Father, son and Davidovich: Roman Abramovich's partner invested in heir's assets

The oil and gas company Zoltav owned by 21-year-old Arkady Abramovich has a new shareholder.
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Oil and gas company Zoltav Resources, affiliated with the son of billionaire Roman Abramovich Arkady, announced a new shareholder. They in January 2015, was the company Erlinad Holdings Limited. Her final beneficiary - David Davidovich. From Zoltav Resources disclosure on the London Stock Exchange it follows that Davidovich gained 4,48% Zoltav in Matteson Overseas Limited. The transaction amount was not disclosed. But at the time of its closing on January 9 4,48% Zoltav on the London Stock Exchange were worth 3.727 million pounds sterling, and the whole company - 73.1 million pounds. Yesterday, the company's capitalization amounted to 70.98 million pounds.

Davidovich - a longtime partner of Roman Abramovich's business in Russia. In 1995 he went to work for Abramovich owned oil trading company "Runikom" from the "Alfa-Eco". Davidovich was the director of marketing for "Sibneft", represented the interests of Abramovich's "Russian Aluminum" and Gaza, and has earned a reputation as a tough negotiator and a man able to say "no" even Deripaska, told Forbes familiar Davidovich. In early 2000-x Davidovich led a Russian division of Millhouse Capital, manages assets of Abramovich and his pairsners. Davidovich gave Forbes through a representative Millhouse, John Mann, that it will not comment on the purchase of shares in the company Arkady Abramovich.

Zoltav representative refused to disclose the beneficiary Matteson Overseas, sell shares Davidovich. According to The Daily Telegraph, the company registered in the British Virgin Islands, may be associated with Michael Pitt, a former secretary of the Prince of Wales and the treasurer of the royal family. Since 2011 Pete is on the board of directors of the Russian metallurgical holding Evraz, controlled by Roman Abramovich structures. According to official reports, his compensation as Senior Independent Director Evraz in 2013 was $ 254 000. Previously, the media also reported that in 2012, Pete was invited to a private investment company's board of directors MC Peat & Co. Abramovich's partner Shvidler. Get Pete's comment on business relations with Matteson Overseas Forbes failed.

But in one of Zoltav avenues for the London Stock Exchange said that Matteson belongs Valery Oyfu, another long-standing partner of Abramovich, Sr. and a former senator of the Omsk region.

In addition the company also Davidovich Zoltav shares owned by Arkady Abramovich's ARA Capital Limited Fund (share 39,62%), Bandbear Limited former co-owner "Sibuglemeta" Valentine Bukhtoyarova (39.62% share) and Crediton Invest Limited (4.48% share). Another 4% of the company owned by its top managers Dmitry Kamysheva (2.4%) and Alexander Sokolov (1.6%), slightly more than 7% of the shares Zoltav is in free float.

From the prospectus Zoltav follows that belongs to Michael Uris Crediton. Who is it, could not figure out. Bukhtoyarov got its stake Zoltav for assistance in transactions for the purchase Koltogorsky oil field in the Khanty (oil reserves - 75.2 million barrels and 15 million tons of C1 + C2 categories in the new Western area, open in summer 2014) and airborne oil and gas in the area Saratov region (reserves of gas - 21.2 billion cubic meters, oil and condensate -. 3.9 million barrels). While this is the only oil and gas assets Abramovich junior. Zoltav holds licenses to them through the LLC "Diallo Alliance" and "Siberian Geological Company".

Oil on Koltogorsky deposit is non-existent. Onboard site already Zoltav brings a small income. We & LAQuo; Diallo Alliance "is a long-term contract for the supply of produced gas company" Gazprom mezhregiongaz Saratov ". Net Zoltav profit for the first six months of 2014 was $ 26.5 million. The financial statements for the full year is not yet disclosed.

The appearance of the list of shareholders Zoltav Davidovich not only strengthen the company. In late 2014 the executive director and also chairman of the board of directors Zoltav was appointed Briton Alistair Ferguson. Behind Ferguson extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Zoltav he led several BP offices around the world, he was a top manager of TNK-BP and independent director JKX Oil & Gas. Joining him on the board walked another native of TNK-BP, Andrei Komarov. "I am glad that our trust Zoltav Andrei knowledge and experience that will increase the value of existing assets and those that we may acquire in the future", - said Ferguson in December 2014 after the appointment.