Fall and rise of Andrey Komarov

Who framed the ChTPZ owner.
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Twelfth March 2014 at the 2 nd Brest street in Moscow armed men in black balaclava pinned to the wall of the block a man in the house tied Parisian knot scarf. In his hand was a leather bag and a large paper bag. It was just $ 300,000, which he handed over to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Promresurs" (included in the ministry's structure). By showing this video on federal and Ural channels, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry reported that employees of central administrative board of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) and the Federal Security Service of economic security conducted "operational experiment" and detained at the transfer of a bribe Alexander Shibanov, a member of one of the board committees Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling plant (ChTPZ). On the same day detained and principal owner of the company Andrei Komarov.

Komarova and Shibanov suspected of commercial bribery. A man who allegedly targeted the money, according to RBC's source in law enforcement, called Vladimir Spiridonov, when he was CEO of "Promresurs". "Promresurs"- A company with" top secret ", which is responsible for the condition of mobilization reserves and capacity - goods and equipment stored in the event of war factories. When checking the implementation of mobilization plans were allegedly revealed violations, ChTPZ allowed to receive from the state illegal compensation in the amount of 1.8 billion rubles. Over the falsification of this report and would like to pay money.

Almost half a year Komarov held under house arrest, and Shibanov - in jail. During this time, the Investigative Committee tried to blame Komarova also fraud on a large scale, but the General Prosecutor's Office canceled this decision. In July 2015, investigators suddenly released Komarova and Shibanov. And in February 2016 the lawyer Rustam Kurmaev Komarova (Goltsblat BLP) announced that it metallurgists dismissed "for lack of evidence." Law enforcement authorities have kept silent, and from the website of the Investigative Committee disappeared accusatory press releases. What happened to Komarov?

Dangerous "Height"

In July 2010, four years before his arrest Komarov, VlaYmir Putin attended the ceremony of opening a new shop ChTPZ "Height 239". "The impression that came to" Disneyland "- enthusiastically said the Prime Minister. His appearance struck the plant for the production of large diameter pipes (LDP). Robots, white suits steelworkers, walls, painted by Italian designers in all colors of the rainbow eucalyptus trees in tubs in steel works, on the control panel - leather chair in Contemporary style.

0507shuvalov05 --- Two years Putin recalled Komarova and "height": "I'm sorry for the simple expression, stunned. It's a miracle, really "white metallurgy"! "It is this" height "and then became, in the words of former general director of the group ChTPZ Jaroslav Zhdanov, the foundation claims to Komarov.

In the second half of the 2000s this shop, seriously increase the capacity of the enterprise, a response to the ChTPZ growth in demand for LDP. "Gazprom" and "Transneft" preparing for the epic construction of pipelines and large diameter pipe mostly imported from abroad. Sensing the approach of large orders for modernization did all pipe manufacturers: $ 7 billion ands industry spent over the years $ 10 billion went to the production of power by the LDP.

In 2005, working as a senator from the Chelyabinsk region, Komarov decided to create "the best company in the world," he said. In 2007, this attracted loans from foreign banks. In 2008, we began to build. And then crisis struck. Foreign banks are required to return the loans. I had to quickly, sometimes at short notice perekreditovyvatsya in the Russian Sberbank, Gazprombank, Bank of Moscow, Alfa Bank and others. Komarov and his partner Alexander Fedorov (with Komarov own up to 85% of the group) had to lay all of the shares and give personal guarantees.

By the end of 2011 net debt of ChTPZ Group reached 110.9 billion, and the debt load - 6,4 EBITDA. Bankruptcy loomed, but when the banks panicked, Putin saved the situation. At a meeting of metallurgists he "height" she recalled again and requested to consider the state guarantees. Guarantees provided immediately. Sberbank headed a syndicate of 20 banks calmed down. And in 2012, which accounts for the peak payments ($ 819 million, or 26.3 billion rubles at the then exchange rate), general success, paHe predicts a wait. "We have raised 17% EBITDA, - he remembers. - When Komarov met with "Sberbank", surprised by the result Gref shook his hand. "

Two years after that, at the time of his arrest Komarov situation has become even better (the ratio of net debt / EBITDA ratio decreased to 4.3), but still remained difficult. Only interest payments on loans the company spent 10 billion rubles a year. In fact, ChTPZ worked at banks, then commented analyst "Finam" Anton Soroka.

Do I need was such an asset to someone from competitors or major steelmakers, as indebted after the establishment of the LDP capacity? Zhdanov, who shortly before his arrest Komarov took up his own business, I'm sure the first thing potential applicants would have found him as a man, who then perfectly understood the potential of the economy and businesses. "I know the whole market and any potential investors", - he says. But no one came.

Military tricks

Mobilization preparation of the army and industry - it is an emergency of national importance. Her plan is approved by the President andthe work of private companies regulate several laws. If a company invests its own funds in the mobilization capacities, designed to work in wartime, the state reimburse the money. The company has the right to exclude these expenses from the tax base when calculating the income tax. With the money spent on mobpodgotovku, the company does not pay VAT. If conserved mobilization capacities, and military reserves are not used, it is not levied on the property tax. Since the land on which they are located, the land tax is not taken.

