Ex-wife of billionaire Vasily Anisimov sells a mansion for $18 million

Another example of the "cleverness" of the Russian nouveaux riches: buying expensive real estate in the West only to unsuccessfully try to sell it at a price several times less.
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Galina Anisimova sells the house almost twice cheaper than the cost of buying and reorganizing. Ex-husband of billionaire Vasily Anisimov Galina Anisimova once again trying to sell a mansion in Brooklyn. Information on the sale of a house for $ 18 million appeared on the website of the American real estate agency Douglas Elliman.

For the first time Anisimova's house was put up for sale in 2013 at a price of $ 30 million. As noted by the Daily Mail, this price was twice as high as all offers in the Brooklyn market. A year later, the mansion again appeared on sale with an estimate of $ 17 million. In March this year the house was put up for sale with an estimate of $ 12.5 million, but did not find buyers.

The ex-wife of a billionaire bought a house for $ 3.7 million from one of the founders of the BurgerFi restaurant chain, John Rosatti, in 1996. On the reconstruction of a three-story mansion, an area of more than 1,300 square meters. M., She spent more than $ 30 million, also buying real estate in a neighboring area and refitting it to a guest house. On the territory of the mansion there is also a huge swimming pool, a garage for five cars and a marina.

Today, the average cost of a house in Brooklyn is $ 1 million, about $ 4,800 per sq.m. At the same time property prices in this area of New York grew by 22% compared to last year, according to the report of Douglas Elliman.

Despite the fact that most of the immigrants from the former Soviet Union live in Brooklyn (where the Russian-speaking area of Brighton Beach is located), Russian billionaires prefer to settle in other parts of New York - for example, in Manhattan. Anisimov's daughter Anna lives in the Time Warner Center tower. In 2012, Anisimova, the youngest, put on the market apartments for $ 50 million, but later they were withdrawn from sale. In 2015, ex-Senator Andrei Vavilov sold a penthouse in the same Time Warner Center tower for $ 51 million. The daughter of billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought for $ 88 million the most expensive apartment in Manhattan in 2011 (five years later the apartment was put up for sale).

In the rating of the richest people of Russia by Forbes version, Anisimov occupies the 60th line with a fortune of $ 1.4 billion. He owns the development company Coalco International. In the early 1990s, Anisimov was the owner of the company Trastconsult, which traded aluminum and owned shares in a number of aluminum plants, which were then sold to Renova Victor Vekselberg.

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