Expensive guests: how much is spent on the official residences in Russia

How much costs the life of a Russian high-ranking official.
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Official residences serve officials as a place of work, rest and reception of guests. Palaces, mansions and green complexes are in state ownership, and all the needs of the owner - from bath robe to rabbit feed - are paid from the country's budget.

The main residences of the first persons were inherited from the Soviet government by the new owners. However, even now, new holiday homes continue to be built for the country's leadership.

For example, the "East residence" on the island of Russkiy was started to be built in 2011. The house for "officials who arrived with visits to the Primorsky Krai" cost the regional budget 50 million rubles. Two years later the furniture was delivered to the building: 64 million rubles were spent on beds, tables, chairs, curtains and carpets. For example, in a building for delegations bought a closet for 310 thousand rubles, an angular sofa for 1.1 million rubles and two beds - for 575 thousand each. A year later the building needed repairs: it was necessary to spend another 9.5 million rubles.

Affiliated Residences

With the accession of the Crimea, Russia gained the recreation areas for the Soviet, and then Ukrainian civil servants - 10 sites in total. Among them are four state dachas in the village of Oliva near Foros. It is with their maintenance that the largest contracts in this field have been linked over the past three years.

So, 650 million rubles were allocated for the reconstruction of the sports and recreation complex at the dacha No. 11 in Foros in 2015, in February last year - 308 million rubles and 66 million rubles in March. The complex consists of a zone of medical procedures, a swimming pool, baths, fonts and a terrace. A similar complex is also located in cottages No. 9 and No. 10: in the documents, besides the listed objects, the hammam and sauna appear. The cost of reconstruction of summer residences is 550 million rubles.

The residence of state employees in the hotel Oliva cost the budget 4.9 million rubles. Separately, 89 million rubles spent on the construction of a helicopter pad. They built a petrol station with a car wash for 2.3 million rubles. To protect residences Nos. 6 and 8 from landslides, they ordered the construction of special facilities worth 39 million rubles. The protection of the reconstruction of these two residences costs about 2.5 million rubles a month. Armored windows and doors for the Crimean state dacha in Olive cost 2 million rubles.


To protect "especially expensive" recreation facilities officials demand the relevant amount. For example, security services for the administrative buildings of the presidential residence of Tatarstan cost 29 million rubles a year. Protection of the residence of the governor of the Samara region - 8 million rubles a year. Security guards at the gate and at the video surveillance console, judging by the documentation, worth 834,000 a month. In addition to the salaries of employees, other expenses are provided for them: service personnel are supposed to undergo a medical examination for a budget account - on the basis of "harmful or dangerous working conditions".

Maintenance of order inside and outside the residences also requires considerable expenditure. Repair of the fountain illumination system near the residence of the President of Tatarstan in the Kazan Kremlin costs 1.5 million rubles. Maintenance of the lawn at the residence of the governor of the Samara region costs a budget 1.8 million rubles. The lawn of the suburban residence of the government of the Leningrad region near the village of Yagodnoye costs 1.4 million.

More expensive is the arrangement and maintenance of the territory of the residence of the head of the Chechen Republic - 48 million rubles a year. This cost includes care for the lawn, flower garden - including pruning roses. A separate price is the communal and consumer services of the building in Grozny: it costs 36 million rubles annually.

Unlike the residence of Ramzan Kadyrov, the presidential "Palace of Congresses" in Strelna near St. Petersburg costs the budget cheaper: maintenance of green spaces costs 35 million rubles a year. Cleaning of the same territory - 21 million rubles: this includes washing bridges, and garbage disposal. Another 3 million rubles are spent on maintenance of the heliport.

The helipad on Valdai is located next to the residence "Uzhin". Formally, it is leased by the Federal Security Service for 7.6 million rubles a year: the contract is signed for five years - from 2014 to 2019.

One of the mandatory items of state-owned expenses is transport. So, at the residence of the governor of the Samara region put two cars at once: 1 million rubles each. The same residence needed a tractor: 897 thousand rubles were paid for it.

"Budget" transport is on the territory of the country complex "Borovoe Matyushino" of the President of Tatarstan: judging by contracts, a hydrocycle and a tractor.

Residential pleasures

For the high-ranking officials not to be bored, they buy entertainment. For example, 103 million rubles were spent on the modernization of the television complex in the Reception House of the Gorki-9 residence - one of the official residences of Vladimir Putin.

Officials and their guests in the residences do not rest only in front of the TV - usually such buildings are equipped with sports facilities. In the health complex "Rublevo-Uspensky", which belongs to the Office of President Affairs, have repaired a tennis court for 1 million rubles. Another complex managed by the Presidential Adiminstration - the Arkhangelskoye - has updated the canopy over the tennis court for 10 million rubles. In the state complex "Zavidovo" belonging to FSO, they purchased six pairs of hunting skis, flags for hunting for wolves, and fishing equipment.

The residences in Oliva weren't left without home appliances and sports equipment either - these purchases cost the federal budget 2.5 million rubles. In the state contract for the supply of the same furniture there is an "armory for 30 automatic weapons", as well as a table for cleaning weapons.

State residences are, among other things, the place of informal meetings of the first persons with guests. Therefore, a separate article of local costs - the services for the visitors. For example, to provide guests of the palace in Strelna with razor sets, combs and shower caps for a year, it will take 2.7 million rubles. And in order to feed guests in the Holiday House "Valdai" for two years, 135 million rubles are needed.