Enough cellulose for all

How Evalar managed to increase revenues, and what does it have to do with State Duma deputy Alexander Prokopiev and excrement of bats.
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Last year was a landmark for the domestic market of biologically active additives (BAA). Local manufacturers' branded products "were finally able to convince Russian customers that it is necessary to choose the domestic and more affordable. More precisely, "a local producer": the company "Evalar" has increased its revenues by 24% in 2016. And this is happening against the background of the general stagnation of the Russian market of nutritional supplements (a decrease of 1% for DSM-Group data).

The fact is that "Evalar" is not just a company. It is, in fact, a mirror of modern Russian industry of nutritional supplements. Established in 1991, the company in 1992 received a patent for industrial processing of Altai moomiyo, a substance of unknown origin, which is a "homogeneous mass of dark brown or black, elastic consistency, with a shiny surface, a peculiar odor and bitter taste." The typical external symptoms sometimes lead to unfortunate misunderstandings, resulting illiterate consumers called proprietary means excrement of bats. But the "literate", however, stubbornly defending its miraculous properties, relying on the rich historical tradition of substance use and its use in the spiritual practices of the world.

The strange thing, however, consisted in the concept of "industrial processing technology" in relation to the Altai moomiyo, a substance that in its natural form in nature is very rare and in very small quantities. Whence then appeared industrial volumes? This could only guess. However, Georgian wine, too, was produced in volumes unprecedented for this small country.

This commercial success "Evalar" had brought the drug for weight loss - "Ankir-B", the production of which is mastered in 1994. At this time, under the brand name, apparently, was hiding a much more common substance - microcrystalline cellulose - not processed by the body of dietary fiber. It seems that weight loss technology, thus reduced to filling the stomach cellulose, and, as a consequence, the suppression of appetite. People, as they say, ate cellulose in large quantities, allowing profit for the Altai manufacturer. At the same time we decided on two important element of the strategy of the Russian manufacturer. The first - the price competition with the then leader of the market for weight loss products - the notorious "Herbalife", and the second - sales through pharmacies.

The fact that "Ankir-B" represents "something like" Herbalife ", but cheaper and qualitatively", recognized founder of Larisa Prokopiev, who told how she managed to buy a batch of food microcellulose on one of the defense plants Biysk. The rate of import substitution Western "proprietary funds" has been successful. The fact that for the sale of their products "Evalar" had to create a regional network of pharmacies can be found on the corporate website, in the "History" section. At the same time, and was designated the main distribution channel of products manufactured by "Evalar" - pharmacy chains. The company decided not to go into existing pharmacy, and create your own. "Pharmacy system" - almost a mandatory element of the marketing of dietary supplements in the Russian system. At least those that are "creatively processed" natural raw materials. In most countries, the sale of such materials in pharmacies impossible. And it is not only and not so much the pharmacy walls, as the basis for the positioning of nutritional supplements specifically as medicines. According to the data of the "Evalar", the company controls nearly a quarter of NS pharmacy market in Russia. Own products here prefer to call natural medicines, and measure it in tablets and capsules.

This strategy has received additional impetus in recent years. In 2016, "Evalar" even reduced the cost of direct advertising, increasing the resources allocated to work with pharmacy chains. Accordingly, one and a half times increased the number of medical representatives in the regions. Medical positioning dietary supplements especially sharp contrast to the lack of any kind was the FEZ (sanitary-epidemiological conclusion). Quality Supplements in Russia is checked solely in the production. In this sense, the Russian accounting standards, turnover and classification of dietary supplements differ from the global practice. Said contrast was formed in 2010 after the government came into effect a decree that determined the confirmation of the quality of dietary supplements declaration of conformity.

It is unlikely that the established order is threatened. It seems that almost all business relations "Evalar" with the government engaged Alexander Prokopiev - the son of the founder of the company Larissa Prokopieva. Since 2011, Alexander Prokopiev is continuously in the Duma local interests. First - the whole of the Altai Territory. And in the autumn of 2016 - Bijskogo single-mandate districts. Again, the Altai Territory. Where is the family health and factory. This means that you can be sure of the state population. Cellulose at all enough.

My moomiyo

But the traditions established in the era of "universal moomiyo", continues to work so far. Today "Evalar", for example, proposes to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction in just 220 rubles. That's how much (on average) is a drug called «Pari Evalar» on the company's website. Under this "mysterious" (in the tradition of the 90's) name hides the most common set of herbs (thyme, elecampane, yarrow, etc..), flavored vitamin C and diluted miraculous flax seeds. And all of these ingredients "recommendation sites" refer to it as "active ingredients." As a supplement to the winter tea, perhaps.