Former administration officer Vladimir Putin sat down for fraud

The official who revealed corruption in the FSB received 4.5 years.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, the military court recognized Mikhail Gorbatov, a particularly large swindler, the former head of the department of the presidential administration, who also served in the FSB. Once in the SIZO, the colonel repented, admitted his guilt and, moreover, provided the investigation with incriminating evidence against his colleagues from the special service, thus starting a large-scale investigation into the facts of corruption among former and current security officers led by billionaire officer Kirill Cherkalin. But the court still sent Mr. Gorbatov to the colony for 4.5 years.

The 235th garrison military court, having considered the criminal case of Mikhail Gorbatov in a special order for a couple of meetings, found him guilty of one particularly large-scale fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and two attempts to commit the same crime. For this, the garrison court sentenced Colonel Gorbatov to 4.5 years in a general regime colony and a fine of 250 thousand rubles. In addition, for two years, a convicted person is prohibited from occupying power, organizational, administrative, administrative and economic posts in state and municipal service, as well as in local governments.

As established by the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), whose employees dealt with the shadow activity of Colonel Gorbatov, he committed his first fraud in January 2017. Then the officer served only in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, holding the position of senior security officer of the 11th Department of Management "K", engaged in the detection of crimes in the credit and financial sphere.

At that time, as the investigation established, the director and owner of a Moscow pawnshop, specializing in buying jewelry and watches of branded brands from wealthy clients, was in a difficult situation. At the end of 2016, law enforcement officers searched the usurer's offices as part of a criminal case. Lombardier, as it turned out, had no direct relation to this case, but the values ​​seized from him were still among the material evidence. Then the businessman turned for help to his long-time client Arno Khojoyan, who boasted about his connections in the law enforcement system.

Resholeshik Khojoyan, as it was established later by the investigation, could not affect the fate of the values ​​seized, but decided to take advantage of the situation. He promised the Lombardy to resolve the issue for $ 100 thousand, and to be faithful he brought his friend, a former FSB officer Vladimir Korobkov, to the talks with him. Since the usurer was still not in a hurry to part with a large amount in the currency, the fraudsters decided to include in the case another common acquaintance - this time a real FSB officer Mikhail Gorbatov.

According to the investigation, an experienced colonel Gorbatov took the leadership of the operation, after which the three fraudsters jointly convinced the pawnshop to part with $ 100,000. with the same victim another similar scam. In the spring of 2018, Mr. Khojoyan told the usurer that now the FSB was personally interested in them, who was allegedly going to check his commercial activities for the financing of terrorism. Necessary in such cases, the problem of a businessman, this time provided Colonel Gorbatov. By the spring of last year, he was seconded from the “K” department to the state authorities and took the position of the head of the control and inspection department of the presidential office for ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens. The Chekist thus switched to questions of pardon and the granting of political asylum, but apparently he maintained contacts with his K counterparts. In any case, he was able, as the investigators believed, to “arrange for sending a request to a commercial organization (pawnshop — Kommersant) with a request to provide copies of registration documents and other information about its business activities.”

It was the incoming request with a special service stamp that made the victim agree to the terms of the scammers. At the same time, the businessman couldn’t collect $ 300 thousand in cash, which they demanded for “neutralizing the threat” and decided to pay off the company with the goods.
Lombardier pledged several pairs of watches Harry Winston, Dewitt and Bovet for a total of more than $ 1 million, which he promised to buy back when cash becomes available. He himself wrote a statement to the FSB, after which at the end of May last year the criminal brigade was detained in full force.

Lord Khojoyan, Korobkov and Gorbatov initially did not recognize the guilt. After eight months in the SIZO, Arno Khojoyan was the first to surrender - he repented, pleaded guilty in two episodes of fraud and asked him to consider his case in a special court, which was done. Recently, the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow sentenced Mr. Khojoyan to five years of imprisonment.

Then, Vladimir Korobkov requested a cooperation agreement with the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, who in January of this year gave “detailed testimony about his role in the crime of all members of the group” and was transferred from house of investigation to house arrest by request of the investigation. Thus, Colonel Gorbatov turned out to be the last in especially large-scale frauds, who already had no one to expose: the whole scheme of the crimes committed was already known in detail by the GVSU.

Then the Chekist, according to sources close to the investigation of “Kommersant”, offered the investigation a fundamentally new information on other crimes known to him in exchange for a reduced sentence. Compromising Mr. Gorbatov, according to the interlocutors of “Kommersant”, concerned another episode of unfinished fraud, in which the colonel himself and his friend Vladimir Korobkov took an active part. After the testimony of the security officer was checked, the latter was arrested again, and now he is waiting for the investigation in the pre-trial detention center.

Mr. Gorbatov, continuing the cooperation he started, went even further. “Kommersant” sources claim that it was thanks to his testimony that the military investigation was able to reach the alleged organized criminal group of former and current high-ranking officers of the “K” department of the FSB. Among them were the former deputy head of the "K" Dmitry Frolov, his subordinate Andrei Vasilyev, as well as the head of the 2nd department Kirill Cherkalin, who was seized during the searches of money and valuables worth 11 billion rubles. All three are now accused of receiving 450 million rubles worth of shares due to fraud. at the capital developer, and Colonel Cherkalin - in bribery.

Mr. Gorbatov’s lawyers refused to discuss his sentence, referring to the fact that the court decision did not enter into force.

It should be noted that Mr. Gorbatov was only the second of the well-known officials of the presidential administration, who received a term for committing crimes of corruption. In 2011, according to the verdict of the Tver district court, Mikhail Voronin, head of the social control department of the presidential control department of the Russian Federation, was convicted for three years, demanding $ 1 million from the Toshiba office for excluding the black list of companies allegedly created in the Russian government participation in public procurement of medical equipment is prohibited.