Ex-owner of the Cherkizovsky market in danger of being left with nothing

Claims of creditors to Telman Ismailov and his company has reached the amount of his wealth
"Telman Mardanovich shocked by the incident and did not want to talk to anyone," - said the man from the environment Telman Ismailov on request "Vedomosti" about the interview after it became known that part of the VTB Group Bank of Moscow filed for bankruptcy businessman. Things are worse than ever: creditors seeking the arrest of the property around the world Businessman believes that there is a raider seizure of its assets, told "Vedomosti" two of his friends, but seems to have a problem in that Ismailov had not died ambitions after losing Cherkizovsky market - on.. megaprojects is simply not enough money.

From Baku to "Cherkizon"

A native of Baku, comes from a large family of mountain Jews, Ismailov was engaged in business since childhood, first helped his father, Baku tsehoviki, then he ran the first city commercial shops, then went to study in the Plekhanov Institute in Moscow and stayed in the capital. Here he met with the first deputy chairman of the Moscow City Executive Committee and chairman of the City Commission for co-operative and self-employment, Yuri Luzhkov, and the Secretary-comSMAI Elena Baturina. In 1989, when I founded the group AST Ismailov, Luzhkov he was on friendly terms.

In 2009, Ismailov for the first time was in the rating of the richest Russian businessmen Forbes with a fortune of $ 600 million in spite of the fact that the group was engaged in AST different types of businesses -. Building, hotel, jewelery and Guardian - the basis of its well-being was the Cherkizovsky market. Group controlled a significant part of a huge flea market, located more than 200 hectares not far from the Metro.

"Cherkizovo" repeatedly tried to close, since 2001, the prosecutor's office has repeatedly won the courts to terminate the leases on the ground, but the market has continued to work. Everything changed June 1, 2009, when then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at presidium of the government lashed out at the customs. "A few years ago, I broke up almost all of the customs management. So what? Channels [smuggling] both worked and are still working. On one of the markets are products of more than $ 2 billion so far [them] not destroyed, and the owners do not have "- scolded Putin siloviki (quotes for" Intrfaksu "). Which market is it meant, it was soon clear. At the end of June 2009 Cherkizovsky market was temporarily closed due to Rospotrebnadzor found violations of sanitary norms. Then FMS found hundreds of illegal migrants market. Leases of land from the Russian State University of Physical Culture were terminated by the arbitral tribunal, the building demolished, and the story of the largest in the CIS over the clothing market.

Business Empire Telman Ismailov

In fact, the market does not want to close, are now familiar claim Ismailov and those who participated in liquidation. Just different power structures compete with the customs for the control of cash flow, passes through the "Cherkizovo", harvested folders with compromising and regularly report on their contents upstairs. And now, just when the soil for an attack on customs have been prepared at the end of May 2009 Ismailov gave in Antalya Turkish grand celebration to mark the opening of the hotel Mardan Palace, the construction of which had spent almost all available funds - more than $ 1 billion H.and the reception walked the Hollywood stars, including Sharon Stone and Monica Bellucci, were awarded valuable gifts, fireworks thundered. The fact that the co-owner of the Cherkizovsky market earned money here spend so much noise, was the last straw that broke the patience of the authorities, says a former Moscow official. Ismailov prefer to wait out the hype in Turkey, where near Mardan Palace no less luxurious house was built for him. It is true that in Russia he had to sell Suleiman Kerimov, one of its most important assets in Moscow - to be the reconstruction of the shopping center "Voentorg".

Life after market

Ismailov unexpectedly discovered that his friends in Russia a little, and a lot of enemies. "The main problem Ismailov - the way he understands the friendly relations", - said one of his former business partners. "When someone was needed or it just like he approached the man to himself, literally showered with expensive gifts in an oriental style - diamonds, gold. All those around him to get used to, and within close quickly began bickering - so it was given the boproc eed me less. And it hurts very quickly reached the hatred of Ismailov. So he made himself not a single enemy. And when the easy money ran out, they ran out and gifts, and it turned out that the closest people around there, "- explains the source.

"All their assets Ismailov bought with money earned at the Cherkizovsky market in times of his work there was no interruption to cash. As soon as it became clear that this flow is no more money at all and not very easy to earn, business Ismailov went much worse, "- said the former Moscow official. New assets - Voentorg, the restaurant "Prague", the same Mardan Palace - did not bring comparable profits.

