Financial fever of the Khotin family

Ugra Bank could collapse under the weight of heavy debts.
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This week marked another problem for the bank "Yugra", owned by natives of Belarus, the father and son Hawtin. On Wednesday, the depositors of the bank discovered failures in service of credit cards. According to RBC, the bank card during the day could not be cashed in several regions of the country, as there were faults with the work of the Internet bank. Despite the fact that the bankers explained the problem computer failure, the consequences of which were eliminated on Thursday, the incident was to depositors another unpleasant reminder: the bank "Yugra" is not as robust as it might seem at first glance. Earlier it was reported several times that of the attractive offers for savers is the desire Hawtin attract more funds for its lending unprofitable development projects.

As you know, Yuri and Alexei Hawtin since the beginning of the 2000s actively buying up real estate in Moscow, in particular, the bankers are eyeing the shopping center "Atrium" on the "Kursk". However, they suggested for the "Atrium" the price is much lower than would owners, so the deal did not happen. As a result, they'reRaleigh "Moscow" in the same Kerimov, who were going to buy a piece of "Uralkali". However, according to "Vedomosti", the father and son are not as rich as it sounds. "[Alex] Hawtin all negotiations is this: I have you now willing to pay 10 or 5% of the cost, further installments on credit money, and then, just when the cash flow starts, everything else", - said the interlocutor of the newspaper. Previously, loans to buy Hawtin took in state banks. The crisis in the debt financing market was reflected in them: from 2014 Hawtin started perekreditovyvatsya in his own bank.

The question of how stable financial empire Hawtin, interested and supervisory agencies. In April, the bank began checking the Central Bank and Insurance Agency vkladov.Harakterno that checks relate primarily to the register of depositors, (also verified performance of "Ugra" self-restraint on deposits) which is why in some regions there were difficulties with the discovery of deposits in "Ugra ". Drying inflows from depositors put mired in debt bankers in a difficult position. As a result of laneVågå quarter, the bank received a loss of over 20 billion rubles.

Some time in the "Ugra" was calculated to replenish capital through the Central Bank. In 2015, "Ugra" to qualify for state aid through the BFL, but to no avail. Chairman of the Board Yuri Gusev then pretended to be "not very much and wanted", stating that the Bank considers it inexpedient to participate in the recapitalization program. But other factors cast doubt on the lack of interest. For example, the previously "Ugra" formally equally owned by twelve co-owners, is very similar to the dummy characters. But during the negotiations on state aid to the bank had to make a radical move and call their real beneficiaries, among which first sounded the name of one of the owners of "Gorbushkin court" Alexei Khotin. Knowing how Hawtin non-public man, has not appeared in public or giving interviews to the press, this is indicative of a fairly serious interest "Yugra". According to "Kommersant", is the disclosure of the final beneficiaries of the Central Bank was the main requirement for the "YuD "to obtain BFL. However, even this did not help the banker: 27 banks included in the state program in January of last year, "Ugra" was the only one who OFZ did not get. And obviously, the reason is not in the secret owners, and doubts about the bank's financial strength.

In essence, until now the bank is kept afloat only thanks to the protection from several Belarusian and Russian officials. Family Hawtin on good terms with the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Naumov, who introduced them to the former head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and ex-speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, is now providing them its support, wrote "Kommersant" and Forbes. It was assumed that the exclusion of the Federation Council, Boris Gryzlov, could go into the bank's board of directors.

Interests Hawtin government lobbying Gryzlov either at the request of the former head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, confirmed a senior official. For example, Gryzlov personally sought extension of tax benefits for NC "Dulisma", assured a prominent businessman, is also interested in the benefits.dnako if "Ugra" today really have no money, but there is a very heavy loans, it is unlikely the intercession of retired security officials will be able to at least some way to salvage the situation.