Family of the criminal businessman Bazhaev engaged in development in Prague

Partners in the Alliance Group are building a business park and an elite residential complex in the Czech Republic.
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Group "Alliance" of Musa, Denis and Mavlita Bazhaev has become a major developer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mavlit Bazhaev as a shareholder and manager participates in the business of the companies AZA Trade, Nouzov Mansions and Vimbua, which implement several projects in the Czech Republic. Among them, the construction of a business park near the Prague Airport. Vaclav Havela (170 000 sq.m), villas in Cestlice (223,000 sq. M.), The logistics center of Wimbau (175,000 sq. M.), The elite residential complex Nouzov near Prague. According to Czech media reports, in the summer of 2017, Vimbua acquired 800 million kroons (approximately € 30 million) for the construction of 20 hectares of land in the south of Prague. According to Vladimir Sergunin, partner of Colliers International, the cost of these facilities can reach € 100 million.

Tranio's customer service manager Inna Opaluk said that from 2008-2010 there was a big failure in construction in the Czech Republic, but now the situation has stabilized. "Real estate in Prague over the past three years has been growing at a price of 5-7% per year, since it is very difficult for developers to obtain a building permit, it takes several years," says Opaluk.

In addition to Czech projects, the Bazhaev family has become one of the largest developers of Slovakia. Bazhayev and his younger partner Sergei Chizhov own shares in Slovak and Czech construction companies ALPINE Bau CZ, ALPINE Slovakia and Slovenske Asfalty. Bazhayev through Consolidated Assets B.V. controls 25% of Dutch company PSJ Holding B.V - the managing company of one of the largest Czech developers PSJ.

Bazhaevs are not new to the real estate market in Europe. They manage the Forte Village hotel complex in Santa Margarita di Pula in Sardinia. Bazhayevs partially spent money on the purchase of the funds received after the sale of oil assets to the structures of Eduard Khudainatov. Resort for 770 rooms and 33 suites company Progetto Esmeralda S.r.l. acquired for € 180 million from three Italian investment funds managed by IDeA FIMIT.

Progetto Esmeralda S.r.l. belongs to the Luxembourgian Sonogest S.A.R.L., and she - registered in Cyprus Quarmine Limited, follows from the data of the registers of Italy and Luxembourg. As of February 12, 2013 (the date of the last changes in the register), Quarmine's owners were two companies registered in the British Virgin Islands - Alivar Holding Limited and Daminn Capital Limited (50% each). Both appeared in the list of affiliated persons of the "Alliance" group of the Bazhaev family. Get comments Bazhaev and the press service of the Alliance failed.