Therefore, immediately after the closure of Cherkizovsky market Ismailov attempted to return to his familiar business market, but outside of Russia. According to Ukrainian media, Ismailov was trying to become the co-owner of a large clothing market, "the seventh kilometer," near Odessa, but failed: market-driven company acquired partners then-President Viktor Yanukovych.

The second market Ismailov tried to open in Kazakhstan. In 2010. on the site of the automotive market, "Zhibek Zholy" under Alma-Ata was opened wholesale clothing market AST. According to the description on the portal nur.kz he reminded Moscow "Cherkizovsky" - a customs terminal is located in the market, hotel, exchange offices, a pharmacy, grocery stores, and dentistry.

Ismailov's partner in the Kazakh market, AST was his old friend, co-owner engaged in Mining and Metallurgy Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) and one of the richest people in Kazakhstan - Alexander Mashkevich. With Mashkevich Ismailov was known by the Eurasian Jewish Congress, where the first until 2011 was president, and the second - his deputy.

According to the Kazakh media, AST have had problems because of the distance from the city. In 2011, it became clear that the owners of the market even underpaid about $ 5 million a few contractors on reconstruction, which is why they went bankrupt, and their employees have gathered to hold a meeting. Ismailova and Mashkevich had to collect a press conference and publicly promise to repay debts to the builders.

Now AST returned to the market name - International TradeCentralized "Zhibek Zholy". Manage them European production company, controlled by Mashkevich and his partners in the ERG. Stayed there in the project Ismailov, is unknown. Neither he nor Mashkevich did not respond to requests "Vedomosti".

Passing home

Back to Russian business Ismailov tried using the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. In a March interview with the Azerbaijani network edition Haqqin.az Ismailov confirmed that Kadyrov has asked for it to Putin. "At one time I was very close friends with the father of Ramzan Kadyrov, the late Akhmad Kadyrov. Yes, I have very good relations with Ramzan Kadyrov. He asked not only he, but many others in the highest elite of Russia ", - said Ismailov.

In early 2010, together with his son Ismailov Sarhan flew to Grozny for a meeting with Kadyrov. Following the talks, Ismailov has promised to "look" for investment projects in Chechnya and has agreed to sponsor the football club "Terek". Sarhan Ismailov has been appointed Vice President "Terek". Headed club Kadyrov.

But investment projects in Chechnya, businessmanand it has not appeared. Perhaps because, by that time, it became clear: the federal government needs investments in other regions. Back in late 2009, Putin, in a straight line, said that he saw no crime in the construction of the hotel in Turkey, but investment resources would be "nice to be implemented in the Russian Federation <...> For example, you could invest in the construction of hotel complexes in Sochi under the Olympics 2014 - nobody forbids. "

Already in April 2010, Ismailov has signed with the corporation "Olimpstroy" an agreement on the construction of hotels in Sochi on 4000 numbers cost $ 800 million, "But the businessman could not find the money to begin construction, -. Its not there, but banks loans not given, and when it became clear about missed deadlines, it had to urgently look for an investor to replace - just grabbed my jacket first got to the tycoon eyes. Ismailov is not added points, "- says one of the officials who supervised the preparation of the Olympic Games. The project is transferred to the structures of Viktor Vekselberg.

In 2013, Ismailov returned to the Chechen football. Earlier this year, he organized a friendly match between LAQ &uo; Terek "Kadyrov and Israeli club« Beitar "(Jerusalem), owned by his friend Arkady Gaydamak. The match ended with the score 0: 0. And the owners of the clubs agreed on the transition to the "Beitar" two Chechen players - Zaur Kadayev and Gabriel Kadieva. What angered fans of "Betar", who did not want to see Muslims among club players.

It is partly because of the protests of fans Gaydamak has established itself in the desire to sell the club. And he declared that sells "Beitar" Ismayilov and his partners: State Duma deputy and adviser to Kadyrov, Adam Delimkhanov and Kenes Rakisheva, Kazakh businessman and son-Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan. But fans of "Beitar" and thwarted the deal. After this setback, Ismailov moved away from the Chechen football: the sponsor of "Terek" instead became Rakisheva structure.

A spokesman for Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov refused to comment, the press service of Rakisheva did not respond to questions "Vedomosti".

creditors Contest

In 2013, the company transferred its Ismailov sons and top managers. For example, to share a keyMpano group "AST-'98" and "CBF AST" he distributed among his sons Alekperov and Sarhan. A "AST Klin farm", which owns 3,000 hectares of land in the Klin district near Moscow, gave the company "Factor", founded shortly before the deal CEO "CBF AST" Igor Morozov.

