Entities of Abramovich and Abramov sued the owner of Azbuka Vkusa

Millhouse Invest AG and structures applied to the Cypriot court to recover a loan in the amount of $150 million from Andrey Vdovin, shareholder of Azbuka Vkusa. The loan security is the businessman's share in the chain. 
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On the litigation between the structures of Millhouse Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov Invest AG against shareholder network "ABC taste" Andrei Vdovin RBC said a source close to the co-owner of the retail chain. According to him, the trial, which is now going in one of the courts of Cyprus, due to being in pledge at the structures Abramovich Abramov stake "ABC taste" Andrei Vdovin.

In 2014 Vdovin and his partners - Alex Maslowski and Peter Hambro - bought a share of another co-owner of "ABC taste" Cyril Jakubowski. The four of them owned by the Cyprus holding company V.M.H.Y. Holdings Limited, one of the basic assets of which - 43% of the retail network (controlling stake retailer - the company founders Koscheenko Maxim and Oleg Lytkina). The deal to buy 25% in Jakubowski V.M.H.Y. It was financed by a loan from Millhouse structures and Invest AG. As told earlier, RBC sources familiar with the details of the transaction, the total amount of funds raised amounted to $ 125-150 million. The "first transaction was secured by the shares of all the business, but in the end there was only a pledge package Vdovina," says a source close to the retail partners network. The funds raised could be used to pay Jakubowski not only for his package "ABC taste", but also for his share in other joint business partners, including M2M Private Bank, M2M Asset Management, Asia-Pacific Bank and Bank M2M Europe and others.

For information about the court confirmed a source close to one of the plaintiffs. According to him, "Andrei Vdovin was ready to pass the inherent package" ABC taste "in the actual ownership structure Millhouse and his partners, but the latter are not interested in this project as a separate business, and they intend to recover it previously issued loan funds."

According to SPARC, LLC "City supermarket" (trading company "ABC taste") 99% stake owned by Cyprus Demanor Investment Ltd, and 1% - OOO "ABC taste". According to the extract from the register, 25% in Demanor is pledged "to the fulfillment of obligations under the Option Agreement." Who is the mortgagee and any loan, the documents stated.

The representative of Millhouse, Maxim Koscheenko and general director of "ABC taste" Vladimir Sadovin declined to comment. Contact Invest AG and Andrei Vdovin failed.