Fair bankrupt nanny

How a TV star Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is waiting for the court hearing on the case of 30 million debt and bankruptcy.
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45-year-old star of TV series My Fair Nanny for several years can not get rid of the multi-million dollar debt. Taken in 2012, mortgage of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was spent on the purchase of the mansion in the elite Moscow suburb. After four and a half years Russian mortgage bank is still trying to recover about 30 million rubles from the actress.

A three-storey mansion with a swimming pool and gym, bought in the village of Krekshino, where Natasha Koroleva and Vladimir Vinokur, Angelica Varum and other stars are said to have houses in, presumably cost Anastasia Zavorotnyuk $2 million. Part of 537 thousand dollars necessary for the purchase, the actress took as a loan in the bank. She failed to pay on time and Russian Mortgage Bank, unhappy with the violation of the terms of the contract, addressed the court.

Disputes about financial discipline have been going on not for the first year. The claim of the bank on debt collection in 2014 was partially satisfied by Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court, which ruled to revcover 537,043 US dollars from the actress. This decision Anastasia Zavorotnyuk tried to appeal to the Moscow City Court, which, however, dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of the trial court. In the end, in November 2016 Russian Mortgage Bank addressed the Moscow Arbitration Court with an application to recognize Zavorotnyuk as bankrupt - in connection with the failure to fulfill her credit contract obligations. 

Non-fulfilled obligations to the bank are the reason that the actress stopped being let abroad. Zavorotnyuk, in turn, sued the bailiffs' service. The claim was accepted, and the first hearing was held on 14 February. However, as it turned out, for a hearing it was necessary to request certain documents: a loan deal from the bank and the materials of enforcement proceedings in the bailiff service. In this regard, the court session was postponed, so that Valentine's Day was not celebrated by the actress in the courtroom.

The loan on the house was taken under a pledge of property. And, as previously explained the lawyer of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Andrey Brysin, "the value of this property is more than covers its debt, it is about 25% more expensive than the credit." As can be understood from earlier messages, the pledge has already been transferred to the bank, but the actress is still a debtor.
Documents asked by the actress's lawyer, should confirm that the debt of the actress was repaid. It was voiced by the amount of 600 thousand (although it is not known in what currency).

"Nastya took a credit in 2012 for a year and thought if she had given her assets to the bank, substantially more than the loan amount, then it was already paid off," says Andrey Brysin. It turns out that Zavorotnyuk was deprived of real estate collateral, and still owe the bank about half a million dollars. Incidentally, the second obscure point concerns the currency in which the loan was taken: according to the lawyer, the bank transferred the money to the ruble account of the actress, while demanding to repay in dollars.

Consideration of this complicated case is already attracting attention. But the lawyer of Zavorotnyuk requests that the process in which private information can be made public, was held behind closed doors, which the court disagrees with. So any willing person can attend the hearing on 30 March.