Extensive sale of Mikhail Lesin

In the US, the villas of the late Russian ex-minister are on sale.
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In Los Angeles, put up for sale another villa owned by the former Russian press minister Mikhail Lesin, who died under unclear circumstances in a hotel in Washington two years ago.

The villa has an area of 13 thousand square meters. (More than 1200 sq. M.) Is located in the prestigious area of Brentwood. The forthcoming sale is the last event connected with the name of the former influential representative of the Russian regime who was fired from the civil service in 2009.

Gibson International, a California firm specializing in elite real estate, put this villa on sale for $ 23 million. Another house owned by Lesina is offered to buyers for $ 29 million. As of July 25, it was still on the list of properties offered Buyers of another real estate company.

Both villas were purchased in 2009 by Lesin created by Dastel. These transactions attracted the attention of US law enforcement agencies in December 2014, when Senator Roger Wiker asked the Ministry of Justice to investigate whether the purchase of villas is contrary to the laws of the United States on combating money laundering.

Later, the official owner of the company Dastel was the son of Mikhail Lesin - Anton. He has had a successful business in Hollywood for several years - in some of the films that he funded, filmed, in particular, Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro. Anton Lesin himself was not available for comment at the moment.

As for Lesin the elder, in the early 2000s, during the first years of President Putin's reign, he held the post of minister of the press. Then Lesin helped to bring the leading Russian TV channels, including NTV, under Kremlin control. Later, he played a major role in the formation of the holding company Gazprom-Media and the creation of the satellite channel Russia Today, now known as RT.

The main source of the state of Lesin is the company Video International, which he created in the 90s and worked in the television advertising market. Later, it was bought by Yuri Kovalchuk, the main shareholder of Bank Rossiya, closely associated with the Kremlin.

On November 5, 2015, the body of Mikhail Lesin was found at the Dupon Circle Hotel in Washington, a couple of blocks from the White House - two days after Lesin attended a dinner at the Kennan Institute, an analytical center specializing in Russia. Another guest there was Peter Aven, the head of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, who organized the invitation of Lesin. Later, Aven expressed skepticism about the versions of the possible murder of Lesin. Although there were many rumors about this death.

The next day, November 4, Lesin, in turn, tried to get Avena an invitation to a private event in the Atlantic Council, but representatives of this organization rejected the request.

In October 2016, the police and the Office of the US Attorney General for Washington announced the results of the investigation into the circumstances of the death of Mikhail Lesin. According to their data, he died as a result of an accident: the cause of death was the injuries received during the fall. Before his death, 57-year-old Lesin was in a heavy drinking-bout for several days.

In April 2016 the yacht owned by Lesin was sold with the help of an intermediary firm from Florida. The announced price was $ 40 million, but the firm refused to provide details of the deal, saying only that the sale was "impressively fast."

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