Three of the largest facilities in Moscow - the restaurant "Prague", business center "Tropicana" and shopping center "AST" in the Izmailovo Ismailov in the early 2014 re-registered in the offshore British Virgin Islands - "Tiger Limited", "Ergon inkorporeyt Co., Ltd." and Tounderwide Holdings Limited respectively. Representatives of the ACT then assured that all of them are controlled by Ismailov.

But business restructuring coincided with the emergence of claims from creditors. According to the calculations of "Vedomosti", is now debt Ismailov and his former company in excess of $ 586 million, which compares with an estimate of his fortune Forbes magazine. It seems that his family was only one asset, which is not claimed by creditors: it is one of the largest distributors of premium alcohol - "ACT International invaeronment" with revenueFirst of 10.4 billion rubles. Who will claim in 2014 to the rest?

Claims to son

In January 2015 Sobinbank Dorogomilovsky filed in district court in Moscow to claim the son of Telman Ismailov, Alakbar Ismailov, to recover the debt of 11.5 million rubles. for surety for the company "AST-Amaroli Impex", manufacturer of children's and women's tights. In March, the proceedings were discontinued - the parties entered into a settlement agreement. It will last only four months. In July, the court wrote Dorogomilovsky writ to recover the debt with Alakbar Ismailov. According to the FSSP, the debt has not yet been repaid. Sobinbank not said whether to require personal bankruptcy Alakbar Ismailov.

First of Ismailova required to repay the debt businessman Sergei Yanchukov. With him Ismailov met in 2010, when looking for a partner for joint projects, wrote "Kommersant". That the structures Yanchukova Ismailov Cherkizovsky market discussed the idea of ​​a transfer Odessa, Moscow says former official. "Yanchukov was connected with influential people in Ukraine, but there was a wildness elites that even his hellinistrativnogo resource is not enough ", - says the source" Vedomosti ". The main owner of "Mangazeya" industrial group Yanchukov originally from Odessa, but since 2006 doing business in Russia. In 2011, he married the daughter of the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky Christina.

In 2010-2011. controlled Yanchukovu company Sezaria issued offshore Ismailova Tandum loans for $ 100 million for the period until 2013. However, Ismailov very quickly ceased to serve the loan, and at the request of Sezaria District Court of Nicosia (Cyprus) in 2014 froze the businessman's assets for $ 134 million. According to " Kommersant "in the number of these assets were Mardan Palace in Turkey, a country estate Ismailova in France, the Moscow house of celebrations" Safisa "hotel" AST Hof "on the Big Filevskaya street, Moscow printing house (AST-MPD) and so on. d. Yanchukov purposefully Ismailov bought up the debts - at a large discount, knows one of their mutual friends.

On the part of the assets claimed by other lenders. For example, hotel "AST Hof" and the project of a hotel complex on Nikitsky Boulevard for the debts passed to the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA)He wrote "Kommersant" referring to representatives of "Mangazeya" Yanchukova. Head of Strategic Development Department, "IBA-Moscow" Leonid Mileev told "Vedomosti" that "the bank has not had a commercial relationship with a group AST", and advised to ask for comments in the parent bank in Azerbaijan. IBA questions "Vedomosti" did not respond. However, the customer project on Nikitsky Boulevard in 2013 became close to the IBA management company "Fortrast Global", it follows from the documents submitted to the architectural council in Moscow.

More than $ 200 million should Ismailov appeared Turkish banks and builders of Mardan Palace. The largest creditors - Halk Bankası ($ 100 million and 50 million lire) and Garanti Bankası ($ 76 million and 40 million lire). Even the owner of the hotel has a multi-million dollar tax liabilities, labor insurance, and utility debts to the municipality of Antalya. "In Turkey, there is a group of people, which spreads misinformation about me. This is done deliberately. They want me to survive in this country. I totally refute this information. I repeat: I have no plans to sell this hotel "- griefilsya Haqqin.az in an interview in March 2015, Ismailov. The businessman claimed that his duty to the Turkish banks do not exceed $ 110 million.

However, several creditors have initiated enforcement proceedings, involving the sale of the hotel. So, Garanti Bankası achieved purpose of trading on November 2nd. Starting price of the hotel and villas set at $ 244 million - almost 6 times less than the investment made, according to Ismailova in Mardan Palace. Mardan Palace is closed for renovation from 21 December to 1 March, told "Vedomosti" hotline operator Tez Tour. Hotel Update will be held for the new owner, says one of the employees of this company. An employee of the hotel confirmed the closure for repairs, but noted that a change of ownership information is not available.

