Former employee of TNK-BP announced an attempt to poison Robert Dudley

American businessman Robert Dudley, who headed TNK-BP, left Russia in the summer of 2008 because of an attempted poisoning.
This was stated in an interview with The Daily Telegraph by Ilya Zaslavsky, a former employee of TNK-BP.

According to the source of The Daily Telegraph, he received information about Dudley's poisoning from one of Dudley's advisers. When Dudley came to the UK, a former employee of TNK-BP said, he had tests that confirmed the presence of poison in the body.

Zaslavsky suggested that Dudley did not try to kill, but wanted to force him to leave the country and abandon the post of head of TNK-BP.

Poison Dudley received through food, the source said, noting that it is unlikely to be able to establish who exactly poisoned him. The Daily Telegraph suggests that Russian authorities could be behind the poisoning.

In January 2014, Robert Dudley was poisoned in Russia in 2008 by The New Yorker, citing materials from the US embassy promulgated by the WikiLeaks project. Dudley suspected that strangers illegally entered his apartment, the office was tapped, and he was being poisoned. In documents referring to sources in BP, it was said that the analyzes confirmed the presence of poison in the body of Dudley. It was also reported that after Dudley refused to eat any products that the company provided him, his condition improved significantly.

TNK-BP was established in 2003 by the British BP and the Russian Tyumen Oil Company. In 2008, the Russian shareholders of the company had a conflict with Robert Dudley. Russian shareholders said that Dudley acted purely in the interests of the British side. The conflict, which was widely covered by the media, culminated in the fact that Dudley left Russia, where he was threatened with criminal prosecution, and in December resigned as head of the company.

At the moment, Robert Dudley is the CEO of BP. Since March 2013, TNK-BP has been owned by Rosneft.