Everything was "Adamas"

The investigation and court are looking for money laundered by Artur Astashin, the head of the jewelry network "Adamas".
Sberbank filed for bankruptcy LLC "Adamas-Yuvelirtorg", LLC "Adamas-Jeweller" and OOO "Golden Chain" previously owned "Adamas jewelers." Meanwhile, the general director of "Adamas-Yuvelirtorg" Arthur Astashin is under investigation. The businessman is suspected of evading 400 million rubles of taxes.

Case Astashina

Recall that the reason for prosecution of Arthur Astashina served as test materials, conducted some time ago, the security forces of economic security management and anti-corruption of the capital cupola MIA and tax authorities.

The inspectors concluded that the director of "Adamas-Yuvelirtorg" Astashin in 2013 made false statements in accounting tax reporting organization and provided its submission to the tax authority.

As a result of fraud is not paid to the budget of 400 million rubles.

Trying to get a tax deduction, Mr. Astashin submitted to the tax office a contract, according to which "Adamas-Yuvelirtorg" received from a certain company products and jewelry Zagoovki them.

However, the contract was signed with a firm one-day, which is not engaged in any industrial and financial activities, and was listed on the people who do not even guessed!

Moreover, according to some, under the dubious contract with suspicious Ltd. allegedly cost of delivered products is too high.

From the jeweler to suspect

Company in 1993 created a retired officer financier Andrei Sidorenko and Vladimir Veremeev cooperator, trade in the 1980s, dolls and "Palekh". Until the early 1990s, the creators of the "Adamas" had nothing to do with jewelry.

All they are doing craftsmen from the nearby suburbs, passing through a large data network of outlets and stores.

The owners are hidden behind the three offshore companies: Luxembourg "Spencer Holding SA", owning 61% of the "Adamas", Cypriot Tollcross (20%) and is registered in the British Virgin Islands Sand Independence (19%).

We note that sources in the Research Institute of the TA and the Guild of Russian Jewellers say that among the owners of the "Adamas" pointBut the number of Andrey Sidorenko and Vladimir Veremeev, owner of the hotel and restaurant "Gallery" in Abramtsevo.

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Sidorenko Andrey Yurevich. Executive Director - Weinberg Maxim.

Net profit margin "Adamas" did not disclose. But it is known that the production brings to the industry average of 7%, trading in the mass segment - from 30 to 35% in the premium segment - about 50%, in the suite - 70%. Sidorenko says that in the B2B-sector profitability margin "Adamas" sales 10% higher than all direct competitors. In B2C-sector altogether, "and a half times."


It is worth noting that the executive director of the Weinberg - person involved in the proceedings for doubtful loans.

Rumor has it that in the contract for the production of the medals for the Olympic Games, who, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games signed by its President, Dmitry Chernyshenko, and the name of the company - Chairman of the "Adamas" Board Andrei Sidorenko, was corruption ... Maybe after the situation with taxs security forces check these rumors.

By the way, in 2007, "Adamas" lit up in yet another case. Investigators visited the offices of the jewelry house managers. The main complaint was that the jewelers are not sent to the refining of the metal obtained after processing in the "Pirita". Among those called to talk to the authorities, there were representatives of well-known enterprises, for a long time on the market and earned high reputation.

Then, against the head of "Capital jeweler factory Adamas' planned release of the material followed by criminal charges. In addition, the investigator said that he intends to carry out searches in the territory of the enterprise and the place of residence of its leadership. But it subsided.

At the moment, the company has 157 own stores and 60 franchise, the amount of average check which is about 8,000 rubles.

"Sberbank", of course, is seen in a number of raider attacks on businesses. But, "Adamas" is the claim and FC "Opening". The Bank has filed lawsuits for bankruptcy this summer, but the company contested the openingproductions Affairs, referring to the fact that three months overdue debts has not yet expired.

Recall that in October, "Discovery" has filed repeated complaints, trying to bankrupt and production asset "Adamas" - LLC "Capital jeweler factory", but the court rejected it. October 1 at the "Metropolitan jewelry factory" was introduced monitoring on the claim of another creditor - Voronezh LLC "Zolotorg"! The company formerly known as LLC "Adamas-Classic", and in June she has been declared bankrupt.

The situation for manufacturers and sellers of jewelry favorable - devaluation made more competitive in these types of products. But top management "Adamas" somehow money ran out. Now they will seek justice and law enforcement.