Fat property of the FSO head

Yevgeny Murov's spouse turns out to have 4 luxury apartments worth half a billion rubles. 
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The head of the SSF on the family farm left his wife. In the name of the simple Moscow pensioner Lyudmila Moores, as it turned out, today declared as many as four luxury apartments. In 2002, the privatized utility Murowa five-room apartment of her husband (207.8 m2) in Daewoo Lane - in a restored mansion built in 1914. Apartments in this house is not sold. But two years ago, so the footage there was worth more than 50 mln. Rubles.

In 2007, Lyudmila Moores appeared flat (297.9 m2) in one of the most prestigious houses of St. Petersburg, built on tehzakazu FSB - to Robespierre, in the Tauride Gardens. In the same house, by the way, settled State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin and located shop and another fitness club Zubkovs-Serdyukov. To declare the property, market value of about 150 mln., Director of the Federal Security Service for the first time only this year.

In 2009 Murowa under the contract of sale №010405, that is, for money, bought a two-bedroom apartment (161.8 m2) in the most expensive quarter of Moscow, Ostozhenka - in the 2nd Zachatievsky lane, right at the walls of the monastery of the same name. Then, a similar apartment in this toLubna building stuffed with "smart house" in the market was worth about 140 million. rubles (in the legal Moores family income of 6 million.). Perhaps for this reason, this apartment first appeared in an anti-corruption declaration of the head of the FSO only two years ago. Today, its cost - 300 million.

And finally, in the final declaration Murowa there is another apartment of his wife bought in the last year - 186.8 m2 on Novy Arbat, in the same house with the presidential envoy in the Caucasus Sergey Melikov. Over the same housing area then ask for 160 million. Rubles. Compare these figures with income enforcer.

At the same time near the Eugene Murowa ownership also have a couple of little houses. If someone does not know, that with the structures of the SSF were closely connected businessmen holding "Forum", arrested in the "case of restorers" and received not only by the Ministry of Culture, and the presidential guard multimillion-dollar contracts. By the way. Annual income of a family-director of the Federal Security Service Yevgeny Murov - 10,816,123 rubles.