Turkish hotel interests and the Bank of Moscow, which became the largest creditor Ismailova: according to the court records, the debt of its structures to the bank by October 2015 reached $ 286 million in the Turkish press in October was taken formal notice of Bank of Moscow, demanding the bankruptcy of two companies -. AST Insaat Turizm, which owns the Mardan Palace, and Olimpus Insaat Turizm Gida Otelicilik Nakliey, controlIsmailov guide real estate in Antalya. The claim of the Bank of Moscow court will consider the December 2, 2015 - a month after the alleged auction for the sale of Mardan Palace. It turns out that, even if Ismailov can persuade the Turkish creditors not to sell his hotel, he will receive only a delay for a month.

angry creditors

Bank of Moscow in July requires the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow debt collection agencies with Ismailov Tropicano Finance BV and "Rusline 2000" and from the Ismailova, loan guarantees. Court seized the assets of private businessman: apartment in the village. The district, a plot of land in the village. Skolkovo, Odintsovo district, and two houses in Aprelevka Naro-Fominsk (data "Kommersant").

"For a monumental façade dazzling palace with beautiful view of the" Medvedev's project [Innovation Center "Skolkovo"] "hides a dazzling beauty, brilliance of gold, Amazing luxury. Nothing like I had not seen in his life. And even in the movies ", - Azerbaijani journalist admired Haqqin.az publication in March 2015, having been in the house Ismailovand in Skolkovo. However, judging by the data Rosreestra 1.7 hectares of land in Skolkovo and two houses in an area of ​​2362 square meters and 2372. m Ismailov not belong. In the summer of 2014, they moved Settlement and Credit Bank. The Bank is owned by businessman Batyr Agaev, whose father, a friend of Ramzan Kadyrov Vakha Agayev and brother Behkan Agayev - State Duma deputies. Contact Agayev failed: their phones in the State Duma did not respond. On October 1 the date of entry into force of the law on bankruptcy of physical persons, the Bank of Moscow filed a lawsuit on the recognition of bankrupt Ismailova.

The lender is trying to pick up for next to nothing pledged assets, from the statement of the press service of Ismailova, made after the filing of the claim. Pledged to the Bank of Moscow are the three most valuable asset Moscow Ismailov - the restaurant "Prague", business center "Tropicana" and shopping center "AST". After failed negotiations with the Bank of Moscow Ismailov became known that the "credit company AST was transferred to the debt service of VTB". The curator of the loan - deputy chairman of VTB Andrey Puchkov. He proposed a "pick up" all collateral assets for $ 33 million, even though their market price fromIt is no less than $ 250 million, from the statement. The press service of VTB declined to comment. But SPARK data shows that in June 2015, all three companies owning assets pledged, was replaced by the general director. Now they are controlled by Vladimir Tsypin, who worked in VTB structures.

In a press release Ismailov recalled that the first credit group AST received the Bank of Moscow in 2006 and has always faithfully paid its debts: the entire period Ismailov paid the bank $ 70 million of interest and returned $ 50 million in 2014, when at all. borrowers of foreign currency loans are having problems because of the jump in the dollar, Ismailov has agreed with the Bank of Moscow for the sale of two objects - "Tropicana" and torgtsentra "AST". They found even the buyer - the company "Progress" has agreed to pay $ 148 million and made a deposit of $ 14.8 million bank transaction is not completed in July 2014, and "Progress" was able to return the deposit only through the courts..

Who was this not taken place by the buyer? According to SPARC, the founder of "Progress" listed Oleg Veselov, which account for more than 20 companies, where he was CEO or establishrer. A CEO of "Progress" was the lawyer Julia Dolinskaya to "Commonwealth" recently, a member of the board of directors of the bank. Dolinskaya told "Vedomosti" that the founders of the "Progress" forbidden to comment on the situation with Ismailov. Last Friday, 16 October, the Central Bank revoked the license of the bank's "Commonwealth" because of the poor quality of assets and the total loss of own resources.

Ismailov assured that everything that happens - raider attack, says one of his friends. He said that he asked for help in dealing with VTB at one of the most influential businessmen. "Ismailov needs to sell assets, there is a buyer, and the bank permission to sell does not rigidly seeking bankruptcy of the debtor", - the words Ismailova another person who met with him. "As far as I know, the two major lender Ismailov - Bank of Moscow and Yanchukov share a common hard line in relation to the business, and those who want to help, will not be easy", - said the source "Vedomosti".