Figurant of the embezzlement case at the Vostochny space center stuck in prison

Yevgenia Degtyareva has fully served her term at 4.5 years, but she can not leave the prison for more than a week.
The former top manager of VIP-Stroyengineering Evgeni Degtyarev, who was convicted of complicity in embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, can not leave the colony, although she completely served her sentence in four and a half years. The woman was supposed to be released a week ago, but she can not do it because of the prolonged consideration of her complaint in the appellate instance. The lawyers of the convict hope that the Prosecutor General's Office will help to correct the situation, where the relevant petition has already been sent.

Appointed Evgenia Degtyareva, former top manager of VIP-Stroyengineering, the term of four and a half years of the colony, ended September 7, and the next day, as expected, the woman was supposed to go free. However, this did not happen, and Ms. Degtyareva remains in the colony to this day. As it turned out, at the time of the expiration of the case the convicted Degtyareva was in the appellate instance - the Moscow City Court. And according to the law, until a decision is rendered, it is impossible to cancel the measure of restraint. "My client is suffering because of the judicial bureaucracy," lamented the lawyer of the convicted Hasan-Ali Borokov.

The verdict of Evgenia Degtyareva was made on February 18, 2018. Together with her for embezzling 1.3 billion rubles allocated for the construction of the facilities of the cosmodrome Vostochny, the owner of the company "VIP-Stroyengineering" Sergey Degtyarev, who was sentenced to eight years in prison, was convicted and two top managers Alexander Bazankov and Murat Matuyev - for six and five and a half years respectively. Another person involved in the investigation, former general director of VIP-Stroyengineering, Vadim Mitryakov, who concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement, was sentenced to four years in prison.

According to lawyer Borokov, on February 18, 2018, a complaint was sent to the appeal court of the Moscow City Court against the verdict of the Simonovsky District Court against Yevgenia Degtyareva. "We believe that the actions of our defendants do not constitute a crime, and the charge was illegally qualified, and then the court also recognized the entrepreneurial activity as criminal," Mr. Borokov said. But the consideration of the case in the appeal was delayed, according to the lawyer, because of the judicial bureaucracy.

"The Simonovsky District Court sent the case to the Moscow City Court very late, only seven months after the appeal was filed," complained Mr. Borokov. On August 31, when only seven days remained for Ms. Degtyareva's imprisonment, the case still reached the appellate instance. But even after that, the hearing was postponed: the Moscow City Court returned the case to a lower court to eliminate procedural violations.

On September 5, Ms. Degtyareva's defense sent a petition to the Simonovsky court asking her to cancel her preventive measure because she had actually served her sentence. "According to the law, our appeal was to be considered within three days, but we are still waiting for an answer, and my client has been illegally imprisoned all this time," Mr. Borokov said. According to him, the defense hopes that the Prosecutor General's Office will intervene in the situation, where a corresponding complaint has already been sent.