Family Gapontsevs replaced brothers Ananiev in the next ranking Forbes

Valentin Gapontsev and his son Denis with a capital of 3.14 billion dollars were among the ten richest families in Russia.
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The very top of the Forbes rating of the richest families in Russia in 2018 did not change: the Gutseriev family (the overall state of the publication estimates at $ 5.97 billion) was placed first in the updated version, just as a year ago, at the second - Rotenberg ($ 4.85 billion ). But the third place went to the general director of IPG Photonics Valentin Gapontsev and his son Denis with a combined state of $ 3.14 billion. Last year the Gapontzevs were not included in the top-10 rating.

Two of the ten richest families "disintegrated," the newspaper writes: these are co-owners of Sammar Gutseriev and former co-owners of Promsvyazbank, brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. Last in the last year's ranking took the third line, now they are not included in the top 10. The publication links this with the PSB reorganization that began in 2017, after which the brothers "immediately split the business".

As for the Gutserievs, the publication excluded Mikail Shishkhanov, the nephew of Mikhail Gutseriev and the former owner of Binbank from the family. In September 2017, the credit institution asked the Central Bank for a readjustment, then the bank was ranked 12th in terms of assets. Shortly before, Forbes writes, Shishkhanov transferred his assets - shares of Russneft and A101 to the bank.

Despite this, the Gutseriev family retained the first line in the rating.

On the fourth line of the ranking are "the richest people of Tatarstan", the sons of the former head of the republic Radik and Airat Shaimiev, as well as the son of the last Timur. The magazine ranked their fortune at $ 2.48 billion. The fifth line was taken by members of the management board of Kafijat, Megdet Rakhimkulov and his sons Timur and Ruslan ($ 1.7 billion).

Co-owners of the group "Summa" brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov dropped from the fifth line to the ninth, their combined fortune Forbes estimated at $ 1.4 billion (a year earlier - $ 1.75). The brothers at the beginning of the year became the defendants of the criminal case on embezzlement, fraud and the creation of a criminal community and were arrested.

In addition to Magomedov, the head of the PECO group's counterpart Sergei Sarkisov and his brother Nikolai ($ 1.5 billion), co-owner of the Rossiya bank Nikolai Shamalov and his son Kirill ($ 1.47 billion), the president of the Alliance group, Musa Bazhayev with the nephew of Denis and his brother Mavlit ($ 1.41 billion) and the family of the founder of the Cox Group, Boris Zubitsky, who died in 2017 (the combined state of Galina, Eugene and Andrei Zubitsky, and the wife of the last Victoria Kazak magazine estimated at $ 1.06 billion) .

Forbes estimated the state of the family at the value of assets as of July 30. The income of families of civil servants was not estimated by the magazine.