Forbes publisher resigned due to a conflict with the new owner

Regina von Flemming has officially announced her quit from the publishing house Axel Springer Russia. One of the possible candidates for the post of general director is Natalia Gandurina, who now heads Russia Jalou Media Group.
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"I inform you that from today I am the CEO of CJSC" Axel Springer Russia "and publisher of Forbes magazine, OK! , Geo, Geo Traveller,, «Geolёnok», «Gala Biography", portals and (...) Over 11 years in the company and had fun, and hard times, but it was never boring "- said in a letter sent today by Regina von Flemming staff ID.

In conversation with the correspondent of RBC von Flemming has confirmed today that its last working day in the "Axel Springer Russia". She declined to comment on the reasons for his departure, but clarified that the deal to sell 100% of the company "Axel Springer Russia" businessman Alexander Fedotov closed today, 21 October. Fedotov has ID "Artkom Media", producing magazines L'Officiel, Numero, SNC, Golf Digest and others.

In mid-September, reported the German publisher Axel Springer for the sale of its Russian division said that "in the coming weeks" Regina von Flemming purchase from Fedotova 20% of the company, and with the January 1, 2016 will leave the post of "Axel Springer Russia" General Director and will be adviser general managercompany. However, in an interview with RBC Fedotov said last week that the final agreement on the sale of shares is not von Flemming. "In Regina, we are negotiating, and we have no final agreement on what we need it to sell shares, - he said. - As there are no strict timing of the transaction. This can occur as the end of the year, and the beginning of the next. "

"I will not play any role in the future of the company", - he said von Flemming asked RBC correspondent on whether there is a possibility that redemption of 20% of the "Axel Springer Russia" still take place.

A source in the "Axel Springer Russia" said that von Flemming wanted to not only purchase from Fedotova 20%, but also to continue the operational management of the company after the transaction. However, the new owner of the "Axel Springer Russia" refused. This was a key reason for the conflict.

Fedotov in an interview with RBC also said that he has two candidates for the post of general director of "Axel Springer Russia", which will soon be renamed "AS Media". "One [of the candidates] from our internallysecond structure of "Artkom Media", one without. We discuss this decision with Regina ", - he said.

According to a top manager of a large publishing house, a possible candidate for the post of Director General of "Axel Springer Russia" - Natalia Gandurina, who now heads Russia Jalou Media Group (magazine publishes L'Officiel) and was previously CEO of the publishing house "Conde Nast".

Alexander Fedotov did not answer the bell RBC. Natalia Gandurina could not talk with RBC journalist.

Regina von Flemming began work in German companies operating in Russia, in the 1990s. Over the years, she has held senior positions in the Krone Russia, investment fund Delta Capital, a private consulting company Flemming & Partner. Now Regina von Flemming is a part of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and to the MTS operator's board of directors. In late 2005, von Flemming was appointed Acting General Director of "Axel Springer Russia", and in May 2006, became its CEO.

When Regina von Flemming "Axel Springer Russia" publishing agreement in RhoSMAI Geo magazines and «Gala Biography" and stopped production of the Russian Newsweek. Now the publishing house "Axel Springer Russia" by Forbes publishes the Media American license local version of Forbes magazine, as well as weekly OK !, Geo and monthlies "to Gala Biography."