Including "Height 239" in the list of strategic objects mobilization capacity (according to the investigation, illegally), ChTPZ has reduced the tax base at the same time amortization on size and because had an overpayment of taxes, received credit for the year 2010 - 1.8 billion rubles. In 2011-2012, the tax authorities conducted a field audit income tax, and confirmed the correctness of the amount claimed for the costs of mobpodgotovku, the company reported after the arrest Komarov. In those days in the local press and on the Internet appeared enNimni notes that the Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities launched a massive revision of the mobilization readiness of the Ural enterprises. "It has been found that many of them do not have any relation to the mobpodgotovke, and the power used are aimed at making a profit ...", - the newspaper referred to one of the inspectors. Further, the author called "bad oligarchs" Komarov and the owner of "TMK" Dmitry Pumpyansky, which "caught by the hand." "It was a rumor, which, of course, were not confirmed, - said the representative of TMK. - A rumor, we do not comment. "

Zhdanov, citing confidentiality, refused to talk about what was happening in the ChTPZ. According to a former top manager of ChTPZ, once in charge of mobpodgotovku employee notified the management that posted in 2011, the chain of command mobilization plan for new capacity remained unanswered. Accordingly, there were difficulties with the cost recovery. This was due to the reorganization of the regulatory authorities. Documents sent to the Centre is responsible for special studies and works SICAnd for Ferrous Metallurgy. Bardeen, and in the meantime those powers transferred "Promresurs". Komarov came to the minister of industry, and it became clear that many of these stories, and for the same reason, "many businesses wool." However, the criminal case these checks resulted in only Komarova. The investigation claimed that "height" was not included in the mobilization plan and the money has been misappropriated.

A person close to law enforcement authorities and is familiar with the case, recalled that before his arrest Komarov took several vessels for similar claims by other companies.

The essence of the decision was: "It does not matter, there mobplan or not, it is important whether the company can perform mobzadanie". According to him, in Russia there is always a formal approach, and have a life. "Promresurs" stubbornly insisted on the ground. His official "artificially created a situation which forces managers to illegal step." At the same time, as it turned out, when he transferred the money to influence the decision, he could not: a negative opinion was signed. "The operational experiment"Interior Ministry and the FSB was like a provocation.

Soon after the arrest Komarov of bodies on the "bribery" CEO "Promresurs" Spiridonov went on increasing: according to "SPARK-Interfax", he was appointed CEO of the parent company - Research Institute of standardization and unification (BRE). But he worked there for a short time. could not find him. In the weeks listed in the phone SPARK "Promresurs" did not answer (the organization's website is unavailable), and the current CEO of BRE Vladimir Kiselev declined to comment, as "everything connected with the mobilization, secret". About current location Spiridonov he does not know. "And on the [fact] ChTPZ not even want to know" - he said.

guild solidarity

When Komarov was arrested, relatives and friends, the employees of its plants, scientists, actors and charities - all of whom he helped, were in shock, says the wait.

0507shuvalov05 ---- «Among Komarov - is an idol, a person who charges the drive - he recalls. - And all this was a serious blow. " That does not changeit all year and a half, is the main owner of ChTPZ was under house arrest, he worked for the company in 2012 approved a new "development paradigm". The Group manages its CEO Vitaly Sadykov, appointed after leaving the wait. The Board of Directors directed the co-owner of the company Fedorov. In April 2014, the Council decided to expand the board from five to ten people, including in its membership 23-year-old son Artem Komarov, who had worked previously in the company Arkley Capital, managing his father's personal investment and presumably Fedorov. Thus, the mosquitoes, which were forbidden to communicate with anyone else, other than family, investigators and lawyers, has received a communication channel with management. However, to work without Komarova managers ChTPZ was not the first time. "Height 239" was built in the years when he sat in the Federation Council (2005-2010). By 2014, the company came in good shape - reduced the number of the plant from 2100 to 1200 managers in half to reduce the debt burden as compared to the year 2012 and compared to 2013, raised the sales of steel pipes from 1 million tonnes to 2.1 million tonnes and to doublesludge, according to its own data, the market share in the supply of pipes: from 9% to 18.1%.

Meanwhile, colleagues and competitors Komarov tried to help him. They did not understand the reasons for the arrest, do not understand and still remembers a good friend Ivan Shabalov Komarova, chairman of the coordinating council of the Association of tubes producers and owner of "Pipe innovative technologies." "His arrest was just absurd, - says Shabalov. - We, Trubnikov, discussed among themselves how to help. "

The owner of one of the steel companies said that communicated at the moment with creditor banks. They were at a loss, not knowing what will happen tomorrow now. The businessman was ready to release Komarova a case complete control ChTPZ. "It is not free, of course, but not to khimichit inside - he explains. - I just gave the creditors know that there is a team that does not allow the company to die and will work in their best interests. " However, proceedings against Komarov fell apart.

Pavel Zaitsev, a former investigator for particularly important cases of the UK at the Interior Ministry, and now 'advocatesm Moscow Bar MOBE lawyers, says that it may be terminated due to illiteracy of investigative actions that made part of the evidence inadmissible, or the prosecutor, to confirm the indictment, may decide that a crime no. If the case was the customer, sometimes figurant unable to agree with him, says Zaitsev, and sometimes provocation and security forces.

Komarova and Shibanov developed GUEBiPK. Who listens to the Moscow City Court GUEBiPK case, according to investigators, ten employees provoked officials to receive bribes and then fabricated "evidence" to initiate criminal proceedings. Total in more than 20 such episodes.

Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office on the Forbes requests are not answered. Komarov, Shibanov and their lawyers refused to comment on anything.

Shabalov of Pipe Manufacturers Association believes that "policy in this case do not, as rumors that [the owner of ChTPZ] someone" ordered "- fudge." Another metallurgical believes that the release of Komarov played the role of "the deep contradictions between asilt structures. " "If the accusation is clearly frivolous or strained, you can step by step to play it back, - he believes. - That is so practiced, practiced, and gradually all over. " Why in this meat grinder Komarov hit it? "This is a coincidence, and not some kind of showdown - says metallurgist, - fate verification." Any entrepreneur can get so regardless of the size of the state, he said.