Family of former Energy Minister Yusufov is preparing an alternate airfield in California

Land assets in Moscow are hastily sold, and a business center for $ 72 million has already been bought in Silicon Valley.
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The son of the ex-Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Igor Yusufov, Vitaly decided to get rid of Russian assets, at the same time buying a chic media mansion in California. This decision coincided with the testimony given by the serial killer Aslan Gagiev.

We sell everything

The territory of the former Hammer and Sickle plant in Lefortovo, designated for residential development, attracts large capital developers who understand that this is perhaps one of the last opportunities to enter a market close to the center of Moscow.

One of those interested was Inteko, the former company of the wife of the capital's ex-mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, who turned out to be part of the non-core assets bank Trust, which is controlled by the Central Bank administration. As it turned out, she is negotiating the purchase of an area of ​​8 hectares at the address: Tanky Proezd, 4. This is the possession of the former 101st Central Automobile Repair Plant of the Ministry of Defense, which became part of the former Hammer and Sickle industrial zone.

All the former, including the seller of the territory - the son of the former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Igor Yusufov Vitaly. But the money is real. It is assumed that Inteko will pay about 6 billion rubles for the site. They will most likely be converted and sent to Cyprus: the owner of a plot of Moscow land is registered here - the company Gelsten Investments ltd, which, through a chain of different companies, reaches out to Vitaly Yusufov. Market participants connect it to the ground in Tankovy Proezd.

Now Vitaly Yusufov is a private investor, but at the time of Anatoly Serdyukov he worked closely with the Ministry of Defense, in partnership with which in 2010 he established Osnova Telecom, which developed a network in the LTE standard. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that the "non-core" lands of the repair plant of the Ministry of Defense ended up in the hands of this investor. In the hands of Vitaly Yusufov, in general, a lot of things turned out to be, but all this is also in the past. All that remained of Osnova Telecom was the website, where the latest news was dated June 20, 2017. But there is a lot of news about the Voentelecom company, which, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, was a co-founder of Osnova Telecom. True, they all come from the courtroom, where the company's leaders found themselves due to all kinds of thefts committed during contract work for the Ministry of Defense.

But the company ISK "Fort", which is considered the "land" business of Vitaly Yusufov, no longer even has a website. And once it was, and it announced grandiose plans for large-scale construction near the Kremlin and the development of the territories of Moscow State University.

Buying California

The future prospects of the investor Vitaly Yusufov, apparently, are not connected with Moscow State University, but with Stanford University. And the development is not of Hammer and Sickle, but of Silicon Valley.

In October 2019, it became known that Vitaly Yusufov's structures bought an office complex with an area of ​​about 27 thousand square meters from Deutsche Bank. m in Silicon Valley.

This neutral name actually hides the iconic glamorous mansion known as Sunset Headquarters, as it was built as the headquarters of the eponymous magazine that shaped the tastes and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the Far West in the United States. There were many events and iconic photo sessions. But now the magazine is not there, but the owner of the mansion is a Russian investor with some unknown source of money. This is how the very fact of the purchase was assessed in the American media when they found out about the deal. Deutsche Bank got the most, which management agreed to approve the deal despite the fact that the Committee on Reputation Risks (a special institution created in the bowels of the American division of the German bank) opposed the approval of the deal.

But the $ 72 million paid by Yusufov for the mansion turned out to be too attractive an amount, and another reputation risk committee - a global one - approved the deal. This happened in 2018. But already at the end of 2019, Deutsche Bank continued to submit materials to the US Congress about its compromising ties with Russian oligarchs.

Farewell to the Yusufovs

Yusufov has skeletons in his closet that are much more dangerous. Their existence has been known since the time when Vitaly himself appeared as an "investor". In fact, he was just a son. The son of the ex-Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Igor Yusufov.

After leaving the ministry, Vitaly Yusufov's father was on the boards of directors of all-powerful state corporations, and he himself was engaged in gas and oil. But Yusufov gained fame not as a result of oil or gas achievements, but after the story of the withdrawal of money from the state Financial Leasing Company (FLC), which went to the acquisition of Wadan Yards, an unprofitable shipyard in Germany, was thundered all over the country. The prospects for the withdrawal of FLC's money and the purchase of shipyards were discussed with the participation of Yusufov Sr., who took a loan for 200 million euros to buy his share.

Then the shipyards went bankrupt, and Yusufov Jr. bought them for a completely different price - 40 million euros.

And then violent actions began, which turned into murder. They were organized by Aslan Gagiev, who managed to combine the leadership of the gang with active participation in resolving issues related to German shipyards. The latter confession in this case may have critical consequences for the Yusufov family, as their connection with Gagiev becomes more and more obvious to justice. As long as Aslan Gagiev is silent, these connections seem to be mere fabrications. But the Yusufovs do not want to wait for the weather by the sea. There is some reason to believe that someone in their interests has cleaned up all compromising sites, and now a search by the name "Yusufov" brings extremely meager results to those interested in the secrets of Russian business and politics.

But these are all temporary measures. It is clear that sooner or later Aslan Gagiev will speak, or there will be some other participants in the events of 2009-2010, who will allow the prosecutor's office to put the question squarely. To prevent this, the Yusufovs are preparing for a new life in the United States.