand Tirolia Hotel (Austria) and a golf club, perhaps, can reach break-even point in the coming years.
As long as these assets, which have been invested more than 100 million euros each year bring Russian "business-woman" loss of millions of euros. As reported by the Austrian edition of the Tiroler Zeitung , in 2013, the cumulative loss of property decreased in 2 times in comparison with the previous year and amounted to "only" 1.1 million euros, and belonging to the same Baturina golf club - "only" 1.3 million euros (total - 2.4 million euros).

Recall, in 2006 through the company Baturina Saphros Beteiligungs GmbH acquired for € 25 million golf course Eyhenhayme (Eichenheim) and is being built nearby hotel Grand Tirolia. After that, these properties have been invested another 80 million euros. Now the hotel and the golf club owns 99% of the company Inteco Beteiligungs GmbH. All the while, these assets are not brought to the Russian businesswoman any income. For example, in 2011 - 2012's golf club and hotel brought Baturina aggregate loss of 7 million euros (4.3 million hotel and € 2.7 million golf club only in 2012).

As a result, according to Austrian media, the lack of equity in thL ^ Club is 10.5, and in the hotel - 7.4 million euros. According to the managing Baturin Golf Club Blanca Henry (Heinrich Blank), to blame the former operating company of its property in Kitzbühel Martinez Holding AG, which is and "brought" to handle real estate Elena Baturina. Blank he expressed his hope that in 2015, the golf club will be able to get closer to the point of break-even operation, but the manager was extremely cautious in their forecasts.

We recall a few years ago Baturina has announced plans to create a network of more than 15 hotels, but at the moment, entrepreneurs, constantly living in the UK and has a permanent residence permit in Austria, there are only 4 hotels - in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Russia which generate only one loss.

Other projects Baturina can not be called attractive from the economic point of view. In September 2014 it was announced that the Austrian company Elena Baturina - Inteco Beteiligungs GmbH and the German company RE-Pro will build , operate and develop the parks of the "power" on the solar panels in the countrys South-Eastern Europe. While it is not known to what it will be for the country, but most likely it comes to the Balkans Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, as well as Romania and Bulgaria. The exact amount of investment is not yet known, but in an interview with the Austrian edition Format Baturina gave details about his interest in "green energy", before referring to the initial contribution of 10 million euros .

In the UK, Elena Baturina continues legal battle with businessman of Russian origin, Alexander Chistyakov, which was supposed to create a hotel complex in Morocco. Instead, representatives complain Baturina, Chistyakov returns entrepreneurs several million euros.