FC "Otkrytie" revealed 2 more defaulted bonds issues

In addition to the 30 billion rubles of defaulted bonds of Boris Mints, the bank holds a third of the issue of Investpro's securities - the company is liquidated in March.
In March, FC Opening asked the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover from the company Investpro 4.7 billion rubles. - She owed the bank for two bond issues. The third person in the case is the Cyprus structure Otkritie Investments Cyprus Limited, which also holds the company's securities, but for what amount is unknown. In May, the court granted the bank's claim and decided to recover 4.7 billion rubles from Investpro.

Return all the investment is unlikely to succeed. By the end of the first quarter of 2018, the company announced liquidation. In total, it has three bond issues worth 15 billion rubles. - all are in default. In the filing of arbitration cases, two lawsuits were filed to recognize Investpro as bankrupt.

Almost 100% of "Investpro" - from Cyprus Accles Holdings Limited. The company until August 24, 2017 belonged to Alexander Mamut - through it he owned 6.67% in the "Opening of the Holding", the parent structure of the bank "FC Otkritie." Five days after Mamut sold Accles Holdings Limited, the Central Bank announced the reorganization of FC Opening. Now the company is owned by the general director of "Investpro" Alexander Bukharin.

Investpro credited Cypriot companies, including Nodiol Holdings Limited, one of the shareholders of Migcredit Holdings Limited, which owns the large microfinance company Migkredit. At the end of 2015, Investpro received a mortgage of 23% of Migcredit Holdings Limited, the share was estimated at 3.9-4.6 billion rubles., The company reported. As of the end of March 2018, the receivables of Nodiol Holdings Limited to Investpro was 462 million rubles, financial investments in the Cypriot company amounted to 3.65 billion rubles. A person close to one of these structures, in a conversation with Vedomosti, said that it is possible that FC Opening may become a shareholder of Migcredit in the process of repaying the debt if it is not settled.

Representatives of FC Opening and Migcredit declined to comment. The representatives of the "Opening of the Holding" and "Investpro" did not respond to the request.

In court there are already statements about bankruptcy of the company - there is a high probability that the liquidation of Investpro will go into bankruptcy, Anastasia Savelyeva, partner of Saveliev, Batanov & Partners, says: "A bankruptcy administrator may have the opportunity to collect liens." "If the other order of foreclosure is not established by the contract, the bankruptcy administrator must collect the shares, then the bailiffs should try to sell the shares in two open tenders, and if they do not take place, then offer to leave the recoverer paper with a discount," explains the partner "Padva and Epstein" Pavel Gerasimov.